Fox 11 news investigates ACN

NOTE: On January 11, 2013 I received a cease and  desist from ACN Corporate Counsel “Jeremy J. Smuckler, Esq.” I have therefore removed my opinions, which were concern for libel, from the site. At the time of writing it, I was not a working journalist. Now I am, so it would be inappropriate for me to report on it without a rigorous investigation.

However, the merit of starting an ACN business is still up for debate, as the 400-plus comments below have shown, as well as many well-documented criticisms, such as those from the Montana Securities Commissioner who labelled it a “pyramid scheme.” I believe that deleting my site, as Mr. Smuckler has requested, would censor the important conversation around a very controversial business.

Please watch the embedded video, and read some of the comments, and decide for yourself whether ACN is a legitimate business or not. Then vote in the poll below.


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473 Responses to “Fox 11 news investigates ACN”

  1. Tom Says:

    did you see ACN on NBC primetime televison dumbass?!? hahhaahahahaha fucken loser employee. Keep kissing ass hoping for a dollar raise. I love those who can’t do, talk shit, too bad you weren’t born with a pair of balls to start your own business instead of blowing people for 50 years of your life you spineless sheep!

    • Realistic Says:

      ACN can, potentially, provide a decent amount of income. The majority of this income will not come from the Video phones (it’ll be dead technology in 5 years). It won’t come from the services rendered through ACN affiliate companies. When it comes down to it, what ACN sells is a dream to those, who in this troubled economy, need a beacon of light to strive toward. And, while having hope is a good thing, the majority of the income you earn will have come at the expense ($500) of those who have not succeeded. It is what it is….
      And Tom… you talk tough, but you’re nothing but a pussy!

      • taxman cometh Says:

        why would I consider it a business if the tech is dead in 5 years. Put the 500 towards your education to realize what a fraud it is.

      • Michael Says:

        Realistic, you are not even close to realistic in your assessment and your comments prove your lack of knowledge of the business, with all due respect to your opinion. I do not say that to be mean or spiteful like the other person cussing you out and being a complete fool in the way he speaks. He is probably in ACN, but he is certainly NOT making any money if that is the condition of his heart. People do not get rich with an attitude like that.

        The majority of income anyone earns in ACN will never come at the expense of others paying $500. That money is never seen by anyone, but the owners, which goes to the infrastructure and other important things to keep the business operating. If you were to make money off getting a percentage of their start-up money then we would all be in jail for running an illegal pyramid–the exact thing the government is doing with Social Security.

        The money comes from getting many people under you that subscribe to the many services available from cell phones to electricity. It works just like compound interest, which is extremely powerful. It is a business of cooperation and together it can make many, many people rich as long as they realize they cannot sit on a couch at home, but they actually have to be driven and go get your hands dirty. There is no such thing as “get rich quick” and too many perceive it to be that way.that way. Their fault that they did not listen, train, and learn.

        It is a very legit business opportunity and, speaking to the completely clueless author that wrote the piece up top, anyone who thinks they get paid to open up a business or that they come into this looking at it like it is a “job” and not a franchise (like McDonald’s is) should be raising red flags, green, blue, and every other he mentioned about their knowledge on what a business is vs. a job.

        Be thankful you didn’t have the money to open a McDonald’s before you jumped at the opportunity only to realize that you know very little about leadership and running a business and you lost out on $750,000. You guys act like $500 is the end of the world. I have $500 worth of mistakes in my closet.

        ACN trains you for free– McDonald’s does not. ACN charges $500 and will sit with you every step of the way–McDonald’s costs MANY time more than that to open. Factor in the real estate, the building, the supplies and training. You wish it was $500. ACN is perfect for a starter business so you can learn to get out of the rat race and onto learning how the rich make their money, not how to stay poor.

      • Anonyme Says:

        Read the “gain declaration” thing in the bottom at the left. That says that active ACN reps are making 500$/ per year and they are not suppose to suggest that they do more then that.. You have to had to the 500$ fees the services you pay to them and the expenses you use to go to their weekly meetings. I heard often I made 5000$ per month but I really wonder where are the one who makes 500$/ year (41,66/ month).. Anyway they don’t care about the services they offer they just push you to recruit and this is the only way to make money with it. I joined for 10 days and tryed to find a sales representavie cheque to show me the amount of money they were making and no ones wanted to show me anything, strange.. If I was making a 25 000$/month as they pretend to I would be the first one to show it to everyone to make them join the team.. no ?

    • Actual business owner Says:

      I am part of a $500/k a year small business. I have a few friends who signed up for ACN. went to the presentation.. was impressed with all the $’s and #’s being thrown around and they are quite convincing. however once you look at the pay chart its ridiculous

      $500 to join which gets you more or less the right to call their head office for questions and a super awesome “ACN verification number” or some crap. then you make almost NO commission on your own sales or even the sales of people directly under you, but people 3-4 levels down on the pyramid’s sales start making you money (this is the exact opposite of how a normal healthy marketing business would compensate people)

      how are you ever gonna make money off those people 3-4 levels below you, if they actually try to make money they will realize that they need to also recruit so it is a neverending cycle of recruiting nobody wants to be the dude going around selling crappy video phones making 0.4% commission, they want to be the BUSINESS MAN/WOMAN from the super hype and cool recruitment video!

      Finally got my friend to say “$#*) ACN” the other day. he got a job at a REAL sales company, made just under $1000 the first week and maybe worked 30 hours.. in comparison its a joke

      MY ADVICE TO ACN ENTHUSIASTS/BRAINWASHED PEOPLE: the company is for suckers! put the same dedication and drive into ANY LEGIT BUSINESS and you will profit 100x more than at crappy ACN (which mark my words will not exist in the same form in another ~5 years)

      • BVMman Says:

        Anyone who believes that they will become rich overnight is not thinking properly. I have been researching network marketing for a while and although it is not for everyone it can be a great source of income. It is only for those that want to invest their time to make it work like any other business in this world.
        Just a couple of facts from my research. ACN has been around for 17 years and is the number one direct seller of telecommunications in the world.

        I personally have not yet sign up to do this busines but it sounds to me that people should get their facts straight before accussing others. It may not be for you but it does seem like a legitimate business.

      • Bobafett Says:

        I am an ACN rep and have been for 6 months.

        The way ACN trains you is the fastest way for ACN and the rep to grow, but may not be the healthiest way for people without business backgrounds.

        I have a BS in Computer Science as well as over 10 years as a middle manager.

        I saw a presentation and wasn’t very interested as I believed that MLMs were not a good deal for the rep, especially all of the other garbage MLM products (Juices, lotions, potions) that are out there. But it hit me later, when I was shopping for a cell phone for my daughter, that as a customer I was supporting local monopolies. I contacted my friend in ACN, and she showed me how I was going to save around $50 upfront on the handset, and I didn’t have to wait for a mail-in rebate. Then I also realized that as my own customer I would get 1 to 10% back by being a rep.

        After I joined, I analyzed the numbers and realized that IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU RECRUIT! The personal commission volume is the hey for my business. I took it upon myself to reach $10,000 in monthly billing volume. Which would result in $1,000 a month in commission. I also realized how to get to $10K very quickly. I contacted property managers offering a service they could use. Guess what I found? I got 4 property managers to become my business partners. I found a few more who were not interested in ACN, but agreed to let me service their renters. I routinely get 5 or 6 households per month, at around $200 of services per month. Two months ago, I quit my job, because my ACN checks were more than my employer’s checks. The most I’ve ever gotten for a recruiting check was $2500, but my personal commission checks are always more than that and continually growing because even though “I’m” not actively recruiting, other people in my team are.

        I also want to stress that there was a lot of hard work involved getting started, now it’s actually extremely easy for me, because I just hand the prospective customer or prospective rep a list of references of people who are under me making money every month.

        April 2010 – Made $500 bonus for getting to ETT, and got 15 customer accounts. Billing Volume $1400. No Residual Check.
        May 2010 – Made $500 bonus (I got 1 partner and other partners got 3), got another 10 accounts, Personal Billing Volume $2400, Residual Check $21.
        June 2010 – Made $500 bonus (5 new partners), another 12 accounts, Personal Billing $3700, Residual Check $130. (ETL Promotion)
        July 2010 – $1500 Bonus (12 new partners (none of which were mine!), another 13 accounts, Personal Billing $5100, Residual Check $335.
        August 2010 – Made $750 bonus (8 new partners I didn’t know), another 9 accounts, Personal Billing $6800, Residual Check, $721!
        September 2010 – Wife joined ACN so I could double dip. Personally recruited 6 partners, and my team found another 8 for a $1500 bonus), also got 32 personal accounts (by far my best month! but “gave” 4 of them to the wife), Personal billing volume of $9200, Residual Check $1200! Quit RDI.
        October 2010 – Got 16 new partners, none personally. $2500 bonus, 13 new accounts, made it to my Billing Volume goal at $10500, Residual Check $2100! Wife got her first promotion and checks of $500, $1000, and 1st residual of $35.
        October 2010 – 9 new partners $750 bonus, 3 new accounts (concentrated on helping my wife), Personal Billing Vol at just under $11000. Residual Check of $2800. Wife got bonus of $ 500 got to PBV of $3000, but her residual check was $600
        November 2010 – so far this month 3 new partners ($200 bonus minimum, 11 new accounts for my wife, and she’ll get at least $500 in Bonus, and both my and her Residual Checks will increase again.

        It’s not easy at first, but it gets easier. I have also already prepared all of my customers for electric and gas when it rolls out, and I estimate that probably means another 5 to 7k/mo personal billing volume.

        My goals have now changed, as at first I wanted to make $1000/mo to supplement my job. Now I want make $10k/mo residually myself and $10k/mo for wife. I want to get her out fo her nursing job before she turns 50 in March.

      • SARAH Says:

        i AM 19 years old. I need money, and ACN seems like a good opportunity. You cant be an average individual to succeed. you miss 100% of the shots you dont take. I signed up for ACN as of DEc, 15,2010. 5 years from now, Dec. 15 2015, come to me, and see where I’m at. then you’ll know.

        “Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow – that is patience.”

      • Dave Says:

        As a ‘business owner’ I’m surprised you are so negative. I suppose that it’s because you obviously were snoring in the back of the room during the presentation because you totally missed most of the numbers!

      • Adriano Palmieri Says:


      • Steven Says:

        Your a professional business man? I doubt it. I am an actual business owner, I own homes all over my community that my organization provides to people in need. We are a 300k+ company a year and I am the sole owner… I will say with certainty that if you think ACN should exist in its same form in 5 years, that you know nothing about what you are talking about. BECAUSE NO COMPANY SHOULD EXIST IN ITS SAME FORM 5 YEARS LATER, a company will grow and reshape itself to meet needs, just like ACN will do, did your crappy imaginary business grow 40% last year like ACN did? mine didnt….. I have a friend with ACN and you definitely have to build your way to the top by putting good people underneath you… but they have the means to get to the top of the company just like my friend did, and he makes good money.

      • Michael Says:

        You are not even close to realistic in your assessment and your comments prove your lack of knowledge of the business, with all due respect to your opinion. I do not say that to be mean or spiteful

        The majority of income anyone earns in ACN will never come at the expense of others paying $500. That money is never seen by anyone, but the owners, which goes to the infrastructure and other important things to keep the business operating. If you were to make money off getting a percentage of their start-up money then we would all be in jail for running an illegal pyramid–the exact thing the government is doing with Social Security.

        The money comes from getting many people under you that subscribe to the many services available from cell phones to electricity. It works just like compound interest, which is extremely powerful. It is a business of cooperation and together it can make many, many people rich as long as they realize they cannot sit on a couch at home, but they actually have to be driven and go get your hands dirty. There is no such thing as “get rich quick” and too many perceive it to be that way.that way. Their fault that they did not listen, train, and learn. It’s called “Multi-Level-Marketing” and “Network Marketing” for a reason. Your percentages are way off too– I make 10% of my own sales–residual. So, let’s do the math: your friend made $1,000 in under 30 hours. He has a job, which is never guaranteed and if he stops going to work he stops getting paid. I worked for about 60 hours in ACN and made $500. Not the greatest when you look at it like that, but that money hit my checking account the following month again and I didn’t have to do anything more. Then it hit again, again, and again, and it is still hitting today with the exception that over time you build it up. Now I go to work on my regular job as I build my fortune.

        It is a very legit business opportunity and, speaking to the completely clueless author that wrote the piece up top, anyone who thinks they get paid to open up a business or that they come into this looking at it like it is a “job” and not a franchise (like McDonald’s is) should be raising red flags, green, blue, and every other he mentioned about their knowledge on what a business is vs. a job.

        Be thankful you didn’t have the money to open a McDonald’s before you jumped at the opportunity only to realize that you know very little about leadership and running a business and you lost out on $750,000. You guys act like $500 is the end of the world. I have $500 worth of mistakes in my closet.

        ACN trains you for free– McDonald’s does not. ACN charges $500 and will sit with you every step of the way–McDonald’s costs MANY times more than that to open. Factor in the real estate, the building, the supplies and training. You wish it was $500. ACN is perfect for a starter business so you can learn to get out of the rat race and onto learning how the rich make their money, not how to stay poor like anyone in a job will remain their entire lives slaving for another rich man who was smart enough to start his business and put people under him–the greatest pyramid scam of all time.

    • Rob Dyess Says:

      Well Tom. You are a TRUE vulgarian. You make me feel that the most intelligent people around are ACN representatives!

      • cary Says:

        Not all are intelligent just having common sense is enough…nobody can change your life except YOU!!!!

    • Steve Says:

      I you think ACN is a scam… It’s cuz your a negative loser who doesn’t have vision…. And find faults in everything… All great people were faced with adversity and they overcame that adversity and gave great things to our lives… Who cares if you don’t join… We want cool, happy, positive and motivated people not lazy losers….. Thx steve b from Toronto

      • Bob Says:

        dude if ur running a big business stfu and work stop posting ur shit

      • Says:

        SCAM SCAM SCAM!You guys are whacked!t The only way to make money in ach is to harass people.Is this hard work?i think not!You have to suck as a person to bug family and friends about their bills.You also have to trick them into coming to their nausiating pyramid meetings and into joining this crappy business!I fell for this bs. too and learned a lesson!Dont do it!They are cult like long winded idiots!

    • Arsin Says:

      Tom Tom , u are an unethical loser yourself obviously , basically use and abuse underdog iq’d sheep right ???

    • Rick Says:

      Tom…..a true American!!

    • nuts Says:

      definently would not buy anything from you potty mouth. your comment make me believe ever more that this is a SCAM!!!!

    • ben.d Says:

      Have you Grown up yet..Learnt some lessons in Life…Good Luck.
      I hope you get it soon…

    • Am Says:

      As i dont think that tom had to be quite so nasty. ACN is not a scam and the one thing you guys do have wrong is that we dont make any money off the 500 that people put in its simply a franchise fee also used to help keep your website updated! So the main argument is flawed.

    • DoctorD Says:

      WOW… nice command of the language. And you know everybody who doesn’t choose your path isn’t a loser. If you really check into the $$ being made by the top people (getting past all that “edify” garbage when you address somebody as “here’s Sr VP MISTER blah blah” while they are making decent money…they aren’t exactly at the top of the food chain either. I, and some friends all joined ACN. My OWN services worked out for me…although I didn’t actually save any money….by “worked out” I mean I didn’t have major problems. I can’t say the same for some people that bought services through me. OMG what a nightmare. Oh and you gotta love how they’ll hype the dead tech stuff. Like WHY would I want an IRIS video phone when I can use “Google hangout” and talk to 9 people at the same time for FREE!! and none of them have to have special hardware or pay monthly fees either! I have an Iris V phone staring at me right now. Less than a year old..10 months to be exact. cost me around $220. I can sell it.. if I’m REALLY lucky I might get $30 for it on Ebay. and woo hoo.. no sooner did I buy the thing than they announced the NEWER COOLER model coming out. Like they didn’t know…when they sold me this one at full price that they were discontinuing it. SO that’s what they REALLY think of their own people. Thanks but no thanks. IT’s all good.. I spent around a grand on this company….I’ll make my loss up in the stock market; and I wont risk losing any friends over it either.

    • Anonyme Says:

      Remember you’re licking ass of all the guys who are up to you in the pyramide, just saying…

  2. assaultofknowledge Says:


  3. Fred Says:

    How much does it cost to buy a Togo’s, or Subway Francise? $499 seems pretty cheap. Yes, as with any franchise you have to pay the corporation that holds the name. Also, do you know what a pyramid scheme is? I know the reporters from FOX don’t, as it was obvious from the report. Will MLM’s work for beacuse they are actually businesses that you have to WORK at, not get rich quick schemes (that is part of a Pyramid, you put money in and wait to get paid).
    This is the great thing about blogs, you can sy anything and take no responsibility. You wrote this without even checking with the people that were involved in it to see how their experience was.

    • tkehuff Says:

      it cost 15,000 to start your own subway, Buying into ACN, you dont just save money you make money on the services you use your self. Most of the services you already use, cell phones, dish network, home phone, energy gas and electric. ect . why not get a 1 to 10% commition for using your own services. I am a member of ACN, and before i joined i wint to Verison to get the new Droid that is out they wanted 199 and was going to give me a 50 dollor rebate. throught ACN i bought the phone for 80 bucks and have the same service. My bill is cheaper than my friends smart phones theirs is up in the 100-120$ range. mine is 70 a mounth for the same plain they have. so yea ACN is not for people how like to save money, and get payed at the same time.

    • brian darling Says:

      you people are morons when you open a frashise your selling people a product not stealing people money your are a punch of crooks

  4. assaultofknowledge Says:

    You raise a good point: with many franchises you have to spend money to make money. However, Subway and Togo’s, once invested in, aren’t training you to sell more franchises to your friends and family. They are training you to sell sandwiches, and/or whatever Togo’s sells. (Never heard of it.) Yes, MLMs do not work for everyone, as in every other industry, but MLMs have consequences for investors/sellers that are cruel, such as fee penalties for recruiting people who fail to make investment payments.

    As for ACN not being a get rich quick scheme, explain all the blogs, videos, hyper-propaganda with Donald Trump’s thumb-of-approval promising prospects fast money in a personalized (ie: better) environment.

    The overwhelming pro-ACN, and reactive protectionist blogs and postings online further something else you said: “the great things about blogs… say anything… no responsibilities.” I guess that’s why bloggers should, and most of them (including me) do not pretend to be anything more.

    I have Facebooked the ACN sellers I know to find out how it is going for them. I’ll keep you posted.

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    […] to my ACN post By assaultofknowledge Not sure what happened in hte last two weeks, but my sleepy ACN post just stormed out of bed. The responses I’ve been getting to it are much higher than usual. […]

  6. Fred Says:

    Togo’s sell sandwiches (toasted).

    Because a MLM charges people for not performing, again, does not make it a pyramid. I switched jobs recently and was given a bonus, if I left the company within a year or was fired, I would have to return the bonus. That’s business. As for the fast money, it is true, that you can make money fast in this MLM, I know a 22 year old who is making $25 grand a month and she has only been doing for 4 months. This will not happen to everyone, and it was not sold to me that way. I was told, up front, that this was a business that had to be grown over time. The faster I grew MY business the more I could make.

    As for recruiting your friends, in my industry (Engineering) companies give bonuses for referring people to the company. If they are hired, the bonuses can run up to 10 grand.

    The problem is that people are looking for something wrong with MLM’s because they are either to lazy or fearful to take advantage of improving there lives. When people bash on the internet, think of how many motivated people, who could improve their lives, won’t because of the fear of someone else.

    • Edward Says:

      Fred you totally ignored Assaultofknowledge’s very valid point. When I go into a Subway they dont say to me “We’re selling a $500 franchise today. We dont care who you are, what skills or business aptitude you have, as long as you pay us $500. Basicaly our requirements for acceptance into this franchise are that you are human and over 18. Oh and, you cant use the Subway name/logo in any advertising. Oh yes, and we’re also selling some sandwiches”

      If you’re going to start using genuine franchises to support your argument then perhaps you should compare them properly. MLM is NOTHING like a franchise.

    • Caleb Says:

      And why is it that everyone has “heard” or “knows somebody who makes $25 grand a month”? Where are the people who actually have earned the money themselves? They must all be busy trying to find recruits.. Not out selling phones. I have just been to a ACM meeting and there wasn’t ONE mention on how to buy the actual phone.

      • Jax Says:

        Maybe you should attend an international convention or a regional event. Or maybe talk to the Owners of ACN, they are going on tour for new services in January. Ask them how and why they created the business they did. The freedom they created for all those who are representatives and yet sacrificed for themselves. Most likely the meeting you attended was intended to show you the business side and not the services. Did you ask about the services after the meeting was over? Because if you would like to purchase the videophone then go to the website and click on products. And yes there is VOIP with your computer and yes that is free, but the quality is not good or great and I’m sorry to say but not everyone is going to set in front of a computer to talk with someone else. Are you saying that these other companies who have offered or asked ACN to include their services like Verzion, AT&T, T-mobile, Nextel, Direct TV, Dish Network, ADT Security, oh and Qwest is working with ACN now and in Canada they are working on Energy services. I think it would take a very legit company for these organizations to get involved with. Did I forget the 3 former Attorneys Generals who are on the legal team. What about Donald Trump, do you really think he’d put his name on or near anything that is a scam or illegal. Have I mentioned yet that Success Magazine has done stories on ACN. What, they think ACN is a great business. Or should a say a success. You should put stock in what a great magazine like Success as said about ACN. You think success magazine wants to be tied to a SCAM. NO Way!
        And the money invested is well worth it. If you ask me because the amount is so low people have the opportunity to change their lives. On the other side of the coin because it is so low people join who shouldn’t. The $500 that everyone keeps making such a huge deal about is for rep support. Support from websites, customer services, tools online, product holding; heck, what more do you want for $500. However, you can’t just buy a business and expect it to make you rich over night. You have to work at it. WORK! Yes that is something you have to do. There is no scam involved, no secrets, no small print. It is what they say it is. You don’t want to do, don’t. You don’t have the motivation to work you own business, don’t. If you spend as much time in to your investigation of ACN as you do you blog. You’d find out the truth.

      • Jimmy Says:

        What’s your point? Get ALL the facts first then comment on an issue you actually know something about.


    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Anil Sanduja . I am travel agent and ACN Representative. I have been ACN member for long. I have been buidling my team through my everyday clients. I sell them tickets and then tell my stupid customers to come at ACN seminars. I have been very successful at doing this. I already made lot of customers using this way. ACN is for clever, greedy and money hungry people. If anyone of you who went to ACN seminar. YOu will see mostly general labour people, Black people and spanish, filipino ,indians ,stupid people who have dream of becoming business man who have dream to become rich by seconds. ACN use this dream of becoming rich and tell people to join them. Basically, ACN is a full fraud company made by some evil minded business people. You can’t see the chart of ACN how many people have joined it? Ask why? ACN is basically family run extortion company but they doing white collar crime using their brilliant brains. Why governments are not taking actions? ACN is company made by illiumatis and Free-MASONs? DO you know what are FREE- MASONS? Even their symbol where you see SUN glowing is MASionic Symbol- Go save ur souls from ACN. Give me a call if you love to talk to me about this ACN-905-790-7800

    • Laughingkindahard Says:

      kidding u r. right?

    • tefs Says:

      Anil Sanduja,you talk about stupid people,yet you bring up indians,I am assuming you are talking about native American people.

      they are not stupid people,Indians are the ones who own and run casinos,making millions.

      remember trump 29 Casino? its now spot light 29 casino which is no longer owned by trump,he had no right to own the casino in the first place.
      it belongs to the native people.

      • Mike Says:

        Tefs I think you might be one of those stupid people she is talking about, look at her name you idiot. She is Indian from India and she has some valid points about the scam of MLM’s. People you should hold on to that $500.00 that they want and spend it on Lotto tickets because you have a better chance at making millions from the Lotto then you do with this company. Why are there News stations talking about this? Because it is a scam! Why are there YouTube video’s from all sorts of people about this being a scam? Because it is a scam! Take your money and start your own business with something you actually sell, why? Because that is not a scam, someone gives you money for an item or service! Not hear someone say give me $500.00 and now you go out and find someone else to give me $500.00 and then I will give me some of your money back. So go ahead and screw over your friends and family, see how many people take you serious the next time you call them up!

      • geoff holliday Says:

        i think she was talking about people from india

    • OS Says:

      I don’t know about ACN but you are stupid and ignorant as they come. What defines stupid people? What defines general specially how you put it, by race. I have seen plenty of general white labor around where I live if I am going to use your method of stating that. Go to college first and learn to leave a comment.

    • Steve Says:

      Yes, and stupid people can use computers too.

    • SeattlePineforest Says:

      Anil Sanduja… I don’t think you should call people of color “stupid”. your name seems to be of Hindu origin.

      However, you may be stupid since you write with endless spelling errors! Tough to look in the mirror, ain’t it?

    • Cowtipper Says:

      BS post…

    • SugarLandMom Says:

      Lame sauce. For real. Masons? Is that all you’ve got? The people at an ACN meeting were invited there. There is no public advertising. They were invited by people who care about them, and want to help them achieve success. Stupid people write crap online slamming hardworking people and use racist terms to insult those willing to WORK for wealth. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Some of us WORK for a living! Stupid is right. Jeez

  8. momontherocks Says:

    i just want to know if it is a scam. can some one tell me the truth…time r so hard for my family right now i can’t loose 500.

    • Edward Says:

      If you join ACN you are going to lose your money. The majority of people fail in that business, and I suspect that you will have considerably better luck learning a trade and getting paid a set salary because as well as getting paid you’ll also be getting experience. You don’t get usefull experience working for ACN and if you fail, which as I said is extremely likely, you’ll have wasted all your time.

      And if you really want to set up business, do so independently from a MLM scheme. Dont join a business that makes you pay all the profits up to other people.

      • Daisuke Kun Says:

        @ Edward i think it is unfair for you to say “If you join ACN you are going to lose your money.” because thats not true…you are going to should be changed the the word “can” because allthough it is possible to lose money it is just as possible for someone to make money… they tell you at the seminars that this is not for everyone. ACN reps are able to sign people up for services and give them a better deal than if they signed up directly through the company offering them services, the only way that would be possible is if they company themselves gave ACN reps that option and i don’t think those companys would be wrapped up in a scam.
        Your bills stillcome from the company your getting service from, you still call them for customer service. I dont remember who said it but someone said they went to a seminar and they didnt mention anything about how to actually sell products well guess what??? you went to ONE SEMINAR…ONE, UNO, ICHI they cant cover every single aspect every single week, its not the same thing every week either and had you asked questions im sure someone would have gladly answered you. yes you get bonuses for signing up other people and yes the company is making money off that but you get that bonus because your getting more people….lets take a trip back to grades school and your in the school band glee club, you are having a bake sale to make money for a trip but they say well your gonna be the only one baking AND selling the baked goods are you gonna get that much accomplished? no but lets grab 2 of your friends who aren’t going on the trip so your gonna pay them a percentage of the money you make) to help you bake and then sell in different locations hmmmmm seems like allot more is gonna get baked and sold, then have each of them grab 2 people and when they get 2 people on board to help you give them a bigger percentage of sales…yes you have to pay more but your gonna be making more overall and now just by asking 2 people to help you now have 6 people plus yourself helping out…. pyramid schemes are illegal
        this company has been around since 1993 i think the feds would have caught on by now and big name cell phone and cable companys would not have jumped on board so before you judge(and more importantly talk a bunch of shit about something on the internet where you can hide) based on what you see do some research….i want all of you nay sayers to do a 5 page report on the accomplishments of a historical figure that you have no previous knowledge of …and guess what your not aloud to do any research just do the report off the top of your head…go turn it in to a history prof. and ask him to grade it …see what happens.

    • beth Says:

      momontherocks. you cannot believe ghe negative of what you read on the internet. There is good and bad in everything, for sure – ACN is a good company, and if you apply yourself and treat others the way you would want to be treated – you do not alienate anyone, you do not brow beat anyone, and you do win. I’ve been doing a year and we are marching our way, steadily upward – it is not a get rich quick, you have to work at it – like anything. 90% of people quit everything they start – then go write on the internet how someone else made them fail…hogwash – anyone can win in ACN – just takes honesty, character and persistence. I am a mother of two small kids and this is the best step we’ve ever taken in our career choice.

      • assaultofknowledge Says:

        90 % of people quit everything they start? Got some stats to back that vague, empty claim? If you’re projecting from the quit-rate of ACN employees, I think it only speaks of ACN the company and nothing more.

      • Laughingkindahard Says:

        Assa: People quit. No stats have to be given to prove that. Be real. Don’t beat anybody up for hustling and trying.

    • Laughingkindahard Says:

      Anybody that doubts any company or service any more than the next should pause for a second. Do a search for almost any company on the planet (especially the US) and add the word scam or fraud or complaints or success.

      I would be shocked and amazed if you find any company of almost any size in any industry that has no complaints or negative propaganda on the web.

      People like to complain, especially when they are uninformed and suffering from their own fears and limitations.

      Pray about your decision and regardless of your choice, step out on faith to whomever you worship. No job has 100% guarantees. No business has 100% guarantees. In any venture, I have not seen anyone work hard and smart and fail with nothing to show for it, even if it is just a lesson learned. Good L.U.C.K. (labor under correct knowledge)

      • Mike Says:

        I wrote ACN in a google search and ACN came up with SCAM all by it’s self 10 times before I saw anything else on the company, so why don’t you do a search on let’s say McDonald’s, just write it as McDonald’s, and you will come up with locations to the nearest one, or the Ronald McDonald House and websites and postings like that, the worst thing you will see on them will be that McDonald’s makes you FAT, and all of us can say “that’s right if I eat McDonald’s a lot then I will probably get fat”. Now say ACN, and you will say probably if you are one of the normal people in the world, “you know I think ACN is a scam, and most normal people will say you know I think you are right about that”.

      • Areyouserious Says:

        Mike, 97% of the US population work for the other 3%. That is normal. I choose to not be normal. We do ACN meetings here in our state and they last about an hour. The first 30 minutes are all about the Products and how you have to sell a minimum number of services to be paid a dime. The AT&T service I had before ACN was more expensive than the service I have after renewing thru ACN. My Dish Network that I got thru ACN is the same as the service any other Dish customer gets, except I am smart enought to get paid residual income from myself. My Verizon aircard(bought thru ACN), gets me on the internet just like it would if I had went into the store. Maybe it is a scam, Donald Trump is in on the scam, NBC primetime is in on the scam, Sprint, Verizon, Nextel, AT&T, TMobil, ALLtel, Dish Network, Direct TV, ADT are all in on the scam, 20 regulatory bodies from 20 different countries are in on the scam. Heck Mike the only person not in on the scam is YOU and the other handful of people that read this blog!!!

      • SeattlePineforest Says:

        Hmmm… very well put.

    • Dave Says:

      ACN is not a scam. If a new recruit signs up and pays their $499, the first thing they should do is convert whatever services they PERSONALLY have to ACN products. I changed my Verizon land line over to ACN’s local and long distance service and SAVED $25/month. Then I changed my cell phone from Verizon to Sprint… and SAVED about $50/month and got a new smartphone for FREE. NOTE: I was on month to month with Verizon so there was no fee to quit them. If there had been a $200 fee to dump them I probably would have done it if I had more than 4 months left on the contract. I then got rid of my crappy cable and went with Directv… and saved $75/month in the first year and $25 after that. Then I got CLEAR 4G wireless internet for about $45/month. That replaced my cable modem which was pretty slow and unreliable. True that Clear was about $7 more per month… but I ended up saving around $140 a month and got much higher quality services. By selling myself my own services I became a ‘qualified trainer’ with a total of 8 personal points. My brother is a CPA and was only interested in the services I could save him money on. I changed over all of his personal stuff and also his business phone service and the ENERGY (both electric and gas) at his home and business. I ended up with 27 personal points from just my and my brother’s services! Once youo get to 50 personal points you are paid 10% on those services (and any more personal that you sell) EVERY TIME THEY PAY THEIR BILL! Tell me how this is a ‘scam’… Everyone won’t ‘make it’ in ACN just like everyone won’t be a rocket scientist.

  9. Paul Says:

    Everyone is focussing on one aspect of the business, the recruiting of new representatives. You don’t have to recruit anyone. You can go out and get customers for any of their products and/or services just like any other company. And just like any other company, it will take a whole lot of customers before you see any big money rolling in. The reason they talk about recruiting new rep.s is that you could build your residual income faster that way. And yes, you get bonusses if you do recruit people who get customers. You don’t get any bonusses (or any other income for that matter) if you don’t get customers.

    The majority of the company’s income comes from the monthly billing of its customers and not the first time $499 (yearly $149) from its rep.s.

    I’ve been looking at some old posts on this company and I’ve found that it has changed how it represents itself as well as the products/services it offers. Now they are focussing more on how to aquire customers and having good product knwoledge. They also have a robust support system for new rep.s. It’s a little scattered, but all the information is there.

    There are no guarantees made as to your income, just as if you started your own company or went to a school. Both usually cost a heck of a lot more. Ask all the people who work for the auto or construction or real estate or banking or etc. industry if their incomes are certain. You’ll get a resounding NO!

    As far as whether or not ACN is a legit company or not, nothing I say should sway you one way or another. Go to a meeting, do your own independant research and make up your own mind. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it’s what you think that matters. I’ve seen people succeed and fail at ACN and I’ve seen people succeed and fail at ExxonMobil. Find what is right for you, and go all out. At least you’ll know you did your best which is all anyone can hope to do. Good Luck!

    • Zarabanda Says:

      Paul, very well put. Thanks for the words of wisdom. As with anything, it is what you put into it, that will dictate what you will get out of it. I wish everyone luck with whatever choices they make in life and may your path be a successful one, whether you are an ACN representative or a local food chain owner. 😉

  10. disrupter@large Says:

    a turd by any other name…bottom line, and i know because i’m a telecommunications analyst (altho anyone can understand if they take the time to read the acn products section), is that they’re business model, if it is in fact to sell communications services and products, is fundamentally flawed.

    The entire telecommunications/cable industry is going through a major transformation worldwide. The internet, w/Google as the poster child, has changed the world forever. They offer everything that ACN does FOR FREE! to anyone with a computer….except access and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they provide that too in the not too distant future. The premise of this business, that no one will stop paying their communication services bills is silly. Evidence of downward price pressure on the market has been clear for years, Skype, YIM, GTalk, GoogleVoice, Bit-Torrent, online streaming…it’s just a matter of time. Ergo, ACN MUST make most of its money from recruiting…and the ever dwindling residual from poor ignorant folks without computers or high speed access. btw: The 500.00 + recurring yearly 149.00 fees to become and remain an ACN rep are also encouraged to (and i suspect, mostly do) pay ACN at least 40 and as much as 300.00 in monthly fees for telecom/tv access and services…which is far in excess of the cost of equipt/services one can get from companies like Dish, Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, etc. that they are reselling. *sigh* …hard to believe people don’t do a little research before they get sucked into this kind of thing.

    • Laughingkindahard Says:

      Not true or standard info. Not trustworthy. ACN has stable, competitive prices and services.

  11. disrupter@large Says:

    meh, typoses in my post, but i think y’all get the picture. even if i dissuade one poor soul from falling victim to ACN. oh btw: i listened to the pitch because a high school buddy asked me to. it was everything i expected…down to the lack of a Q & A session. these guys oughta be keeping bernie madoff company in jail…but i guess, as David Mamet paraphrases the great P.T Barnum in “House of Games.” there’s a sucker born every minute…and two to take em.

  12. Jon Says:

    I just saw an acquaintance of mine went to one of their meetings with donald trump and what not and i decided to do some research and I’m fairly certain it’s a pyramid type scheme….simply from the fact they say they are not one…every pyramid scheme lists at least 4 reasons why they are not.

    Also I went to their site to look at what they sell…horrible website design and on every page they have links to join…the whole website is deigned mainly around getting people to join. And the fact that everything they’re selling you can either get for free off the internet or will be about the same price as any other company you’ll go to.
    No other legit company does this…the website should revolve around the products if that is what they’re selling but you look up acn and go to their site and the first thing they’re trying to do is get you join them.
    Everybody always says these companies are like mcdonalds or whatever…but for example you have to click on like 4 different links on their website to even get to franchising…cause they’re website is about their products.

    I’ll just say it’ll be interesting to see if this actually works out for my friend or he’ll just become another scam statistic…

  13. Phil Says:

    I totally agree with you assaultofknowledge… I’ve seen many people get brainwashed… They show you exactly what you want to see, money money money.

    They’re the ones making money in the end, and stupid ones enroll in it to make them richer.

    Those telecommunications are not going to sell, Rogers, Bell, Fido, Telus, Koodo, and maybe Virgin, THEY control the telecommunication, and ACN is never going to replace them with their product. It’s just a gadget, and they aren’t even focused on selling or developping their product, they just want people IN.

  14. Tony Says:

    I was approached very recently by an ACN rep. He actually came all the way from CA to make a presentation. I signed up 2 weeks later for $499 (never ever informed about the annual fee–found out on my own. Had numerous reservations about signing up but went with it anyway knowing I had 10 business days for a refund. I generated a top 25 list of people I wanted to contact. Actually had about 1/3 interested in learning more. But it became very difficult to get them a meeting for a presentation. So I exercised my option for my refund. The that signed me up was extremely persausive, telling me how good I could be in this business, how right it was, how committed I had proven to be in such a short period of time. He told me how down on his luck he been just prior to becoming an ACN rep. But in just 7 months he was knocking on the door of becoming a RVP. What he neglected to tell me was 12 earlier he was indicted for racketeering, wire transfer fraud and conspiracy charges in the telemarketing industry. He was sentenced to 51 months in prison. What kind of company takes on people like this? The kind that survives off of recruiting anyone they can get there hands on.

    • Laughingkindahard Says:

      Does ACN have anything to do w/ somebodies crime record? Wow, haters are really straining on this site.

      • Caleb Says:

        ..and theres only one “lover” using time trying to defend ACN. The problem is that, when you go to an ACM meeting, you get hyped into believing that you will make money easily. We can keep discussing pyramid schemes etc. but the problem is that the system is not transparent enough.

  15. JTMcH Says:

    Why would anyone buy any telecommunications services from ACN? They offer nothing that isn’t available directly from the provider, and as many of us have learned, when cable companies are competing with telco for broadband, and when we have all sorts of cell phone companies, you can negotiate a better deal with any of them. ACN offers only one plan of several offered by a provider, with no opportunity to negotiate.

    Its vaunted video phone does not appear to be compatible with other devices and seems to be very similar to a VOIP device that was a failure when offered by other providers. So I buy one, who do I call? (they usually answer by saying, “even if you don’t call anyone with the video service, you can use the phone to display digital photos and it costs less than one of those digital photo display frames you can get at the store” Yeah. Surrrrrrrrrrrre.)

    ACN reps like to compare the $499 dollar initiation fee to franchise fees. But the company tries to have it both ways; for it to be a franchise fee, certain legal niceties must be observed

    26 states require business opportunity disclosure filings by a company offering franchise opportunities, at least half of those states require the documents to be filed with the state.

    The Federal Trade Commission requires a franchisor provide all potential franchisees TEN DAYS BEFORE ACCEPTING ANY MONEY with a disclosure document containing 23 specific items of information about the offered franchise, its officers, and other franchisees. Required disclosure topics include, for example: the franchise’s litigation history, past and current franchisees and their contact information, any exclusive territory that comes with the franchise, assistance the franchisor provides franchisees, and the cost of purchasing and starting up a franchise. If a franchisor makes representations about the financial performance of the franchise, this topic also must be covered, as well as the material basis backing up those representations.

    There are also requirements in many states that “subfranchisors” make similar disclosures. That means if I’m in someone else’s food chain, I have to make disclosures to everyone I recruit as well.

    Has anyone ever verified the income of these $25,000 per month reps? I mean real disclosure, and not just flipping through a bank statement

  16. JTMcH Says:

    I would suggest anyone even thinking about this check out the Federal Trade Commission advice on “franchises”

    They also, btw, like to compare their fees to “licensing fees” charged in many businesses. but no license is required to sell any of its products.,so the analogy doesn’t wash

  17. kat Says:

    oh my gosh!!!! what have i done?

    • Laughingkindahard Says:

      You have given yourself an opportunity to make a positive financial change in your life. Don’t let “haters” kill your vision.

      • Noka Says:

        It’s not haters, its us knowing it wont work. Let me know if one day you can make good money that an Education can give you, and you can at least make more that what you had to pay in the beginning. Point out at least 5 other ‘New Recruits” who can do it within a few months, then I will consider it a ‘positive financial change”

    • Showers4April Says:

      What have you done is right! Your obviously too fickle & lack believing in your own abilities if seeing a discussion with different opinions has you saying “oh my gosh!!!! what have I done?” I suggest the next time you plan to make a life decision you consult with the internet first before you consult your own mind.
      Maybe that’ll work for you!

  18. Jo Says:

    My friend sent me this link and here’s the email I responded to him with after checking out this page.

    i read the site and watched the video! and…i was at the convention center that day, it was just a few weeks ago and i had a great time, enjoyed the presentations and got ‘fired up!’ . haha! just like the lawyer in the video says… its not for everyone and its too bad that some people are presented w.the opportunity as the only way to make money, its not.

    if u want to know why i am involved, here it is. if u dont, skip to the end:
    -i sold amway in the 90s and was pretty successful. i made my initial investment back plus a few thousand dollars until i stopped selling the product. amway was one of the first mlm opportunities out there and did very well. i did very well with it myself, so im a huge supporter of home based businesses and mlm. just like any of them, work it… ur rich. do nothing, u make nothing. (also, i support my mary kay gals, another hugely successful mlm, and wrestle with being a rep at every party i go to.) there’s actually quite a few mlm’s i support now that i think about it. not all home based businesses are great investments or opportunities, but there are thousands that are. my tenants have their own home based tshirt business and neither of them have had a ‘real job’ in years. they pay their rent on time every month, so no complaints on their home based business being their only income.
    -acn boasts residual income on products i already use. my cell phone/wireless access and directv. i get a small percentage of my own bill each month. and anyone who simply purchases the services they already use via my website (like a video phone or cell phone or satellite service), then i receive a piece of that. im sure u understand, the more customers, the bigger the piece.
    -the business opportunity that comes along with it is totally for me. it may not be for you, i dont care. irrelevant.
    -people will always feel they were conned into paying for something for nothing. so they pay, do nothing and get nothing and make noise about it. also, it sucks that the complainers paid $500 NOT knowing what they are paying for. (i dont get why u would pay so much $ and not know WHY.) you pay for ACN to maintain & service the customers on their network. every service we have (cleaning, cooking, phone, travel, rentals) we pay for. with acn you pay that cost upfront, annually. its less than i pay my cleaning lady to service my home every week and i use my phone, tv on a daily basis. for that alone, the cost is justified for me.

    thank you for the link! loved the video, especially the lawyer, he was spot on. i love you for sending it to me and hopefully you read the responses at the bottom because i thought they were good, uhh… minus the racist ones! give me a break, i was $500 away from buying a quiznos a few years ago and talk about ’empty promises’! a whole notha story. 😉

    People determine their own destiny’s. No company or thing can or should determine it for you.


    • Areyouserious Says:

      Excellent posting Jo!!!
      You sound very intelligent and it was well woth the read.
      Good luck in your endeavors

    • SeattlePineforest Says:

      OK, Jo. Finally a straight outlook on ACN… with none of the racist, flowery crap that leads to nothing. Good read! More good luck energy to you!

  19. From Australia Says:

    I was an ACN rep in Australia. It looks very attractive & they make you very hyped. However after a number of months things just didn’t work out at all ( no reps under me & very few customers ). If you didn’t recruit people to the business then you made very little money. I made $11 in 12 months. This doesn’t cover your ongoing annual fee, ur[front fee & ongoing training fees. Yes ask about that. I would say about 98% of people fail in ACN. Thats a huge failure rate & its never mentioned to you before you join. The market just isn’t there. So if you haven’t got $500 to spare, then my advice is to put it somewhere else. I dont think the company cares if you succeed. They just care about your $500. And come to think of it if something costs that much to join then there must be something wrong.

  20. Pupple Says:

    The ACN scam is that you have to prey upon your relatives and friends. You end up alienating them. They stop calling and answering your calls.

    After signing up the first thing you have to do is either sell or buy services to get your initial $500.00 back. There you go, ACN just sold their product… TO YOU!

    To recruit they tell you to call your friends and tell them that you were thinking of them because you have this great business opportunity for them but you can’t tell them about it, they have to come to a meeting to find out.

    My wife signed up and I was at a meeting and I asked one of the higher-ups how we make this stuff work. He said “you learn at the meetings” then walked away from me. Wait, we ARE at a meeting, the MF’er.

    • Julieb Says:

      90% of people quit everything they start…not just a MLM. but everything. and the only way you alienate is if you ask more than once if they say no. have been doing over a year and have alienated nobody – and am building slowly not quickly – its not about how fast you can make $$$, it is about doing it right…we only need 20 customers a piece – we are not trying to get everyone – just a few that we know we can help… it is a great oppty – sorry to see so many people are so negative.

    • Hope Says:

      Pupple, you are so right on. I signed up in October of 2008 and canceled in January 2009 when I saw it was a SCAM. I had to pay the penalties. BUT they didn’t cancel the “Business Assistant” and have been billing me each month for a service I never used. I CAN’T GET THEM TO STOP BILLING ME THE $29.99 PER MONTH ON MY CREDIT CARD. Do you have any suggestions for me? I’ve phoned them, emailed them, faxed them — NOTHING HAPPENS. Thanks!

      • Actual business owner Says:

        call your credit card company

      • Jimmy Says:

        I see why U quit….”Do U have any suggestions?” !!

      • cary Says:

        scam? let me asked you what did you do after you signed up supposedly to have your own business.Did you get customers and expanded your business or just like those who failed who sat their touches and pray that money will come.If you dont know what to do cancelling the charges in your credit card it gives me an idea the level of IQ you have.Awareness of what the task ahead is better than getting excited with false expectation and lack of work ethics.

    • Jimmy Says:

      I’m not preying. Jeez. You have to learn MLM before you can work it. Sure, if you throw up on your family about an opportunity & they aren’t looking for one or are too blind to see that they can get a real life, yeah, then they may dis-own you.
      But that is NOT how to work a MLM biz.
      My daughter & I are new in biz & we are having a blast. The checks are small, exactly like the compensation plan says they will be,..right on target for the work we’ve done so far.
      And we have the opportunity to increase our ‘residual’ income each & very month for as long as we care to do so.
      I cannot do that with the Fortune 500 co. I work for now. And I’ll someday be able to decide when & where I want to take my vacation. And for how long of a vaca. I will not have to submit & request a vaca.
      You negative, uninformed people keep working for a co. & mgr. you don’t like. Getting up when you don’t want to go to a job you don’t like, with people who are negative & you don’t like.And making far less money than you would really like to. And when you get sick or hurt for any extended time lose your income. Not only will my income continue to come in I can ‘will’ my income to my kids & grand kids! Beat that with your corp. job! You have been brain washed in to thinking you have to live a mediocre life with just enough income to stay in debt for the rest of your life. Gov. statistics show this.
      At least you have reality TV & junk to watch, like ‘As The World Turns’ (and passes you by. And some day you wonder how life turned out this way for you)
      We do actually need people like you to be brain washed into working for some one else who recruited you..Not so you could make money! they don’t care about you (!) but they recruited you so they could make money off of you.
      Like I said we need people to cash our checks at the bank, some one to change our tires, some one to pump our gas, some one to wash our car, some one to clean our swimming pool. some one to haul our garbage, and we appreciate all you do. Seriously. I thank my garbage man. Can you imagine if I didn’t have him to haul my trash? I appreciate it. And the people who run the restaurants,..I appreciate them. So this is good that you have people telling you that you have to work for some one else instead of yourself.
      But you shouldn’t critize any one for attempting to do some thing good for themselves & their family, because these people actually help support your job & your income.
      I’ve got a lot for my $500. I get, a store front website, which is worth $500+ all by itself! I have ACN taking care of all my customer tracking, all my marketing material designs & lay outs. ACN tracks & keeps records of my customers for me. They handle all customer services. They send out the serviceman/installers when needed.They research & add on new products & services for my biz. I don’t have to do none of this.
      Are you kidding me?! $500, is that all? My neighbor blew $500 on beer this year already. Another has spent $500 on pop & that stuff is so acidic it’s a precursor for cancer! (Research it!)
      ACN rocks! And if I don’t double my present income from being in biz with them it will be my fault not ACN.
      Hard work & stepping away from an OK-comfortable job isn’t easy but it is simple & although it takes effort but it is well worth it.The reason I know is because I did my research!
      MLM will work for anyone with alittle intelligence & good work ethics. Like most all businesses. There are several good MLM co.s out there. MLM is not for unmotivated people who like the comfort of having some one tell them when to come to work

      • Jay Says:

        Jimmy, It’s been about 8 months since you wrote this. How are things in ACN going? I have a friend asking me to join and I wanted to see what 8 months have done for you.
        Thanks, Jeff

      • cary Says:

        jimmy I agree with you 100%.Our business needs work not false expectations and delusions.How simple can it be get customers and expand your business.People make things complicated.A business partner had acquired a 7million dollar energy billing volume in a business building.1% of 7,000,000 is?70000thousand a month for the next 5 years.Who’s the scam now?thats why when GOD came to save all of us,there were a lot of nonbelievers,they perished and wish they had believed in him.

      • Am Says:


        I just joined ACN less than a month ago and i am blessed that my team of business partners are some of the most wonderful people ive ever come to meet. One has been only 4 short months and has already made his money back and he goes to school full time and has another job, another has been in 2 years and was able to retire his fiancee so she can stay home with thier daughter. I cant promise you youll make a million dollars but i can promise you that you will get out of it what you put in. Look at this way Im 21 ive been working since i was 16 and when showed the oppertunity i didnt have 500, i thought about it wow ive been working all this time and barely making enough to survive im obviously doing something wrong. When you work for the man most of the time you work 40 hours a week for forty years and retire on 40 percent of what you barely survived on before. Even if you go to college and get a great paying job your still exchanging countless hours for dollars, and honeslty all college teaches you for the most part is how to work for someone else, how to fill out the proper resume, how to interveiw well and sooo on. I really hope that this can be as life changing for you as it has been for me. If not i wish you the best of luck in whatever you do.

    • Jimmy Says:

      Pupple or anyone for that matter, what has your family done for you as far as your income is concerned? Do they tell you where to work & how much money you should earn?
      Better yet to they pay your bills or moratage/rent?
      Have they set limits for you? I’m sure they just want to protect you. Or is it that they really don’t want you to make more money or have a nicer job than they do
      Do they tell you how much you can dream? Or have you already given up on your dreams? It is the easy way of course.
      If making money was easy, everyone would be rich.
      If we all worked for ourselves this economy wouldn’t be anything close to as bad as it is.

  21. Sarah318 Says:

    Oh my goodness Pupple. You are awesome. You just created the most logical reasons why this ACN is a complete SCAM.
    Excellent job.

    • Jimmy Says:

      Sarah Sarah Sarah. How can we believe anything you say?!
      Scams are illigeal, foolish one. Scams don’t last 18 years. Come on now…give it a little thought now.
      Can I ask you, how many co.s use networking for marketing their products &/or services? Can U say AT&T for one.
      Many many co.s are using networking co.s because they are so cost effective. These co.s don’t pay for marketing until a product or service is sold. You can’t beat that.
      Three atty. generals are on the legal team of a co. running a scam?! Maybe you are the scam. You are trying to scam people out of their hopes & dreams. Shame on you. Poor job Sarah

  22. Chris V Says:

    Hey you guys…unfortunantely the majority of people in the U.S. are programmed to be workers. You go to school and they train you for the workforce. They want you to become employees, have a career, work for a company and hopefully work there for 40 to 50 years, and eventhough less than 7% of companies don’t do pentions anymore and social security will be gone in the future (for me cause I’m 20) you’d hope to be able to retire from that company. That’s the problem though, most people are worker bees. All they know how to do is work. Why because they have to have someone telling them what to do, they don’t want to take responsibility for themselves. I just signed up with ACN 2 weeks ago. Most people want to see a paycheck in 2 weeks at most…worker bees… HANDS DOWN, I’ll rather work like a dog for 4 years, than be treated like a dog for 40 years. Most people fail because they have to change their mentallity of how money is made…you don’t only earn money by working, ask an investor. I’ll rather work hard for my family and I…no matter how difficult it may seem, than work hard for someone else. Bout you, are you a worker bee? Go build your own hive, not somebody elses…that’s what I’m going to do with this oppurtunity.

    • assaultofknowledge Says:

      Okay, so you signed up with ACN 2 weeks ago. You’re currently riding high on the ACN propaganda. You’re spewing everything they just “programmed” you to say. I challenge you to return to this site in 6 months and tell me your honest opinion of the company.

      • Steve Says:

        assaultofknowledge; I read Chris’ post and I don’t see the “propaganda” you claim he is spewing. If ACN is a scam then the fortune 500 corporations in this country must logically be outright fraud. I have spent the last ten years working for fortune 500 and fortune 100 companies and have little to show for it except and unemployment check and no health insurance.

        I myself have signed up with ACN 6 weeks ago and was skeptical at first myself. I now realize that there is real opportunity with some hard work. I would gladly accept your challenge to return to this site in 6 months to discuss my success (or lack thereof).

      • wazz28394 Says:

        Steve, I haven’t seen an update on your success or failure.

      • ur funny Says:

        hmmm all this talk of scams etc dont you guys think all the BIG companies acn partnered with have a better research department than YOU !come on what did you do “google”it ??? acn just partnered with APPLE better let bill gates and steve jobs know they are part of the big scam oh yea and the u.s government has been scammed for the last 17 years,while we are at it email the CEO’s of Telus,Verizon,Direct tv,ADT,15 other vey large corporations,20 european governments are being scammed …here google this”jews are devil worshippers” “milk negative” so stop trusting all jews stop drinking any milk products – the thinkers think and the provers prove!! look long enough and you will find wrong in everything,hmmmm maybe people should just roll up their sleeves and work,oh thats right why work its just a scam i work 40 hrs a week live pay check to pay check believe the government that there will be a pension,come on people grow up all of the “legal” mlm’s work iys just people have too many excuses getting in their way and will NEVER admit THEY failed ,we all have the best suite in the Titanic….hmmmm

    • Mike Says:

      Hey Chris, Why don’t you join the military and have a real job instead of hustling people, and after 20 years that’s right 20 years (you would be 40 if you joined now) and you get a retirement check for the rest of your life. Also if you actually worked, not just flapping you jaw for ACN, you can make it up the ranks pretty fast and know that you actually did something worst wild in your life and for the betterment of your fellow citizens. Or you could be a part of the governement, Post Office you get a retirement at 30 years I think with them. Oh, is ACN going to be paying you residuals in let’s say 10 years? The Internet can already do what your supposed product the “IRIS 500 dollars” isn’t that what it’s called, also it doesn’t work with let’s say a WEBCAM or any other videophones. Why should I give you $500.00 up front and then $30.00 a month for a videophone, when I can get a laptop with a webcam for about $500.00 and internet connection for about $20.00 a month and have the same thing? Plus I can do work on it, finances, look at pictures I’ve taken, browse the internet, play games, have it teach me all sorts of things, like “ACN AND YOUR VIDEOPHONE IS A BIG FAT GIGANTIC SCAM”. So grow up and get a real job or start a real business and stop telling us all this crap you are spouting about being a worker bee, did you get that from saying “Worker Bee” from your semiar and your whole 45 mintues of training? Think about it.

      • Areyouserious Says:

        Mike. I did spend 10 years in the military. The good thing for me was that it taught me discipline and work ethic. If applied to any endeavor you can be successful. I am also in ACN. There is no scam. The video phone works great, my customers can buy it for $99, not $500. Did you happen to notice that we broker for all of the top 6 cell carriers. I bet you use one of those cell phones…Do they send you a check every month for paying your bill? You are scamming yourself, at least I am smart enough to get paid for using services I was using anyway.

      • ur funny Says:

        the military is far from a real job and if people are living paycheck to pay check now how are they going to live on a military pension??? if people really understood what having their own business(which acn is)was all about and the work involved there would be more successful people and less negative things on this blog,the unfortunate thing is ,is that some people just should not join acn and they were allowed,just as the same people likly are broke and asked their broke friends for advice on everything,buy into someones advice and you buy into their lifestyle wether they are richor poor,if i can redirect some of the monopolies money towards me then why not? reps DO NOT make money on the sign up fee

      • cary Says:

        The problem with you is you talk too much…sucker? A person with profession is not a sucker an uneducated like yourself who cannot spell the words correctly is a true sucker.Q and A is always offered after the meeting.Maybe you are just too ashamed to admit your brain is hollow thats why you did not have any questions…ACN rocks…and its for the smart people thank God youre not in it…

    • brad Says:

      worker bees? who do you think you are? You’re a worker bee for the people at the top of your chain. You are just a salesman. If you are so good at sales why don’t you sell a product that is any good? Why do ACN reps think they “own” a business. Our salesmen at my company don’t think they own the business. They make more money than any ACN rep and sell great products. The vision is so skewed it’s scary. Don’t call yourself an entrepreneur if you don’t own the product. YOU ARE ALL JUST SALESMEN, face it.

    • Wayne Says:

      Chris V that was well put. I am a Canadian. I am in the reseach stag of this company. I laugh when people call MLM Scams or pyramids. What kills me is they say only the guys at the op are getting rich. HUH Do you mr or mrss negaive work for a big corporation? You the worked Bees are working to make the FAT CATS at the top rich. As a business graduate years and years ago and an entepreneur now as well I see ACN as another avenue to generate some more passive income. Residual income I can get month after month just for helping people switch to me for services they use day in and day out. I do not have to keep selling it to them every month like other MLMs do. So to your point negative worker bees keep working. I am not looking in the beginning to being the guy who is an RVP making thousands and thousands of doallars a month. However if it replaces my income each month every month, WHY would I need to go into a job I am not happy with. I will then be able to spend time teahing others how to grow a “SIDE BUSINESS” and if they turn it into a full time career GREAT FOR THEM.

      Coutos Chris V

  23. Chris V Says:

    P.S who ever started this blog it is sad…how should flags be raised if a company asks you to pay them, that’s stupidity…I got my Security Officers license last year…I had to pay around 190 dollars to be able to get that license. I knew that if I wanted a job as a Security Officer I’ll have to pay that fee.I can’t just say no, I don’t want to pay it and expect me to work as a Security Officer and get paid. I know that that’s a license, and we have to get certified, but you must first invest money to be able to get money. I did it and began to work…that’s the problem with jobs they only pay you enough that you wont quit. I made my money back in a week, because it was me swapping my precious sleep time, for money. No offense but this guys an idiot, and it’s sad that many people think like him.

    • ur funny Says:

      exactly ask a doctor what it cost him/her to get their “license” 10 yrs of schooling HUGE debt and make no money for for a long time !!!!! now that sounds like a Huge scam to me!! if it is such an honorable occupation why isnt it paid for by the government then they work for the government when they graduate??they dont call it the medical mafia for nothing

  24. Jen Says:

    I feel your pain, I am a rep with ACN and have built a downline with a nice income for myself. It is a very difficult job to do, alotttttt of work. Even though I am making a nice monthly income from ACN I have decided to quit. Between myself and my downline we have about 300-400 customers. The problem is that the services offered by ACN are very, very poor. 85% of our customers are having issues with the services they have signed up for. The biggest problem is the video phone and ACN’s lack of resolution. I feel very bad about bringing my friends and family into ACN as Reps and customers, they trusted and supported me. Please before signing on with ACN make an educated decision so you are prepared for the issues at hand.

    • Steve Says:

      Have you updated the firmware on your video phone yet? It’s easy to do in the settings menu.

      Honestly, it may be your Internet provider or your own network settings. I have a video phone and know others who have them and they work great for what they are designed to do. I’ve used other products and this video phone is the easiest to use and performance is more consistent than Skype.

      • Areyouserious Says:

        My video phone works great as well. We love it and my friends that have them love them as well. Make sure you just set your QoS setting in your routers to make video/digital phone service a priority setting so it provides better bandwidth. Most are set to give priority to video games.

  25. Nick Says:

    This kid I went to highschool started talking to me on Facebook about 7 years after last talking to him. He starts off by telling me he has this great opportunity that he’s only telling his closest friends about. Right there I knew how lame ACN was and how pathetic and desperate he was. I let him explain it all to me only for my own entertainment. He told me the videophone is the next greatest invention, as important as the internet, everyone’s gonna need/want one…etc etc. When I told him in asia they have video cell phones he didnt believe me, and promised that a stationary phone in your house is what everyone would want. I’m assuming the majority of the idiots who join ACN are similar to this kid and really have no clue about technology beyond the limited knowledge they get from some pamphlet.

    Anyways, I questioned why I had to pay to make money for this company. I have a great job right now, all i had to do was interview. He promised the money is invested in so many ways to make sure we’re all successful. Interesting because they don’t pay for advertising. He also told me how it’s just like any other franchise. I said, maybe, but any other franchise I can find some pretty credible information on the internet about them. Oh but there is credible information on the internet he told me! He sent me links to MLM websites that had ACN ads, but the kicker was when he tried to make me look like an ass by saying, “listen, you can do all the research you want, but I doubt you can research any better than Donald Trump and his team, they’ve already done all the research you need and they ENDORSE ACN!……..”. He then continued to question my intelligence by asking if I even knew who Donald Trump was. He also thought I was an idiot for never having heard of Robert T. Kiyosaki. So impressive!

    I talked to this kid a few more times and it only got more pathetic. He’d mock me for working so hard when he quit his day job so that he can do ACN whenever he wants. The last time I talked to him he started working a full time job (his reasoning was amazing; he didn’t NEED the full time job, he wanted it…rightttttttt). Every time I’d ask how much money he made was comical. His response was “I can make up to $XXX amount.” He never had the balls to tell me his actual income was close to zero.

    That’s my story. I’m sure many people have very similar stories.

    Good luck to you clowns selling the video phone; I was assured by this kid it’s AWESOME to get girls naked over it.

    • ur funny Says:

      your opening paragraph exposes your character and total lack of integrity just that act alone reveals you are a chump ,apple ,verizon,20 governments around the world would not partner with a scam you are involved in a scam called your mind..have a great life

  26. mouse Says:

    ok lets say all u ACN’ers make thousands in the next 5 to 10 years and are living off it quite comfortably. Then all of a sudden ACN has to get shut down or goes bankrupt. Then what ?? What happens when your income goes to absolutely nothin. Do u think your bosses will compensate you? Ha ha, good luck. Their liable to just run off with the money and leave the country cause all these guys look like crooks. Does acn have a pension plan?? would you be able to get govt insurance? i think not. Thats what you acn’ers dont get. When this company goes down you are all screwed. You rely on it like its going to make all your dreams come true. but the reality is companies like this never last. ya ya i know acn has been around for 15 years , blah blah blah. But its a ever changing world and ACN is falling way behind. This is not how you business. Wouldnt it be much wiser to go to school, get an education, do somethin you love and get respect for it from all your peers? and if you do lose your job, there will be another one waiting for u. Wouldnt it be wiser to have a job with a pension plan knowing that you will be secured financially when you retire? And not having to worry about some company u work for that no one really knows anything about which just might someday stop and leave you with nothin? The reality is ignorant and uneducated people think there is a easier way out of life. THERE ISNT!!. why work at something knowing you might not get paid for it? Why not do something u know will pay you guaranteed? You say i d rather work 4 years for acn and then retire. What kind of idiot attitude is that? You getting paid handsomely is not guaranteed so why risk that? Why waste your time on it. U idiots arent thinking about your realistic long term future.

    • Laughingkindahard Says:

      You’re kidding, right? Degrees are useful at times, but they are NOT the “solution”. ACN is behind? I am respected for much more than what JOB I may have or had. Who cares about a J.O.B.? Another one waiting, uh, yeah. The unemployment rate means nothing, of course.

      What stops a company offering a pension from folding or making your benefits sooo small after retirement, that it’s not enough on which to live?

      No pay is guaranteed. We all know this, so why post such?

      • Sowhat Says:


        You make some very valid points in your posts; however, you write, “Who cares about a J.O.B.? You are wasting your time debating with people that will not see any side but their own. The fact of the matter is that being an ACN rep is a job. You are performing a service and getting paid to do it. Some are better at it than others. Some do not have what it takes. As long as you are happy with what you are doing, earning an income and paying your own bills… who cares what everyone thinks. They are doing exactly what they are doing BECAUSE it doesn’t work for them or they have seen others it didn’t work for. Some people aren’t cut out to be doctors, attorneys, pilots, astronauts…. it is about what works for you.

        Unfortunately, many people think that MLMs are NOT a “real” job when in fact they are. They take a lot of work. They aren’t the most conventional job; however, for the most part you get to make your own hours, you get to socialize with others throughout the day and everyday is different so there is no monotony.

        Some people have nothing better than to sit on a board and whine and complain. Negative people are not want you want to be around. I keep reading about what about when the business folds. Has anyone noticed anything about our economy lately? Businesses that have been around long before Walmart have shut their doors. There is no longer such a thing as job security. I am not knocking a college education and think that if possible, everyone should continue learning. The point is, there is NO SUCH THING AS JOB SECURITY and there may not always be another job waiting for those who are laid off, fired, etc. Look at the unemployment stats.

        I wish you the best in your endeavors and extra success for positivity! May you prosper in all that you do!!

      • mouse Says:

        So your solution is buy into a company that doesnt care who signs up, a company no one has ever heard of and doesnt look like they have the best track record, and a company that will pay you about a tenth of you what you actually worked , if lucky. I dont know about you but i expect to get paid for every hour i work each week. And thats a guarantee. Why wouldnt it be? with this you have no idea what you ll get paid from one month to the next. Who the hell would want to waste their time not knowing that. Who the hell would want to risk their future for something like this? I ll tell you who- suckers who get brainwashed believing something as stupid as a videophone is going change the world. Give it up. If it hasnt changed the world as of now, its not going to happen.

      • Mike Says:

        Degrees are useful at times? Idiot knowledge is always useful and when you get a degree that means you actually worked hard for YEARS to learn that knowledge, not 45 minutes from some hustler. If you stop and really think about it, the technology is going to be way beyond a video DESK phone, it will be in a video CELL phone and AT&T, SPRINT, QWEST, etc etc are all going to have it very soon and then what are you going to sell us? Look where your fabulous company started. Read up on it at wiki or other know sites, and you will see that it is a MLM “Morons Leading Morans” (I should trade mark that saying maybe I will make a million dollars off of it) so lemming go ahead and jump off that cliff just don’t ask me to follow you, because I will be the one left at the top laughing my butt off at you.

      • brad Says:

        HELLO??? Does anyone know what a SALESMAN is? this is not an “unconventional” job, it is a sales job. Most sales jobs can be done from home and can be of any nature. An ACN rep is just a different salesman with a really crappy product. When ACN goes bust with the phone, they move their “down line” to a new product. It doesn’t matter, ACN people will always be fine. They will always have work because there will always be something to sell. No degree required.

    • Crystalised Says:

      Did you know that ACN is 100% DEBT FREE

      • Bystander Says:

        Of course they’re DEBT FREE. Look at all the $499 start-up fees (a.k.a. franchise fees) and $149 annually renewing fees they have been sucking up.

    • ur funny Says:

      dude this is 2010/2009 not 1809 there is no guarantees ..job security or other jobs waiting ..even California went bankrupt like the U.S gov. in 1933 and maybe again soon escpecially if China calls in their loans .WAKE UP

    • Cortney Says:

      ACN is not a job.. you buy into it like a franchise. You are so very ignorant and you have no idea what you are talking about. If you put in $500 and profit way beyond that.. how is that a scam. You think major companies would be partnered up with a scam.. you think Verizon, ADT, DirectTV, AT&T, PG&E, SOCALGas, ect. would be in on a SCAM? Get real! You think having a college education and degrees make you safe in this damn economy? Think again buddy. Guess what the government is.. now that’s a scam! The credibility of ACN is phenomenal! Whether you like or dislike Donald Trump he is an extremely successful business man, you think that he is going to put his face on a scam? Geico spent 900 million last year.. guess who paid for that? Customers.. so with ACN they do not do any advertising, no commercials, no mass mailing, no cold calling.. none of that. So we can help people save money on most of their bills. I personally was able to save my parents $70 month and guess what it helps me to because I get a percentage of their payments every month. What do you think people use everyday that they will always be using and something that is always advancing? TECHNOLOGY! Guess what we provide through major companies we are partnered with? Now again what do people use everyday and always will? Good one.. cell phones, TV, Gas, Electricity and Internet.. and it’s only advancing. One of the best parts is.. I can help other people that want to be successful that actually have work ethic, drive and faith.

  27. Laughingkindahard Says:

    So far, this is hilarious. There are too many points and counterpoints to have a fair shot at covering them all, but here is my 2 cents. I am a rep.

    So far, ALL of my video phone calls have worked fine, par with the quality of the immediate network connection. The phone service runs over the same physical lines as most of the major local carriers, so “problems” are not ACN based.

    A pension makes a hill of beans difference if you had sense enough to invest and save wisely.

    Entrepreneurs work for things quite frequently for things that may bust. Most startups do. I have had success with MLM’s and I don’t do them to get rich, but I do get paid well.

    There are uplines that do not support or train, so I am fortunate to be with a group that is 110% supportive. If ACN dries up one day, I’ll use one of my 3 degrees again w/ a little CE to get caught up IF I leave my industries in the first place.

    Some reps are just wrong for what they do, how they do it, and why. Unlike E-ron, wal_ s_re-t, and others, I operate ethically & morally. No promises or guarantees of dollar amounts or getting rich. But I do promise my support in helping others build.

    None of what was described by pupple happened to me. Anywhere I see to improve a process, I improve it. No friends or family are alienated and those I am able to assist are thankful. It is really about how you do what you do.

    Franchises are overtly about that brand moving their product for their benefit. We live in, what is it called (and not being funny here) a capitalist society. That’s where folk are free to do legal things to earn income. If I buy a mickey d’s or a subway, on average, 1) i’ve spent hundreds of thousands to do it, 2) I may have borrowed to sustain the business for the 1st 3-5 years, 3) I’m working day & night to survive.

    With ACN, I work hard, but I enjoy it, there has been NO stress from doing it. As both a customer AND rep, I’ve received great support 95% of the time. With my old local phone carrier, I was messed over repeatedly w/o fail. So, I know I may not ALWAYS get a great customer rep for ACN, but so far so good.

    What’s left? I get paid, I help people, products/ services worked as expected, and I don’t have a unreal picture of what to expect.

    So far, so good. If something goes awry, I’ll be the first to highlight it. I only have one life and am trying to make great use of it. Good luck to all whichever path you choose or is chosen for you.

  28. getarealjob Says:


    Hmmm…Lets say that you are the very last person in the whole world to sign up with ACN. After you pay your $500+, who the hell are YOU going to sign up?? Hahaha! Yeah…GOODBYE $500!!

    That’s when the ACN house of cards starts falling all around you. The perpetual money machine finally broke down, and you’ll be stuck holding an empty bag of cobwebs instead of your “millions”.

    OOHH pleeease sign me up so I can pay $500 a year plus other stupid fees and retire on my WHOPPING 0.25%?!
    If I’m really good at hypnosis and can get more suckers signed up, I’ll be allowed to make a whole 1%…HA-HA-haaaaaaaa!

    Listen you’re better off starting your own REAL business that people actually want, for less than $200, and make waaaaay more than 0.002 cents on the dollar!

    The SECRET is this…do what ever the hell you want, BUT make sure that what ever it is that you offer (product/service) that IT IS THE BEST in that field and I’ll guarantee you people will be seeking out your stuff and paying top dollar for it!

    So stop being blinded by greed and give your head a shake, not many people want to part with $500 just to to go out and lie to other people about making millions.

    No I never worked for ACN. Just that a friend at work tried to pressure me into signing up with ACN’s outdated technology. I just amused myself with saying no to every “clever” reply he could come up with till he finally gave up.

    Listen, if this scam was the cats ass, why then do the reps have to pressure people (family members) into pitty sales, etc? Because they know they wasted their $500 and know that their ship is sinking!

    Now if ACN had anything good to offer, the reps wouldn’t need sneaky tactics to sign people up. People would be seeking them out and be lined up outside their doors with $1000 in their fists never mind the $500.
    Think about it.

    • king Says:

      Last messg was well said..
      And for the rest of you.. I’m sure ACN is doing well with or with your comments 🙂

    • Steve Says:

      I despair when I read posts like this. Aside from being barely readable, Many if not all of the comments are wrong and are not based in any facts. A little research would have gone a long way for many posts on this blog.

      Please remember, the whole world can read your posts so they should at least be readable and informative.

    • ur funny Says:

      hmmm dont recall seeing you featured on the celebrity apprentice

    • Jacob Willis Says:

      Alright buddy. On your comment about being the last person to sign up for ACN, do you even know how much of the world is signed to ACN? Less than 1% of the world is signed up with ACN so can everybody agree that out of the 99% of the entire world left, there’s probably a small opportunity for most of us to get an IBO with us. And for the people worried about the $500, if you work at it, you can get your first $1000 check after 2 weeks at the company. No matter what happens after that, you’ve made a profit. And what does Donald Trump get out of supporting ACN? He doesn’t own any percentage of ACN whatsoever and he has a lot more to lose then the rest of us combined. You might want to do some research before you start bashing the company.

    • tperry Says:

      getarealjob…how smart are you. what if you were the last person on earth to shop on target then they would no longer make money. I own my own business (in addition to ACN) and trust me it cost more that $200. so i not sure what kind of business you started but it cannot be much with that stay up cost. People pay 50 dollars a month on going for several years for a gym membership that they rarely use. Add 50 dollars a month for 12 months you looking at 600 dollars a year with no potential of financial return. Anything you do in life is about decisions if you make the decision to succeed with this business you will. There is no such thing as being a scam when people are still getting the same services they were getting before you came to them. And now the only difference is you get paid from it. I am even making money off of my own services. So when you pay your cell phone bill do you get a check in the mail or another bill for the next month, when you pay your cable bill do you get a check in the mail from it or a bill for the next month. Check it out and do it before you knock it. Meanwhile I will continue to check my mailbox for checks why you continue to check yours for bills.

  29. Laughingkindahard Says:

    Sounds like your friend wasted his time with concern for you. Poor friend. Your views are very limited and it’s too bad. Ah well.

  30. Successful Says:

    ACN is using it’s reps to capture market share.
    They made the process easy so that anyone could do it.
    You only need to switch 20 services and if my friends or family are not saving on their bills by doing so, then I don’t ask them to. I just look for someone else who will be saving and I help them.

    As for the recruiting part of it…’s word of mouth advertising.
    If a big percentage of the population joined ACN and each brought in 20 services then ACN would build a massive distribution network of reps and capture a big piece of the market.
    When new services or products are introduced the distribution network is there to dominate that market.
    I believe a big portion of the $500 is being used as incentive to the reps to expand the network of reps.

    Who, instantly, became the #1 distributor of toys a few years back?
    McDonalds, when they introduced the Happy Meal.

    Same concept here, if you have the distribution points, you can dominate any service you introduce. As you move up the company ladder, you receive very few recruiting bonuses but instead you earn a percentage of your team’s client billing.

    The recruiting bonuses are there to keep you with the company until your residuals kick in.

    Is there failure within ACN?
    I’m certain there is. Not everyone is meant to be self employed.
    Some may receive bad training or no support and still succeed but a majority of people need both training and support so I would advise anyone who is interested in joining ACN not to just look at the information on the company but also look closely who you will join under.
    If your sponsoring rep is not someone you can trust or is not a good leader then you are likely not to get the training or support you need.

    If this opportunity is done correctly, you can and will be able to retire with a healthy income. If it’s not, you will be telling everyone about how you got scammed.

    Few people take the time to praise a good experience but most people take the time to bash a bad one, no matter who’s fault it may be.

    Ultimately you can do as you please.
    I don’t own ACN so I gain nothing either way. I am just sharing my thoughts and experiences on it.

    I do know that my friends and family are paying on the average $80/mo less for the services they were already using and I feel good about that.

    Good luck to all of us.


  31. UPTOYOU Says:

    I joined ACN today, and for the products and the backbone of the Mlm is plan and simple and works.. example in your current job or career if you just punch in and punch out doing your normal half ass attitude oppose a person who shows up early and looks to excell and word hard no matter if it is a tough job who’s going to get a raise? it’s all up to you………..
    should lazy people get paid the same as people who work harder…….

  32. Chale Says:

    I would like just one ACN rep to show me the model and show me the money. If you are making such great incomes then why can’t you share how many points you need and what you make, etc. ANYONE who hides this is a cheat and a liar, point blank.

    • Crystalised Says:

      Wow! I was shown up front and right away. Afterall we are all in this to make extra money right. If you are a good person and you have a passion for life and people this can be the vehicle to help them too. No matter what if you have integrity and a good work ethic and you want to earn extra money no matter how much. This could change your life for the better. If you look at any financial opportunity there are people who make millions and people who don’t. It is ultimately up to YOU! No one else can be to blame. So if you make it with ACN or anywhere that was because you did what it took. If not YOU didn’t.

    • ur funny Says:

      in Canada it is called enticement and is against the law to talk about it in meetings etc, ask real estate agents if all are successful and what does it cost to get started?? the renewal fee?? costs to have space at an office???

  33. Marta Vaupel Says:

    No it is not a scam… maybe you should do REAL research and interview the people that claim to have been scammed….these are the same kind of people that want to get rich in an instant without the work and dedication…oh but wait, you are one of those too. I am not an ACN rep but I have relatives and friends that are and THEY have busted their chops to get to where they are at and I am very proud of them. I have not signed in because I, like you am not willing to make the sacrifices they have made… I should because theirr sacrifices have only been to maybe not have as much time to watch tv as I do and pursue other non-productive ventures…but to claim they are a fraud or a scam… shame on you. At least i admit I have CHOSEN to just watch tv and not be pro-active….why don’t you spend a little time being honest with yourself and take responsibility for your sins of ommission (yeah, things you chose not to do)!!!!.

  34. Successful Says:

    Chale, email me off blog and I’ll send you the flyers that break down the compensation.

    Otherwise you can find and ACN rep in your area and go to a meeting to see what it’s all about.

    Best of luck.

  35. Nervousmark Says:

    This in an interesting blog for sure. I’ve been to a few ACN meetings lately but have not signed up. Still not sure if I will, but I’m not going to bash those that simply seek to better their financial positions.

    The whole concept of a MLM business model is and has always been intriguing–that is to leverage your efforts by duplicating yourself (eventually exponentially) and get paid residual income from other peoples’ efforts. If I’m not mistaken, that’s what every traditional business owner seeks as well. Its true that the $500 (or more like $700 once you buy the phone and other tools you’ll need to truly get up an running) is a big pill to swallow, but for those who will become successful, it is an insignificant amount.

    I’ve looked an numerous MLMs recently and have concluded that before I make any decisions one way or another, an opportunity must have the following components:

    1. No product to stock. I don’t want to feel like I’m trying to sell people something they don’t already have, ie, lotions, vitamins, miracle-working-amazon-jungle-berry juice, etc.

    2. It has to be a consumable item, or at least something that gets used and/or paid for regularly and does not require discretionary income and is not a luxury item. Stuff we use everyday and will always use or need.

    3. A customer doesn’t have to change their lifestyle or buying habits to use the product. No auto-shipping, no exclusive websites etc. They get it from the same place they always do.

    4. It has to be a superior product or the same product at a discount. There has to be some tangible benefit to the customer or they won’t stick with me as their rep. Loyalty only goes so far.

    5. I don’t want to be embarrassed to ask close friends and family to be my customers. I don’t want to feel like I’m using my relationship to pressure anybody into being my customer–let alone a rep in my downline. It has to bring enough value, be no inconvenience, and be something they already use or else I’m asking them to do something that they would only do because of my relationship with them.

    6. The business cannot be based on just firing up somebody’s emotions and trying to keep them in that state with regular meetings, trainings, conference calls, etc. If its a real business, anybody should immediately be able to see the long-term business vision. Emotions fade quickly. What I’m excited about today will not feel nearly as amazing after a good nite’s sleep. All the “energy” in a room is quickly forgotten when I’m alone in my home office staring at the phone that I’m supposed to pick up and make calls with. It has to be something that motivates me deep down. Something that makes me want to pursue it regardless of my fear of failure, or rejection. And it has to be something that rewards me quickly for my small initial successes. I’ll lose the vision quickly if my reward takes too long to realize.

    7. There is a simple and proven-successful system in place so that I do not feel like I have to figure it all out myself–and training for this system is adequately provided without me having to dig or beg for it.

    8. My upline is highly motivated to help me succeed.

    9. The culture of the company is pleasant and non-competitive.

    So far, ACN is the closest to my “ideal standard” that I have seen. I have no doubt that I am able to succeed should I opt to do it. I hesitate because I do question my own commitment level. Right now, $500 is a very significant sum to me, but I’m also tired of hearing how I should take that $500 and go back to school, or take some other training class that will improve my current education level. $500 won’t do squat towards that end or I would have done it already.

    There are really only two types of successful people in MLMs: 1. Those that are desperate and to which failure isn’t an option because they can’t afford to fail. 2. Those who approach their opportunity like a start-up business with realistic goals and objectives. They do not expect instant success and wealth and are consequently not discouraged when people slam the door in their faces. I think statistically, 95-97% of all people who sign up for MLM’s fail at it. I believe it’s because they buy into the destination without considering the journey. If that is the case, then the MLM company shares the majority of the blame because they should take more time to talk about how much work is realistically involved. It’s not fair to only present the vision without spending at least as much time warning of the pitfalls along the way.

    I’ll let you know what I decide.

  36. Smartme Says:


    It is not the business model that is wrong or that people claim to be self employed and some who are not. My father established his own business at the age of 17 and till the day he died, he worked hard for it and was lucky to expand and was very successful (7 companies in Latin America 1 in the US dedicated to Import/Export Automotive parts with more than 5,000 employees total in all of them) is quiet impressive for someone who finish just elementary school. Once said that, I choose to get a University degree on IT engineering which I being doing for more than 16 years and I know about self dedication when I have to help my father to work hard on his business when I was a teenager and I knew more about marketing from the field than any education but, this is my point: I learned that to succeed you have to be honest and dedicated, the money is not the goal that is part of the bricks to get your goal. Even when my father got enough to retire at the age of 45, his goal was different. The problem that I see and I have friend to dedicate to CAN and friends who don’t believe on that I want to say that the problem is that none of the people in the ACN meetings that I have been invited is honest NONE. See my points:
    a) They mention that profits are rising exponentially well, none of them has seen or can’t find the financial reports of the company, they are denied to the public or their own reps
    b) If you get someone to buy the service, and they don’t paid, the rep is responsible to pay the bill
    c) They don’t tell you upfront about the annual renewal and extra fees that came every month around 10 USD or so.
    d) I asked several times about Equipment compatibility (tech side) none of them know about this. All what they get trained is to join more people and about the service they don’t know anything
    e) Forget the tech side I asked about what everybody is concern today. Any equipment connected to internet can be hacked so I asked about security? They don’t know, I asked about what if I get a new Credit card and I have to dial to activated as any normal people will do using your home phone is it secure? They don’t know

    Imagine this, I have the phone and I got the service so we get a call and my daughter answer the phone and in the video she get a Porn Video, what security it is use to avoid this? You got it, they don’t know, are the Phone ready for the HD? They don’t know. Consider the risk of today’s world were from the comfort of your hotel if you travel, or office you can activate you house alarm or set your DVR from your phone!! What security this company offers? Again, you got it!!! They don’t know WHY? They don’t care; they just want people to join. I asked, again, and again and again and the guy(s) who gave the presentation told me that they don’t care about that but they can put me in contact with someone. So I insisted and I accepted, well the guy who called me told me that they have a huge building with computer equipment to ensure that they are secure. How LAME was that answer, That can be accepted for someone who doesn’t have IT knowledge but not for me so I asked again and I also asked if all the out of the country calls will be charge and the cost per minute, I got as an answer that WORLDWIDE the networks will be open in 2012 CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!! I don’t think that the second richest guy in the world (previously #1) the Mexican Carlos Slim will give up his telecommunications emporium to Everybody, I mean if AT&T has been in a legal battle for more than 10 years to make Mexico open his market now ACN tells me that it will be worldwide? And I don’t want to go further in Brazil or Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Spain, etc, that belong to Carlos Slim and he is getting in the Asian market. SO they are LIARS

    Nobody questions personal efforts on this if you are dedicated that is fine but why to lie to someone to get in and I do not care but I do care when a friend of mine was involved with lies, he is responsible for their own actions but not showing the facts a priori is a matter of being honest and your own personality. If he decides join then good luck

    So far, all I got is LIES and more LIES and have not found ANY that can tell the true upfront and, that claim to be at least one of the people who check the financial reports of the company. At the end, EVERYBODY is a puppet of the companies CAN or any other if you are employed and if you have your own business keep working hard. ALL, please set your goals in life so far, I found that ACN gets people just because the people want money long term, short term but what they want is what the video shows.

    • Monica Says:

      Smartme, it sounds like you’ve done your research. I’ve attended one meeting and the biggest sell at the meeting was that ACN was going into Mexico in 2009. I live in San Diego California, next to Tijuana. I do know who Carlos Slim is and my boss who is a international corporate attorney has attempted to assist a client to get Cricket into the Mexican telecommunications market to no avail; though I had not heard about AT&T’s previous decade long fight. Thank you for posting.

    • ur funny Says:

      acn will likly never be in mexico or china but will be in asia this year for sure!!! sometimes all it takes is someone to hear someone wrong and then they are in countries that they are not

  37. Wondering... Says:

    Laughingkindahard…I’m supposed to be going to a meeting Monday night, and wanted to do some research first. part of me is super interested and gung-ho, the other is skeptical. I read a post where someone who was a rep said a lot of people are having trouble with the services. Can you tell me if you’ve had the same experiences?

  38. Mark Says:

    All I have to say about the fee to start, When you start a job. ANY JOB! You have to invest money. When you got your first job at loeb, did you not have to pay for the uniform? When you start a business job, do you not have to buy nice clothes to wear to work? When you start a job in construction, do you not have to buy your own tools?(yes you do, trust me, I did it) So I don’t get what the difference is. WHEN YOU START A JOB, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR SOMETHING, AT SOME POINT. GOD PEOPLE I mean come on…it’s not rocket science here, use a little common sense

    • Skeptic Says:

      Right, you’re saying you have to pay for SOMETHING, like a uniform or tools. But $500 for a DVD and pamphlets that come in the mail about five days after you sign up? How much did you pay for those construction tools, I wonder?

  39. dfmccarthy Says:

    Thanks for the info. One big warning sign is hooking up with Trump.

    • Areyouserious Says:

      What Billionaire is endorsing you?

      • Skeptic Says:

        That’s a straw man argument. How does this poster not having a billionaire endorsing him or her make their comment any less valid?

        Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy twice with respect to casino operations. Do you think he might have been endorsing those products as well? He was also the financial advisor to Mike Tyson at one point. Do you support anything Mike Tyson does because he was in business with Donald Trump?

      • ur funny Says:

        skeptic…if u know what a strawman truly is then u know that your very government is far more of a scam than any “corporation” could ever be …enough said,as a side note trump never ..ever went bankrupt and has been voted by his peers as the #1 negotiator/businesman in the world for past 3 years,so if a guy like that says the company is a good company chances are it is good ,also did you know that acn has donated millions of dollars to ronald mcdonald house over the last few years?? for all you skeptics call the RMH in San Jose and ask them about acn post back here and let everyone know what you find we wont hear from u because thats a positive and you guys are Negatives

  40. Sheila Says:

    Ask yourself the following questions about ANY MLM:

    What is the fee that you pay up front, for?
    Does it cover products, learning materials or a licensing fees?

    How do I get paid?
    by selling products and services or by recruiting people?

    If it is by recruiting people and you have not sold these OBSOLETE TELECOM products and services — this is a scam and you may be arrested and jailed (Ignorance of the law is not an excuse – you can be arrested)

    Ask you recruiter:

    (Look them in the eyes and make sure you get this answer, OK???)

    Ask them how long they have been in the business – and how much money they have made SELLING the Telecom products and services – or whatever products and services…

    Remember to make sure that they are looking you in the eyes!!

    Just because they are friendly with you and offer you rides to the meetings and give you positive Quotes of the Day and call you to see who you have recruited and sold to…etc. Does not mean that they have your best interest in mind.

    There is something called Affinity Fraud — If I am a great person and I call you and we have been friends for 10 years — you are going to trust me…and If I introduce you to another person whom I trust, you are going to trust my judgement…and in turn trust MY friend

    This is how MLMs work — The ones who care about you get manipulated by those who do not.

    Then you make friends with these manipulators and you become a part of a loud, fun, joyous group of people — you feel energized and addicted to this energy — so what do you do? You buy the CDs and the DVDs and you go to Saturday meetings and you make Friday meetings and you buy Motivational tapes and you force your friends to join (and if they don’t they are not your true friends anyhow — good riddance)

    Do you get the picture —- simple accounting if you put more into this then you get out of it (financially or otherwise) – get out !!

    Get out before you MAX out all of you Credit cards – get out before your only friends are in the MLM and get out before they tell you that the reason you are not successful is because you are” Lazy and stupid”



    • Eddie Says:

      Sheila well said! You hit the nail on the head…….I do business with one of the top people in ACN and thid person can not pay his bill with me? The leaders in ACN are all about Perception…..How do people view them, I am so tempted to out this person becasue they are a fraud feeding on the weak!

      • ur funny Says:

        come on out them or are u scamming us??????if you tell the truth u have nothing to be worried about !!!!

    • ur funny Says:

      sheila shake your head, now after 17 years do you actually think the u.s government has not looked at this company???? the company partners with large corporations dish,direct tv, verizon,nextel how can u say they are obsolete?? acn just partnered with apple u better let the ceo know he is in on the scam … sheesh i’m surprised u have enough light in your lean too …

      • Ricky Says:

        Do your research. Apple did not partner with the ACN that everyone is talking about here. Also I notice how it’s funny that everyone that backs up ACN uses random names like “ur funny” or “Areyouserious” or “Laughingkindahard”. Just something I noticed.

    • cary Says:

      Sheila wheres your brain or at least common sense..really…what medicine are you taking?stimulant or opoid you seemed to be doped writing this blog….let me tell you…if you were involved in this business before then you should have not done it.if you are planning to start a traditional business strongly discourage you..wonder why?You are not gonna make it!!!!!save your money and continue your JOB..I can tell already how pathetic you are…nothing to say….

  41. Wing Says:

    ****Let’s evaluate the profitability from a quantitative perspective. *****

    The commission rate for the first 5 level is 1/4% and 1% for level 6 and 8% for level 7. Say YOU find 2 reps and these 2 reps finds 2 reps each up to the 7th level. Say each rep, aka customer, signs up for 20 services each just for example sake. The “20” is not random, i get this number from the meeting slides. Anyhow, that means, the team will be composed of 128 people and 2560 services signed up with ACN. With excel, it shows that the commission for YOU will be $8386. Not bad huh? But the catch is here. Suppose YOU are unlucky, you can only get reps up to level 6. YOUR commission will then be $604!! Hence, unless YOU have reps at level 7, YOU are far away from making $8386/month. Nonetheless, $604/month is still not bad, at least it pays off the $499 sign-up fees and other admin/misc fees. True. However, let’s be honest, how long it will take you to get to level 6? Not to mention level 7.

    For example sake, say YOU are a star performer and you reach reps down to level 7. Assume there are 3 people per household and each household signs up for 5 services: 2 cell phone, 1 video phone and 1 internet services. In a city of 3million population, there will be 1 million households, and 5 millions untapped services available. 5million untapped services/2560services = 1953 star performing reps like YOU. i.e. An additional star performer will not be possible given a city with 3 million people. Still, 2k reps can make 10k per month. It’s not bad huh? Think again. This means that the entire city will be using ACN only and companies such as Bell, Rogers, …etc will have 0% market shares. (I’m from Canada) Let’s face it, it’s impossible. Let’s suppose that ACN can capture 5% of the market. That means only 97 reps can make over $8k/month. Last Saturday in Montreal’s quarterly meeting, there were about 3k people attending. Let’s assume that that’s the number of reps in Montreal. The success rate is 3.23% (i.e.: 97/3000). It’s not bad again huh? Not everybody is Bill Gates in this world. Nevertheless, this number is only good if ACN’s market share is 5% and only 3k reps are in Montreal. The ratio will be smaller if ACN has less than 5% market share and more than 3k reps in Montreal area.

    I think most of the people who joined ACN neglect the basic math behind those fancy numbers ACN trainers promote. I simply want to point out the likelihood of success given the known variables. If you are a dedicated rep and be among the 3.23% who succeed in this network marketing scheme. I’ll be truly happy for you. You deserve it.

    P.S. Skype offers unlimited US/Canada plan for $2.95/month vs $32.99/month + $99.99 IRIS 3000 video phone…. You may ask, you need a computer to run Skype. You are right. But honestly, we live in 21st century. What’s the probability of people not having a computer at home…. If your computer doesn’t come with a Webcam. Please go buy one on Ebay for 10$.

    • Steve Says:

      Your facts are off on a few critical areas which throws your numbers off completely. You also failed to mention the new customer bonuses that amount to a significant amount while your business builds.

      This is not a “get rich quick” program. It does require work to build the residual income part of this. It will honestly take at least 18 months to get it built up.

      It’s true that most of the reps don’t build it up to the higher levels, however that fact falls in line with the 80/20 rule. People join this organization for the right reason but with the wrong expectations and that is not ACN’s fault.

      The one’s who “get it”, do it! The rest just complain about it and set up their own failure. Spreading misinformation does not help anybody in any way. The Fox 11 story and Blogs like this only spread ignorance and fear which I find to be very sad.

    • cef Says:

      took me 5 months to get well beyond 7 levels.

    • monica Says:

      Makes a lot of sense !!!!!! for the ACN video phone to work it requires an internet service most ppl that have internet already have the computers so they can make use of skype it just makes sense the ACN VIDEO PHONE is out dated and not neccessary and i know that the market is too limited i will not be interested in using their services

      • ur funny Says:

        vid phone replaces your home phone not your computer get it right guys.. so how much do you pay for your home phone services then compare the vid phone not the low tech skipe product yes its fine and yes it works for some but the masses use thier home phone thats all..

  42. Wing Says:

    Another remark, I just re-read some of the postings above mine. “95-97% of all people who sign up for MLM’s fail at it.” My 3.23% success rate calculation is actually very close. However, as I said, the number will get smaller and smaller if ACN’s market shares is less than 5% and more than 3k reps in the specific loocation.

    • Areyouserious Says:

      Let’s use your math here genius. Telecomunnications is a $1.25 Trillion industry. If ACN captures 5%… That’s $62.5 Billion…They are at $500Million now… That’s an 12,500% increase..Man I hope your numbers are right. Oh, yeah one other thing, in my 2.5 months in ACN, I have people on my 6 level and not just in one city like your example, I have them in many cities and 7 different states. I have made more money in ACN than I have spent ($5,779 to be exact..part-time) Since I can do business in all 50 states 300+Million population…Well you do the math, I’m going to do the business. BUT if you just stick to your example, maybe you should just get off your ass and be one of the first 2000 reps in these markets to make the $10,000+ per month, instead of crunching numbers on your break at McDonald’s.

      • Wing Says:

        Telecom is a very broad term and it could mean a lot of things other than simply telephone. Also, telecom does not equal ACN or vice versa. We should break down the $1.25B in pieces in which ACN has a market. For example, we can break down that pie into commercial and residential. To the best of my knowledge, I believe that ACN is more on the residential side. Hence, I respectfully argue that $1.25B could not be the correct number to use in this context. However, I can not provide a concrete number because I don’t know. A math genius doesn’t mean that he/she should be a marketing guru.

        From I have learned in my humble years of education, I believe that one can’t discard my example by proving that something else is right. I would appreciate if you go through my math and reasoning and tell me what’s not making sense?

        I used a 3 million population as an example. You may choose to use 300 million and the statistics will probably be the same as the purchasing behavior is more or less similar across the country. Thus, in proportion, there are 97X100 = 9700 possible top performers in a 300 million population. According to the info provided from the fellow bloggers below, there are currently 150k active reps in ACN. Therefore, 9700/150k = 6.46% is the cap of how many reps could be the top performers given this population size. However, if we take into account the inactive reps, the above number will decrease.

        All this to say that I am honestly glad that you are among the top performers making close to 6K a month. I am not here to bad-mouth ACN. I just want people to make informed decisions because MLM might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

        Brother McDonald surely gave a lot of useful thoughts during their breaks at the early McDonald to make it a successful business and I honor those who make use of that time for creative thinking regardless of their current employment status.

      • Wing Says:

        My mistake, the 150k number is from RVPMatt of another forum. As the name suggests, the number seems to be from a valid source of information.

  43. mrexrx Says:

    wing, thanks for doing the math; exactly what i needed to know, but just didn’t have the patience to crunch the numbers. fwiw the idea of having reps working for you is not dissimilar from a real estate broker having agents bring in the business. being a real estate agent myself, i can understand. the acn rep that presented to me even used that same analogy of being a broker of telecomm services. the problem i have w/ the acn business model is the financials as commented on earlier. “transparency,” as often used of late when addressing economics/business, is what seems to be lacking w/ acn.

    • Areyouserious Says:

      Stick to real estate. There is no problem with ACN’s business model. You help people save money on services they are already paying for anyway. You find other people who want to make money helping people save money and the company pays you. No different than your real estate broker did, he found you guys to come on board, get listings, get clients, get referrals and he pays you to do so. If you don’t sell any houses what do you make? It’s the same with ACN, if you don’t sell services, you don’t make any money.
      The right people are in ACN and the wrong ones are not. It is not for everyone.

  44. vicslick Says:

    well these blogs are full of narcissistic people,not anyone is made to sell cars,appliances or houses.I own a business that has been open 5 years and am making 6 figures,I am looking into this ACN co. Not sure if I would commit to it yet!Like in everything in life you have to work hard at what you do to succeed,I pay employees on commission and had to fire some people within a couple of days because they don’t have what it takes to make money,not only for the company they work for but for them.There are really 2 people in life,the go getter’s and those that work for them……(I won’t even get into the welfare people)
    It’s funny for me to hear all this negativity,put this into perspective people.I once worked for a company that does what I’m doing know,I have taken my company and surpassed the number of employees they have and if I so choose can buy them out lol……….(be open minded) don’t let anyone say no to your dreams………

  45. RealityBites Says:

    1. Your target market is friends, family, and church members.
    2. ACN does not advertise.
    3. It is MLM, it is “network marketing”.

    These three simple facts should be reason enough to stay away from this friend alienating, shameless crap.

    • areyouserious Says:

      your reality definetly bites moron!

    • JamesDeneiro Says:

      Really? That’s the best you have?

      Do some research on the MLM industry…some real, objective research. Many (MANY) people have become wildly successful within it.

      As far as not advertising… so? It’s a different form of marketing…that’s the whole purpose of the industry. Monopolies like Bell Canada spend upwards of 2mil. daily on telemarketing and flyers that end up in your trash.

      If you need billboards, flyers and telemarketers to show you a company is legit…well, I’m sorry but that seems somewhat narrow minded.

      -James Deneiro (not an ACN rep…but my brother is (~2 years), and he and his wife are doing great)

  46. brad Says:

    damn Wing, that was an awesome statement. I majored in statistics in college so I resonate with your findings. Let’s go above 5% though, just so people could feel better. I would really doubt ACN could capture even 10% of a major American metropolis, please correct me if I’m wrong, but who is going against Verizon, ATT, et al? 10% would be a huge goal. That being said, if you told me I had a 6-10% chance of cracking 8,000 per month… that would be crazy hard work. Also, 8000 per month really doesn’t go that far after taxes. Only to uneducated workers and security guards is that a lot of money 🙂

    I choose “laziness.”

  47. Steve Says:

    I’ve watched the news story in this Blog and I have to say that it’s at the very least a very poorly done story. I believe the term used is “yellow journalism” for this kind of shoddy work and lack of fact finding.

    First, showing up at a training center and harassing employees is hardly investigative journalism as they are bound by signed agreements not to talk to the press when they were hired; something EVERY employee must sign when working for a large company. Why would channel 11 news bring a hidden camera into a meeting that’s open to the public. That falsely conveys that somehow the meetings are private or done in secret. The voice-over claims that monetary gains are being promised when the woman speaking in the meeting clearly said “able to” when referring to the amount discussed. Her quote was most likely taken out of context for the story anyway.

    Second, there’s tremendous lack of information about the company, its product line, background, history or influence worldwide. It appears to be a smear campaign with interview snips of two disgruntled members that we know nothing about, numerous accusations with little or no supporting facts and the usual hand-held camera chasing people around who can’t comment on the reporter’s questions. The only people speaking positively were positioned to look like brainwashed fanatics of some kind.

    I have always held that network news is worthless as a medium for information and this only cements my opinion when I see stories like this. TV station news departments have to fill up time slots everyday so they become more news creators than news reporters. The ignorance can unfortunately spread and end up on Blogs such as this one touting misinformation over and over.

    I would lend credibility to any news organization who would do some real work on this story such as going to the main headquarters, interviewing officers of the company, looking into the financial information of the company, etc.

    If people want to know more about a company such as the one in this story, they would be better served finding out facts and details on their own instead of relying on the pre-digested news stories from major media outlets and newspapers that sensationalize stories to gain market-share to line their own pockets with. That is a fact that is painfully obvious today and does not require a hidden camera to figure out the truth behind it.

  48. Norman Says:

    ACN claims to be the world’s largest direct seller of telecom services
    ACN according to wiki had 600 employees in 2007
    AT&T Inc. according to wiki has 294,600 (2009) Employees

    • Areyouserious Says:

      ACN brokers for AT&T and all the other top 5 carriers….ACN also has tens of thousands of independent representatives..
      And why would you compare a 2007 statistic with a 2009 one?

    • ur funny Says:

      there are approximatly 1200 now

    • JamesDeneiro Says:

      Those are people that work for ACN…

      Representatives are not “employees”.

      -James Deneiro

  49. ron Says:

    Let me tell you what we all should never forget. No matter what promises are or have been maid from any MLM It is the sole Responsebility of the investor / rep/person getting involved to make it work for them. I have been in alot of MLM’s (quixtar/amway/X20 water/menaluca/Isogenics/and Now ACN) It does not matter which one is for you or I It only matters which one works for you or I.In otherwords It only works if you or I put effort into the MLM. Now MLM’s are not for everybody . Some People choose to work at a normal everyday job. Nothing wrong with that at all. In Fact if everyone out there joined a MLM there would be no life as we see it at all. So is MLM”s for everybody, No. Infact I’m greatful for the franchisees out there so that I might eat when I go out of town Or maybe sleep in hotels .Just remember that a pyramid schemes Is only when you can’t make anymore money then the person above you ,also when there is no product. Now ACN offers you the chance to make more money then the person above you and gives you a website ,and a chance to get out of that everyday normal job Now to me I think that $499.00 for the franchise is a bargin .I get the recipe for great sucess and a way to get out of normality (jobs).They give you all the tools to go out and sell Phones,security,wireless,internet,local and longdistance lines,and also lets not forget the team they will help you form a team for great sucess.Now say a person does not want to be a rep they can chose to be a coustomer for you or me it does not matter.Thank you for letting me say what is true and what is on my mind .Thanks RON

  50. Concerned Says:

    Thank you for posting this article, and for inspiring the (mostly) thoughtful posts that followed, especially Wing’s analysis of the true profit potential.

    My sister and her husband have been ACN reps for a few months now, and this is what I know:

    $500 to become a member (did not know about the annual fee, or penalties for customers who do not pay, don’t know that they do, either).

    $200 for a video phone that they use for demo purposes, but they only know of 2 people locally that also own them. They can’t even use it at home because their internet is via a wireless air card (internet options are limited in their area), and will not support it, but they still have to pay for the account.

    Every Saturday one or both of them attends a training meeting in a town about 25 miles from their home.

    Business trips to Dallas and Detroit for more training (We live in central Arkansas), and as far as I know the only thing ACN provided was “a sweet deal” on accommodations.

    Numerous meetings held at their home on weeknights to recruit customers, and late-night conference calls.

    Monetary costs aside, the personal costs are the pitches to friends and family–fortunately I am the worst salesperson in the world, I HATE it, and am doing good to sell candy bars for my kids’ school fundraisers–and the fact that their 4-year-old daughter is spending less and less time with her parents, and when they are there they are almost always talking to someone via phone, text, or internet about it. They were gone for 6 days on the Detroit trip while I kept their little girl, and then had a meeting scheduled for last night when they returned. Thankfully, it was canceled–I’m assuming due to lack of interest–and they went ahead and picked her up.

    Not long after this began, I asked my sister when her “training” meetings would be over. She laughed, saying that there is always something new to learn. So, essentially, there is no end. In order to make any money at this, it seems to me that you have to be willing to devote all of your time to it. Supposedly you are in business for yourself, but that is in my opinion a fallacy. You are working for the fat cats in HQ, and the real money is made by dragging in more and more people. You do the dirty work, they collect the real profits. My sister and brother-in-law think this will set them on the road to financial freedom, but I think they are selling their souls, and their daughter is paying the ultimate price.

  51. Rob Says:

    I have been approached by a friend to join ACN as a way to be able to earn £5000 a month and was sceptical from the first meeting which I felt was just a bit too over hyped.
    I saw nothing in terms of the wealth and the reps just seemed to me like a bunch of scamming evangalists.
    They hardly spoke about the products and services focusing more on recruiting. I really hope my friend does succeed but she just seems to have jumped in with both feet without doing any real reearch ans is just blinded by the earning figures thrown at her. She payed the joining fee and as bought the video phone even though she only knows one other person with one and thats the person who recruited her. I don’t know if I should tell her about all the bad press I’ve read, but would I be a friend if I didn’t?

  52. joe Says:

    youre all f’d up

  53. jimmy Says:

    I love ACN it feels good to sit in a room with a 100 people who have zero hope and have to borrow 500 dollars so they can make 25 if there lucky or good at lying. Turn your garage into a grocery store you’ll have better luck !

    • ur funny Says:

      awesome it averages 2000 ppl saturday mornings in Toronto,we light our canadian tire money on fire for lighyts and suck on leftover peppermints from christmas for heat yep you idiots its a scam run run …lol if you want a scam to really look into check the banking system

  54. RAK Says:

    Anyone who thinks this company is a scam is a fucking retard. At every presentation there is a notice that success as an ACN represenative is NOT GUARANTEED! Yet there are God knows how many people complaining that they were guaranteed success. And during that video, the lady said you COULD make up to $33,000 a month. Was that a guarantee? I dont think so. Those people who signed up and had no success, did you try hard enough? Im having no problem with this company. All you have to do is put in the time.

  55. Anderson Says:

    assaultofknowledge, thanks for posting this.

    I just left early (thank goodness!) from an ACN introductory seminar a so-called “friend” lured me into attending. I was put off by all the hyper-positive salesmanship-gladhanding-positivity, and after sitting through an initial presentation wherein I learned that (a) Donald Trump himself heartily endorsed them (for how much?), (b) they were a “direct marketing” (MLM) organization (red f_cking flags), and (c) they offered wondrous ‘videophone technology’, then a subsequent snake-oil-slick presenter pep-rallied the audience through some questions about their intersection with technology (ahem) and asked, “How many people in the audience work in a growing industry?”. Two others and I raised our hands (I’m a database architect at a rapidly growing internet company); “Three? OK, you’re excused.”

    I stepped out of the conference room at that point. “He’ll be back.” No, I won’t.

    Just because “the P.T. Barnum theory of marketing” has been expressed doesn’t mean it needs to be reinforced…

  56. Key Says:

    I find it very interesting with companies like this, that usually every person you talk to knows someone personally who is making extraordinary money using this business but no one them selves is actually making money through the business(at least not yet). As with Amway, they tend to have people like engineers, lawyers etc who are on top, used as mouth pieces, but these people had money before they started, and usually can talk more people into joining because people see their nice cars, clothes and houses and are sold. I have a very difficult time with trusting a company that pressures people into buying and pressures people into recruiting that generally is a sign of a company not worth doing business with, yes some companies will give you incentives for bringing other people but it isn’t the core focus of the business, just an incentive most businesses have their own marketing team, management team, hr team etc to find people who are interested and worth doing business with. One more thing, as with colleges, if a college was worth getting into you usually need a good gpa and or test score to get in. When they let any and everyone in(especially in large numbers) people with 2.0 gpa, low test scores, it lowers the value of the school and make it less legitimate. Just like Devry, University of Phoenix. To me MLM’s are the University of Phoenix of the business world, it isn’t worth much if they let anyone does it who had 500 dollars to donate.

  57. X-ray Says:

    I found this site as I did Google the ACN as I was in this week in the ACN recruiting. I tell my story of ACN in Austria. I apologize my English.

    I did get a phone call from the man, who said he did get my number from some person who’s name I did not recognize, but what was a very famous Austrian millionaire-family name. The man on the phone invite me to job interview. I did get a address and time of the appointment.

    I did go there. It was a private apartment, what was located at downer middle class area. There was two man waiting for me and I asked again from who they did get my phone number, as it is a secret, and I did get some a very vague answer,
    like hmmm shhhsh Geraljsjhdu SWAROVSKI. I said I don’t know that kind of person, but they turned very quickly to an incredible marketing talk about the ACN business opportunity, where I should come in.

    Ok, it was a business offer, not a job interview and I asked, how much money they want from me to start a this kind of business, they said it pays NOTHING, it is totally free, what I really wondered. They continue the big marketing show and making a numbers how much money I will do with that and that many clients and new partners. They said that I make at minimum 2000 €/month what is a small start money and later, about 3-4 months later about 10 000 €/month and in 6-9 month later about 40-50 000 € per month and of course, they showed a Donald Trump videos!

    As the other guy said he is a vice president of the company and medical doctor and talked all of time how wealthy he is and how much money he do with ACN and has been stop working as a medical doctor because of ACN and added Porsche and Ferrari to same sentence, I asked, how much he do with ACN per month, and he said he make after 6 years a amount were have a six numbers, so at least 100 000 € per month
    and again he put on some Donald Trump video!

    I looked him and the apartment and said, sorry, but I don’t see such a money and I smiled to him.
    That guy was dressed to a cheap jeans and shirt and had a ugly sneakers! We are in Europe, were the people if they have even a little bit money, want to dress well and these guys should be a well earning businessmen! That apartment was decorated like any truck drivers home and not like a man who make such a great money. I don’t believe he is even a medical doctor. The way of his speaking and attitude was more of person who never has been near of any University.

    He did get nervous and start to press me to sign the papers. I said I want to think about 2 days and asked, can I get a contract papers to home to read. They say no and I should read the papers now.

    I did read it and there was that I have to pay 399 € and then other fees, what I don’t remember how much they was. I asked about that, and he said, yes, you must pay it and I asked, why he said first I don’t have to pay nothing and he started to stammer that 400 € is nothing compared to that how much I can do with this business and that’s why he said it is nothing.
    I said him that he did lie and if he want somebody in the business, he cannot speak a false. Then he offered to pay that 400 € to me for that I sign the papers right away. I said no, I think about few days and said my boyfriend is waiting for me a dinner, so I must go now and I did really have to be rude to get out of there.

    Later on I found out that these guys has been check the addresses in all good living areas and check out the addresses and phone numbers and has been call around of neighborhood saying they did get a number of some famous or rich name etc.

    I am not going start such a business and it is not because that what happened in the meeting. It is because I don’t see why anybody would buy example T-mobile cellphone and contract by via ACN as it is a same price, some cases even cheaper straight from T-mobile and for sure less problems, at least no disruptive ACN recruitment. After the counting, I realized that the saving of money for the client by using a ACN between of client and normal company is minimal.

    Any my friends would not use ACN as it will get a address, phone number and bank account number and permission to charge that
    and the case is ACN have a reputation as making a scamming. It is easy to Google that.

    Second thing is, I think if you really want to do a good money,
    you must be Mike Cupisz, Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano
    or Tony Cupisz or Donald Trump who for sure get a good money from acting in ACN-commercials.
    Only for them this ACN-business is brilliant.

    From all of them I would like to have a proposals for the marriage as that way just any beautiful and intelligent woman can make a good business.. 😉 or work for them as hired business manager…as I have a fantastic business ideas to make a scamming and funny business pyramids to suck people’s money to our bank account. ;-)))

  58. Frances Says:

    To me, a pyramid scheme is something you pay $$ into, and then do nothing but wait for more to sign up under you so you can make money. This is NOT what ACN is doing.

    ACN is simply brokering services through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Nextel, Altell, and T-Mobile….they also broker services through Direct TV and Dish Network and ADT security services. (they also have a few of their own services that you may, or may not, be interested in.)

    80% of the people I know have 1 or more of these services….I personally have 5 cell phone lines and Dish Network, High Speed Internet, a wireless internet card for my lap top AND a VOIP phone service.

    NOW as a ACN rep, I can broker those services to myself for the SAME price or better than is offered directly by these providers and make a small commission off of that. BUT I also have friends and family that use these services.

    Let’s assume that none of my friends want to sell….direct marketing is simply not for everyone. BUT as their contracts expire, they can RENEW them with me…using the same carrier or change if they want. OF COURSE they are going to go through me (just to help me out) if they are getting the same price.

    And, of course, if this opportunity makes sense to them….they are going to WANT to sign up and broker the services to their friends.

    This opportunity just makes sense to me – I have had a verizon cell phone plan for 10 years and do not see it changing. I have 4 kids….I will never be without Sattelite TV or High Speed internet. I know that I am not the exception to that rule.

    This is the telecommunications era….and guess what? I just happen to be brokering telecommunications services!! Yes, I will have to actually work at it….but I (really) do not see how I can not make money at this as long as I am willing to do so!!!

  59. Luiz Says:

    For those of you that hate ACN: ACN is and isn’t a scam. It’s a scam in the sense that most people that join it don’t succeed enough to make some profit or even their money back. They preach that if you don’t sell services you’ll never make any money (btw you can’t even recruit people if you don’t sell enough services). The problem is that whether you’re selling services or recruiting, it’s hard to convince other people ACN is a legitimate company when their business model looks like a scam. However, you can check out ACN, as well as any other company, on the better business bureau’s website. ACN has an A+ rating, which is as good as it gets.

    ACN is not for everyone. It’s for people that know a lot of people and are not afraid of losing their friendships (a lot of people will find it offensive if you bring ACN up). I haven’t made any money during my 6 months membership. However, I’m the only one to blame. If you don’t work hard (very hard btw) you won’t get anywhere. But isn’t that how every business works?

    Don’t let biased news channels twist the truth. If you actually listen closely to the video above, they can’t prove ACN is a scam.

  60. OPTIMIST Says:

    Its really sad to see all the misenterpretation in this blog. alot of the facts are wrong. some are embellishments of the positive truths and some are negative lies.

    Wing said just earlier that the first 5 tiers of your downline pay u 1/4%. not true, maybe wing should have paid more attention.

    your personal customers start with a 1% commission rate. with every 1000$ chunk of monthly billings in your direct customers you get an extra percent and that up to 10% total. your first 2 tiers will generate a 1/4% commission rate for you. the 3rd 1/2%, the 4th 1%, 5th 3%, 6th 5% and 7th 8%. (NOTE: video phone customers pay slightly higher commission rates).

    i also noticed how no-one hear mentioned that you MUST aquire customers to make ANY money. thats right, you can have as many reps as you want, if you do not have your minimum requirement of customers, you will never cut a check, and if your new reps dont aquire there minimum amount of customers you will never even make a bonus for signing them up. say i sign up a rep and it takes him more than a month to aquire his minimum customers, i never get a bonus for having him signed up.

    the reality is that the real money is with the residual, not with the aquisition of reps. you aquire reps to leverage your time and if you leverage your time properly you COULD make some money. its never about what you know, its who you know. you need to be motivated and optimistic.

    the downfall in all this is that ppl sign anyone up who has a pulse to become a rep. personally i believe this is wrong. i hand pick my reps and make sure they are exactly who i want on my team, i have even refused reps in the past and told them to keep there money.

    Heres another thing, i refuse to sign up family and friends, i let business motivated ppl find me and i try to build THEIR success, mine simply follows. to make money you dont need a good leader, you need to BE that good leader. i have found my customers by finding friends and family that need to save money and i help them do so. and when they ask me about the business i say this…”it’s not for you.”

    Ive decided to interview prospects and only keep the ones i want. what that does and gets me to have only a handful of motivated reps that i can keep a close mentorship relationship with.

    im willing to answer any questions anyone has if they want to email me. positive or negative i promise to inform you with nothing but the truth and hopefully it will give you the insight you need.

    guys, you dont need to listen to your upline. the business model worked for them years ago but times have change. do your own thing and be in-your-face-honest about EVERYTHING even the negative and you can get success.


    email me with questions at

    • Wing Says:

      My mistake about the %. Since you brought it up, let’s go over it amicably together.

      The commission rate for the first 3 level is 1/4% and 0.5% for level 4, 3% for level 5, 5% for level 6 and 8% for level 7. Say YOU find 2 reps and these 2 reps finds 2 reps each up to the 7th level. Say each rep, aka customer, signs up for 20 services each just for example sake. That means, the team will be composed of 128 people and 2560 services signed up with ACN. With Microsft Excel, it shows that the commission for YOU will be $11031. Not bad huh? But the catch is here. Suppose YOU are a bad rep and could only recruit 50% of the 128 people, which is 64 people and stops at level 6. YOUR commission will then be $3249 and not $5500 they advertised. If YOU do much worse and could only recruit 10% or 12 people (level 4), YOU will make $87.4 and not $1100 they used in the example. Hence, unless YOU have reps at level 7, YOU are far away from making $11k/month. Nonetheless, $87.4/month is still not bad, at least it pays off the $499 sign-up fee+tax and other admin/misc fees in about 7 months, of course after you meet the requirement. Although there are some misleading info in their presentation, the commission is still decent. The question to ask is, can YOU do it?

      As for the $0-1999 billing volume compensation, with a service costing $40, $1999/40 = 50 customers. I didn’t mention it because i was using a 2 rep as example. Moreover, it is in people’s best interest to build in depth rather than in breadth.

      Another remark which I have posted in another forum is attached below.

      Besides the video phone which makes ACN somehow unique, the products that ACN resells aren’t very competitive. It’s not like going through ACN could make a customer save much or even at all. Thus, the only way a customer could truly save money is to become a rep himself/herself. However, there is the $499 joining fees. In the absence of this fee, I think all reasonable individuals would join. I would join for sure. So, why isn’t it the case? The company knows that by waiving the $499, the possibility of people joining will dramatically increase. Then, ACN could take a certain percentage from the companies whose products ACN resells. Nonetheless, ACN couldn’t make money like this. The margin is too thin and those companies such as Dish/Direct TV already give referral fees to their customers if the latter could bring in more customers. Hence, they don’t have to rely on ACN. So, how does ACN makes money? I really believe it’s off the $499 + annual fee. Then one may ask, how do i know that the margin is thin? Had the margin not been thin, ACN could have make big buck off the commission from the companies it represents. There will then be no need to charge that $499? So, using a little calculus 1 here,

      As the limit of joining fees goes to 0, the number of customers through ACN will increase and ACN’s commission from the companies it represents increases

      So why ACN doesn’t do it? Because the above only takes into account the Revenue from the sales of products and not the Profit.

      As the limit of joining fees goes to 0, the profit of ACN decreases

      In English, it means that increase in revenue from sales doesn’t really mean increase in profit without the joining fee and annual fee.

      In this case, it is obvious that the product doesn’t matter at all, it’s from the subscription fees and the annual fees that it matters to ACN. Then, one may ask again, the point is that the reps make money too. Isn’t it a win-win situation to ACN and the reps?

      Let’s bring some basic probability on the table. It’s a binary tree, by the way.

      When a rep presents the product/service to someone, the latter could choose to be a customer or a rep. Since the services that ACN resells aren’t competitive, there is no reason for that customer to buy the services through ACN. So, the customer has to, by default, choose to become a rep in order to make savings. However, one can only make 1/4% by sign up himself/herself to the services (if one gets qualified). It doesn’t even cover the $499. So, the new rep has no choice but to get more reps. Then, once again. What’s wrong with this?

      From this binary tree, we know that being a customer is not the optimal path to choose, but instead, being a rep is the only way to make money. Therefore, the products/services to be sold are completely irrelevant because no one wants to be a customer!!! Regardless of what product or services, the person will choose to become a rep anyway! (except if the person choose neither, which is not important to our analysis) The same applies to the next person being introduced and the next next person… Even if the product is just a mop, it doesn’t matter anymore.

      So, what did I prove with all these pretentious math proofs? Nothing. Just to show that this scheme works even the product is a floor mop.

      But I have to admit, the videophone is pretty cool. The only product that they have that could make someone want to be a customer is this. But as a user of Skype, IRIS3000 is a discrete spending that I would not want to afford.

      • Steve Says:


        If we use the ACN 7 level example that you also quoted, you’d have 256 people in the organization and not 128. I see the confusion here, I had the same impression at first too. All of the levels must be added together for the correct number.
        Even if we built a smaller organization, ACN used an extremely conservative monthly bill of $38 which is what their local/long distance package is. I think it’s not unreasonable to double that number since most folks spend close to $100 a month for wireless service these days and probably close to that for cable TV. The numbers do work and the comp plan does pay well for those that work their business.
        For all of the posts that I have read here and elsewhere, I have not yet found one shred of solid evidence that ACN is a scam or does anything otherwise illegal or immoral.
        There are plenty of scams out there, this just isn’t one of them.

  61. Apollo Says:

    I was in ACN, I made quite some money, then I quit, when I realized how negative the company is.
    Heres a few little known examples.
    1) When i was in it, they used to display the exponential growth of the company, now they dont. Because the profit dried up, and its going down. In 03 they had 600 million, in 04 it was 500 million… and in 05 its less…
    2) You are brainwashed… and told exactly how to respond to everything. Money to some, sadly, is more important than anything, so it works. It was for me for a long time.
    3) Violating any rule makes acn able to take away your downline, essentially your entire business (wait I thought I bought a piece of the company). THEN, they encourage you to break the rules on the down low. If you get out of line, and oppose anything the founders say, regardless of rank, you will be tossed. This happened to plenty of RVPs, including Tim Herr (one of the largest in California). He simply moved whatever downline he could to another MLM (5 links).
    Hes not the only one, this has happened to MANY MANY reps who were higher ups.

    • Steve Says:

      Let me understand your last claim here. You are saying the company is negative because they protect their good standing by eliminating representatives who bend or break the rules that they themselves agreed to follow when they signed up?

    • ur funny Says:

      tim herr is ..rumoured to have been using a credit card scam.. was asked about it then lied ..then asked to leave perfectly normal in any business like the rest on here u tell your side only,appollo u are very wrong in saying this,more than one person witnessed it,if tim was not so greedy trying to make false bonuses he would still be there…

  62. Skeptic Says:

    I’m skeptical of a few things that I can’t get answers to from ppl in ACN where I live.

    1. I know a Training Coordinator who has an upline of 1,100 reps but only 7,000 bills. I think we can all agree the reps count for about one third of the customers. People are only joining bc they think they can get their minimum customers and build a big downline that will pass residual income up to them. This cannot go on indefinitely since the number of ACN reps would be growing much faster than the population. What happens when you join ACN but can’t find any reps bc most people have heard about it? When you know you can’t build a downline, what is your incentive then? The personal commissions are a complete joke. No one, and I repeat, no one in their right mind would join ACN to just make sales to customers. That’s chump change. So, I’d like an ACN supporter to show me how the ACN business model is going to survive when ACN reps have saturated the market and it’s only growth is left to selling? Do you think the people with small downlegs are going to go out and sell phones? They’ll only make money for the people in their upline.

    Follow my numbers here. If an ACN rep’s organization grows at the same rate as the entire ACN community, he’ll never succceed. We have 15,000 people in New England. For this thing to work, and keep in mind my numbers are pretty conservative, by the time someone who joined now had 64 people in his downline, there would have to be 960,000 independent reps, just in New England, assuming growth rates are universal. Sounds pretty unrealistic to me. Of course any model built on exponential growth like that is doomed to fail. At this point ppl who join are just going to be the last few levels of ppl’s downlines. We’re almost at the point where except in really rare cases someone will actually build a decent downline if they join now. You have to give the guys who created this credit. They created an inverted compensation scheme so that the percentages of commissions are higher for your lower legs because there are more people. I’m sure they knew that time would come when you won’t be able to get any more ppl into your lower legs bc everyone’s heard about it. Feel free to debate me on this.

    2. But if they actually altered the compensation scheme so that you get equal or decreasing percentages of phone bills from customers in each lower level, then there would actually be an incentive for someone to become a rep and actually make sales. Of course that would mean the people who got in early and sold their minimum amount of service to get qualified and then made all their money off their downlegs would make less money. Greed will ultimately make this thing stop working. Once the market saturates like I discussed above, no one will want to sell the services and make the lousy personal commissions if they can’t get many reps under them selling for them.

    3. The IRIS phone is $225 after shipping, activation, and what not. So I would appreciate if reps were honest about this and stopped saying it costs $99.

    4. If ACN reps are told not to tell their friends that much about the opportunity, but to just blindly invite them to a meeting at their home… does that really seem honest? Or is that just a way to get people in the door and make a quick sell on them while their emotions are running high, and get them to spend $500 to sign up without thinking it over. Pretty shady.

    5. I keep hearing Apple inked a deal with ACN to build the first video cell phone. I’d like to see proof because I’m not believing it.

    6. I hear WiMax, who bought the old analog TV frequencies and will use them to broadcast internet access, will distribute their product solely through ACN. I’d like to see proof of that as well.

    7. If you’re in ACN, how does it feel badgering your friends and family to switch their bills over to you to give you credit? Are you really saving them money?

    • Steve Says:

      Not sure where to begin here but you keep going on about market saturation which is not even a realistic point to argue. ACN is not about to saturate anything any time soon. There’s no such thing in a competitive free market system. Look at AT&T who is over 130 years old and even they don’t have total saturation across the country.
      I also can’t debate you on your “conservative” numbers because they make no sense. I marvel at people who try to break down the compensation plan when they don’t even understand it themselves. There’s no smoke and mirrors here, but you do have to read the full compensation plan before slamming it.

      • Skeptic Says:


        Of course ACN is not going to saturate the market soon, in at least the way you think I’m talking about. About 15% of my friends know about it. When thats the case, its too getting about too late to build a downline.

        You don’t understand my conservative numbers because you, like many people, do not understand exponential growth. AT&T wasn’t set up to grow exponentially.. that’s why it hasn’t saturated the market. ACN right now is set up to have to grow exponentially for everyone to have a chance to build a reasonable downline.

        We’ve both read the compensation plan. The difference between you and me is that I can see the short sightedness of it prior to us being there, and you can’t.

        Once again, here’s my simple numbers to show why it can’t work like you want it to. There are already 15,000 ACN Reps in New England. If I can recruit people into it at the same speed as everyone else, then by the time I can tell one person to join, so will all the 15,000. Now I have myself and the person I just told. When we recruit another person each, there will be three people under me. But what about the original 15,000 plus the new 15,000. Won’t they still be able to tell one person each in that same time? What, am I magically faster than everyone else? So by the time I have myself and three people under me… which means my organization has doubled twice, wouldn’t the original 15,000 people ALL BE ABLE TO DO THE SAME THING? SO IF THEY ALL CAN RECRUIT 3 PEOPLE, THERE SHOULD BE 60,000 people. And by the time I get to 64 people, which is LISTED AS A GOAL ON THE COMPENSATION SCHEME, then shouldn’t all the other 15,000 people in New England be able to do the same thing? And do you think there will ever be almost 1,000,000 ACN reps in New England? So since that’s not possible, I doubt I’d be able to get 64. Not with 15,000 people in New England already signed up. Maybe if you were one of the original 500 or 1,000.

        Another thing… my little numbers game is flawed in one respect, but in a way that makes ACN look bad. I actually would be able to get 64 people much easier than the 15,000 could grow to about 1,000,000. The reason why is because I’m willing to bet ACN has a very high failure rate. Most of those 15,000 people aren’t building downlines. They’ve maybe held a PBR or two and then have given up. That’s not really pitched is it? If they were honest, they would either not charge $500 or make the actual numbers of failure / success readily available on their video.

    • Steve Says:


      You went to great lengths to explain why it won’t work only to state in the last paragraph why your point is flawed. The fact is your last part made the most sense because no organization ever has 100% participation; it’s impossible.

      I usually lean on the 80/20 rule but even that’s generous in this situation because most people do not make it beyond the second or third level of growth and that may be for a myriad of reasons but they just don’t follow through.

      One of the reasons I believe they charge $500 is to prevent too many people from joining and doing nothing with it. If people have some skin in the game, they will be more motivated to follow through and build a business. Even so, people spend the money, join and move on to the next thing, however they do have the opportunity to build but they choose not to. That does not make ACN a scam. The comp plan rewards heavily for those that follow through and build the business, but that is NO different from any sales organization I have worked for in the corporate world. Hard work always gets rewarded, not the other way around.

  63. JD Says:

    I have been exploring the idea of ACN since meeting with one of their “Executive Vice Presidents”.

    I’m a trained and experienced systems and business analyst who has been dealing in the realm of communications for nearly 30 years. My conclusion was:

    1. You need a high speed internet service to make it go and that is the most expensive component of any VoIP service. ACN does not have a discounted provider of services, so they (ACN) provides no value-add in that respect.

    2. The VP talked about all of the added services that an ACN rep can provide (Dish network, Direct TV, Verizon, etc.). The user is billed by and provided customer service by these providers, not by ACN and there is no real discount over purchasing these services from Best Buy or directly from the providers so again… no value-added.

    3. In our hour long conversation all that I heard about was… video-phone and MEMBERS or REPRESENTATIVES. To sell what? I’ll tell you what: memberships (that they call a franchise) and video phones.

    Why would I pay someone $500 to join their exclusive club so that I can harass my family members and friends to join too, just so that we can all buy a video phone?

    That’s it.

    They have one product and no services.

    This is PYRAMID… period

    • Steve Says:

      JD, I trust your exploration of ACN is finished at this point. One problem I see is that people such as yourself go to meetings that may have not had a real good speaker who explained the company or products properly. There are no hard and fast “rules” on how they are conducted and I realize some are done better than others.

      First, a pyramid is not a conclusion as most things in this world are pyramids with people at the top leveraging others below. Corporations are pyramids, governments are pyramids, even families have a pyramid structure. What you are talking about it a Ponzi scheme where Peter gets robbed to pay Paul. Nothing about ACN rewards or otherwise pays you without new customers being taken in for services; customers, not new reps. Nobody gets paid for bringing in new reps or for having meetings. In fact, from your description, you may have been at a training meeting instead of the opportunity meeting.

      The fact is that ACN has 3 of its own services it offers and partners with major service providers for the rest. They do offer Internet access though it is not available everywhere yet. ACN can offer better pricing or options for nearly every service provided but since the bill does come from the respective carrier, they control plan pricing. As ACN grows, so does its portfolio of services it offers and they leverage better pricing as well.

      While I can respect your decision not wanting to be a part of ACN, it is not right to spread misinformation that disparages the company based on your one time meeting experience. I know many very honest people making a go at it and enjoying sucess without harassing anybody in the process. It can be done.

  64. areyouserious Says:

    JD, ACN has no “Executive Vice President” positions. And to address all of your other idiotic conconclusions:
    1- High Speed internet in my town is only $19.99/mo, if that’s too expensive for you, then you need to do some other business besides what you are doing b/c you are broke!!
    2- Our equipment is cheaper than you get at Best Buy, Verizon stores etc.. If your friends and family are going to use these products anyway, why wouldn’t they get them from you? Well maybe they don’t like you?
    3- We don’t harass anyone in my town to join, we make a presentation and they make a decision. that’s it, very simple. your problem is that you have been ANALyzing things too long. get a life, if you are too stupid to see the genius in this program, we don’t need you anyway!
    Oh Yeah, why were you looking at a business opportunity anyway? 30 years doing what you are doing, aren’t you rich yet????

  65. Mike M Says:

    Wow! Just found this and I can’t believe how outraged and defensive people can get over something so silly. I’ve read through almost this entire blog and there is a VERY important point that no one has seemed to address. The point is this… There are two very distinctly different mentalities within the population. One is the employee/worker mentality and the other is the entrepreneur/business owner. The employee expects to be compensated (and rightfully so) for every ounce of effort he puts forth either by means of an hourly wage or a salary. The entrepreneur realizes that success (be it financial success, freedom of time to do what he/she pleases with, or both) always comes at a cost. Be it the cost of time or money it ALWAYS comes at a cost. Some people are just cut out for a business such as ACN and others are not. Why argue? Thank God there are people who are satisfied with working at their job. Without them this country could never survive. Maybe the real problem here are reps that are trying to recruit employees and not entrepreneurs? Obviously (Duh), this is going to lead to lots of negative attitudes, bad pr, etc., etc. The employee expects to be compensated for his efforts “right now” and is going to quit ACN, flame it to everyone he knows, bash the opportunity on a blog, well you get the idea. The entrepreneur is going to see ACN for what it is, an “OPPORTUNITY” not a “GUARANTEE”. He will see past the small initial investment and all the tremendously hard work required on his part and know in his heart that almost ALWAYS in this life… You reap what you sow

  66. BOB Says:

    ACN employees seem so warm and friendly.

  67. DJ Baby Says:

    Hey you guys are good… and this is all so funny. I would like to know if there is anybody in the tri-state (Philly, Jersey, Deleware) area givin a go at this because i wouldt mind givin it a shot and building a team, I know a few business minded people…. I need somebody to also tell me, well explain something to me but whom ever can do so email me please no negativity though i dont need it!

    Follow me as I Follow Christ, If I’m not following Christ don’t follow me! 😉

    • Tyson Says:

      Hey Devon I see ur one of the few positive, more open minded ppl on this blog lol!! I’m an ACN rep I’d be glad to give u the information u need to help u get started!! My interest is simply helping ppl stabilize an income for themselves so they can be financially free but more importantly have a healthy retirement fund put away. Although I’m not sure how to get in contact with u, I see that ur a BlastOff distributor as well, good stuff man!!
      If u can see my email address feel free to msg me otherwise send me yours and we’ll talk. Take care!!

  68. Kenny Says:

    Steve is really working his butt off…working his butt off responding to posts on a blog and “helping” as these ACN cogs like to put it.

    If you guys are so successful, why are a select few of you repeatedly responding to trivial blog posts? Stirring up my inner acumen leads me to wonder why anyone making “so much” money would give a rats @ss, but hey I’m only a “worker” so I must not see it.

    I’ll save most of you ACN’rs the response: Financial stability…’re lazy..blah, blah, blah. You guys and you’re concocted financial growth dissertations sound more like robots following the company line than anyone working a 9-5.

  69. Kenny Says:

    Steve had a post on here from today before mine, and now its mysteriously gone? hmmm

    Anyways, I’ve just about had it with facebook emails from ACN people so I thought I would vent a little.

    Good day.

    • Steve Says:

      You know, Kenny you are right. I stumbled upon this blog, made a comment and now every time someone leaves a comment of any kind, I get an email and I’m just a slave to curiosity I suppose so I read them and make more comments.

      I get frustrated with ignorance so I try to reason with it but you’ve pointed out the folly of it all and this will be my last post on this site; I’m done with it.

      Farewell, all.

      • pepnspice Says:

        It’s too bad you wont be replying to the blogs on that site. You might just have been the only voice of reason. i think more than anything most of the people that were responding to you were doing it for their own entertainment.
        I don’t have the knowledge and unfortunately the drive to sell anything, dont even do good at yard sales, but my brother does, and he has put his time into ACN and is seeing the results from it already. I dont know exaclty how long it has been, I want to say at the most 4 months or so, but he is not a pushy rep. If anything he’s one of the most humble, quiet people I know. All of his customers have been friend/family referrals, all of them and the people that have sighned on as reps under him- came to him, he never would have pressured anyone to “join in” with them, not even me. I went with him to a meeting and heard what they had to say, and I WILL redirect my services through him, to help him. Like the guy at the meeting said: You’re either the guy with the mentality that you are #1 or #2. Well in my case I know that I’m more of a consumer, which I guess would make me a #2 ( no puns please). But I dont see my brother as a type A/#1. I think he sees this as a way to make extra money, of course, but also as a way to help others. Period.

  70. zeke Says:

    how can you make a commission on someone else’s bills. If i have a verizon bill for 100 dollars, how is ACN able to give you a commission based on the bill customer’s pay? So you are saying that a portion of my bill is dedicated to ACN somehow, what exactly does ACN do for any of these services. I know, you dont actually sell anything, you get other people to pay 500 dollars and yearly fees and sell them on the crappy product. You might as well sell poop sandwiches, no one wants a poop sandwich more than they want a crappy video phone that isn’t even a cordless….and they are useless unless someone else has the same phone. BS , you have to be a scumbag to sell people on this stuff. Might as well just say” give me 500 dollars, then get two pwople to give you 500 dollars then give that to me , and so on …

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  72. JWB Says:


    Think about it this way. What do most companies have to do to make money? They have to market and hire sales people to sell the products they are marketing.

    That is exactly what ACN is. They are a piece of companies, like Verizon’s, sales/marketing team.

    The fact of the matter is, you actually make more money by having your own personal customers rather than getting people to sign up for the opportunity.

    The great thing that I tell everyone is that this business is not for everyone…And if it is not for you, consider me the next time you are looking at buying a new phone. My buddy just bought a new phone through me the other day and the phone cost $30 cheaper through me and his monthly plan was the same as had he gone to the store.

    Moral of the story, my friend saved money and he helped me out. It was a win win for both of us. Get your facts straight.

    To Kenny’s point above, I would not consider myself successful in this business yet. The main reason is that I have not put in the time. Any successful business person you talk to has to put in a lot of time before they start seeing results. My friend works for a company in Minnesota called Compellent which is the fastest growing storage company in the world and fastest to turn a profit. It only took them 3-4 years.

    If you consider $500 a lot of money, than I would tell you never to start your own business or join ACN. But hey, if you are looking for anything Telecom, give me a call. I might be able to help you out.

  73. bigmel Says:

    You can call ACN a pyramd scheme. That’s fine, but like all the other posts then every business such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway are a pyramid scheme. Not only those companies but any company. For example, I worked for a bank. There is a CEO that oversees every department, then there are Presidents for those departments, then you have various VPs for those Presidents, then spreading out to a whole bunch of supervisors, all the way down to the workers.

    The question here is who is making the money and who is doing all the work? Have you busted your ass and still working the same position for the past 5 years? I know a lot of people have and they can not be independent of themselves. Before people start talking, they should do their research. I see that the news caster left a lot of parts out, such as the performance is based on individual efforts.

    In addition, how many people bager all the other companies on google, youtube, and other blogs? I can tell you this, a whole lot. Especially for the company that I worked for. So there will be people that are frustrated because they have not made anything out of what they wanted out of the company. With that said I’m out.

  74. Eugene Says:

    I say you’re too fucken too broke to pay $500 then you definitely need some kind of opportunity. If you don’t have $500 in your pocket right now to try this, then your chances of becoming successful in MLM is slim. MLM is for go getters, for hard working people, with lots and lots of motivation.

    This isn’t for sheeps who complain that ACN and other MLM are scams. MLM is by far the best business model around.

    You all fuckers complaining that mlm is scam are bunch of sheeps and idiots..who will never be successful in everything they do in life.

  75. peanutflower Says:

    ACN is a typical MLM — i joined years ago and quickly grew disenchanted. There is one post here that mentions the emphasis of recruiting over actually selling the service — that’s totally true. It takes a certain type of person to be successful in an MLM and I certainly wasn’t it. The services used to be cheap but i don’t think they knock the socks off anyone else these days. I find it interesting to read obviously pro-ACN responses (obviously people vigorously defending their investment in the scheme) totally ignore the point of the post that compared MLM to franchise organizations –ACN is in no way similar. There is very little if any emphasis placed on selling the services and most of the emphasis placed on further recruitment. ACN just buys air time, electrical power and now natural gas at bulk cheap rates and re-sells it just as any other provider does. The main goal of the organization is to build the pyramid and have the top feeding off the worker bees at the bottom. The success rate is crap, and in these tough times I would imagine there are tons of people ponying up the $500 for a chance at the brass ring. I am embarassed to say I drank the koolaid.

  76. coetsee Says:

    1. Cash Making Opportunities – The Beginning The working life is already tough enough, but the worries of being out of work was even tougher. The unsecured working environment have prompted me to search the internet for an alternative source of extra income so that I could learn how to Make Money Work for me and be Financially Independent. I listed down a number of Free Internet Business Opportunity Ideas while researching ways how people earn money online while working-from-home…….

  77. DiazSon Says:

    I’ve heard of ACN but have never tried it. The way I see it, if it works for you great! If not… well too bad for you, but just because it doesn’t work for you doesn’rt mean it won’t for someone else. Everyone’s got their own successful traits. I knew I would not be good in this area, as great as it sounded. But I do know some people who have become quite successful in ACN, but again not everyone is cut out for it.

  78. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Says:

    My sister called me today to pitch me on “the opportunity”. After I politely declined, (I feel ALL MLMs are SCAMS) she tried to sell me a video phone. Thanks, but no. I tried to explain to her that video phones became technologically obsolete the moment the first webcam was purchased, but she doesn’t seem to grasp it, which brings me to my main point. The best thing that can be said about ACN is that with this “revolutionary video phone” they’re simply preying on people’s ignorance.

    Pay $200+ for the ACN video phone when I can get a reliable webcam for $35? Then, pay ACN $30 a month to video chat, when I can do it for free online in a half dozen different ways? Anyone here remember a company from a few years back called AOL? People don’t remain ignorant forever.

    BTW, the practice of allowing customers to cancel 3 days from the date of SHIPMENT, knowing it’ll take at least three times that long to receive the phone and activate the “service” is a DESPICABLE business practice, which clearly indicates that ACN is fully aware that they are peddling crap. If the product and service are worth the money ACN, make it 30 days from ACTIVATION. Show me how much you believe in it. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

    As for this blog, I’m amazed at the high level of animosity between the ACN minions and those that drank the koolaide and found the aftertaste unpalatable. Eugene? What do you REALLY think? Seriously. Areyouserious, get over yourself man. Just because someone’s experience with ACN doesn’t mirror your own does not make them idiot moron inbred troglodites, as you seem to suggest. Perhaps their family and friends are just a bit smarter than yours, but either way, maybe in defending ACN you might consider being a better ambassador for the company? If your tenor reflects that of the company, I’d rather just go to Radio Shack and buy a couple of walkie talkies than have to deal with people like you. From what I’ve read though, you’re a natural for ACN’s customer service department.

    I want my sister to succeed at whatever she does, I just hope she figures this one out sooner rather than later.

    • ur funny Says:

      give ytour sister another shot ,compare her vid phone to your home phone line not your computer ,what are you paying for all your phone services un limited n/america a phone # and 15 calling features for $30/month is reasonable for a home phone plan if u don’t want vid phone get the ata box i think is $30,i would be really surprised if u are paying less on your home phone matbe call her and ask her to replace your home phone line not your computer then you will be comparing similiar products

  79. oldiebutgoodie Says:

    I have read all these posts and worry for those considering this business. Recently went to a friends home for a meeting and although they painted a pretty picture I have this inner doubt inside me saying, you can make money in other ways. The product didn’t excite me, but I sure saw others taken in by it and if they succeed more power to them. I agree with the others in regards to MLM opportunities, no one can afford in these trying times to give up that kind of start up money unless you feel there will be some kind of success. I myself know this business is not for me. I have seen floods of terrible stories, also positive ones, more negative than positive; that is enough for me to clearly attempt to do something else which I know will certainly bear fruit.

  80. frank #2 Says:

    ACN is not a pyramid scheme but is total bullshit. Unless you are the best saleperson in the USA, you won’t be making profit.
    Paying 499$ doesn’t get you a franchise. Reinvest that 499$ on night classes and get yourself a formation.
    This is the main issue with American and Canadians, they want to make A LOT of money and quickly. Unfortunately, there is no such thing.

  81. Lumpy Says:

    ACN, any MLM, being your own boss is not for everyone.

    I have seen folks say don’t pay $500 for this or that…save your money and start your own business. Not sure how much product your going to get for $500 to start your business but to have a business you have to have a product. The opportunity here is that for $500 you get the opportunity to have a product line to sell.

    For those who don’t like MLM and the fact that someone else reaps some of the benefit of your labor, take a look at the company name on your pay stub, or nametag you’re wearing and think about it. You can either leverage the labor of others or be leveraged for the benefit of others the choice is yours.

    If you have had a bad experience with a MLM program again sit down and think. Did you go out and hustle or did you sit on your couch and wait for the checks to just start rolling in? Be honest with yourself, how many people did you actually approach about it. After you got turned down twice did you get discouraged and start blogging about how program X is a scam?

    For those doing the ACN thing just picture a bucket of crabs…what happens when that one crab tries to climb out? The others grab it and try to pull it back down.

    By the way I am not a ACN member, the opportunity was presented to me recently just on here doing some homework. But I do have my own on line travel agency.

  82. Mark Says:

    Here’s the deal. My sister joined and asked me to attend a meeting. Ive worked in the Wireless Industry for many years so I relunctantly agreed to attend. As I listened over and over the overwhelming theme was to build “Your Team” with little if any mention of selling the product. Hense the $500 and annual fee is what they’re after. I saw the compensation plan, plugged my current targets in and if I were to perform at the same level as an ACN rep my total compensation for the year would have been less than $100…So, in order to actually make money you must build a Team, and each one of those people must build a team. Guess who you are suppose to target?? Friends and Family. NO THANKS. ACN is an agent of the Telecom Companies. They get paid very little to activate new customers. Trust me. If any ACN rep can guarantee mr the money I make, selling equal or more than what I sell now, without “Building a Team” to accomplish this I will be all over it.

    • John Says:

      Totally agree. You would hardly break even just by getting more customers to sign up for services without them signing up to become a rep themselves. And I truly believe that the latter is the bread and butter for ACN. As for a rep without more reps under him/her, well, good luck.

  83. deb Says:

    500.00 is not that much to start up a company, the business builder for nuskin is 1672.00 and they just hav a new version for another 1700.00. I know of a lady who put down 4000.00 with heralife. You have to work the business to make any montey. It is that simple.

  84. Curly Says:

    A friend brought me and a couple of others to a meeting about this time last year. Slick salesmen, the whole bit.

    A lot of red flags were waving, alarm bells ringing.

    Firstly, they had Donald Trump doing a recorded video plug for ACN. Well, so what? He gets paid $millions for a few minutes work AND he has no investment in the company and therefore has absolutely no liability (you can’t sue the actor in a McDonald’s commercial if your Big Mac is served with a cockroach in it). Going by the principles in “The Art of the Deal” this was good deal for him.

    Second, the place was clearly full of minorities and immigrants. That sounds racist, but it is not intended to be. ACN is clearly selling a dream. ACN is promising the moon and the stars for a song. Let’s think about it: Virtually everyone in that room was being promised that with only a tiny investment, no education or skills, and a bare minimum of effort – in six months to a year, anyone or everyone of them might be living in a mansion, scooting about in a private jet, and counting their money.

    Does that not sound insane to anyone?

    How does the old saying go? “Anything that sounds too good to be true…”

    BTW, my friend who tried to sign me up last year – he never made diddly-squat.

    Happy New Year to all.

    • Daisuke Kun Says:

      Hahahahahaha you are a moron no one is promised anything ever ….but yes you could be making shit tons of money in 6-12 months through ACN its all about how you do things and how often you do them your friend who made diddly squat either 1: didnt do things right 2: sucked at it 3: or just had bad luck and timing…if you open your own restaurant and you dont advertise correctly or your commercials suck or your trying to market Italian food in the middle of china town what do you think is gonna happen?
      I can tell you now dont expect to make any money after investing everything you did to open it. They tell you at ACN meetings that it isn’t for everyone, so yes you are taking a risk paying 499$ to start up, just the same as if you payed thousands of dollars to start a restaurant or any other business. Theres ALWAYS a risk involved with ANYTHING you invest in if you do things poorly you lose money if you do things correctly then you have an opportunity to make it big.

      • ur funny Says:

        trump makes nomoney endorsing acn he donates 100 % of the money to charity,your friend failed because none of his “friends” supproted him shame on you, if you opened a pizza shop u would want him to buy your piza and support u ,if he didnt u would also fail

  85. The Producer Says:

    Last night I attended my first ACN video webinar. I have to agree with WhiskyTango…my wife said the exact same thing about the video phones.
    Businesses like this are cool for those who fit the mold, but dont tell me its my business because its not. I dont own it they do. Yes I can make money, yes I have the potential to get rich(I have yet to meet anyone like this) but at the end of the day if Im not writing the checks to pay my employees its not my business.
    You can always tell when there is an investment…Could someone please tell me why all of the presenters sound the same? Is there some sort of school for talking for these companies. I have never heard so much energy and caffeine in my life…oh yea I have…on the infomercials where the products usually never last or work the right way…anywho I do have a desire to start and run my own business…but it should be what I have a passion for…If making money is a passion and you like to annoy people join MLM’s…if you want to make money and have a passion for something else, get off your butt and start the business. Invest your money in what YOU want to..I feel better losing $499 on something I enjoy doing than putting it in someone elses pocket…
    How about this..I sign up ACN..dont pay $499.. I recruit, recruit, recruit and get customers…take the $499 out of my bonuses…once I reach the $499 I start making my money…At least now ACN you see Im serious…At least now I know it works without spending a dime and putting in a little hard work…If not you dont lose a thing, I dont lose a thing and we can both go on with our happy little lives………….case solved….or is it……..

  86. BavaSoank Says:

    C наступающим Вас! Пусть Ваши мечты сбудутся!

  87. Gonzo Says:

    Jax Says:

    December 8, 2009 at 10:33 pm says:You think success magazine wants to be tied to a SCAM. NO Way!

    You pathetic ignorant moron! Here are the FACTS about “Success Magazine” and its relationship with IHI.

  88. Successful Entreprenuer Says:

    This is outstandingly hilarious. My CPA for my business approached me yesterday over lunch about ACN and the opportunity. I listened intently. He went through the entire schpill. Through this blog and all of its postings I just read, EVERYTHING he said is being barfed up right here from you ACN clones- right down to all of the analogies and push-back retorts. It’s hilarious. Anytime you need a script, especially one that teaches you to use false testimony (i.e. I was in the airport using my video phone and a heart surgeon approached me, and know he’s buying 9 phones and wanst to join the business), you should be weary of its intentions.

    All of you ACN clones posting here… the truth is you aren’t lazy, you all are hard-workers with very good intentions- but you are all followers and somewhat naive. None of your replies to these posts seem to have come from your own heart or brain or due-diligence. They all come from the ACN upline that drilled you with the hype. How do I know?


    So much so that its comical. I can’t wait to speak to my CPA today.

    Back to my complimentary note regarding you ACN clones and your good intentions. Why do they say, “ACN is in your heart?” Because love is blind. Just as you stood fervently in defense of the boyfriend/girlfriend with tatoos on his/her neck, only to eventually come around once the person cheated on you or you found out they actually DID do drugs or HAD been in prison- the ACN in is built around that same concept. Pay your money, stay in it as long as the fires burning and you’re in love- until you figure it out the hard way (by which time you’re easlily replaced by other clones who are all too anxious to follow the same path seeking passion and wealth).

    If you hard worker types would simply apply that ethic to a worthwhile endeavor, you would benefit from your commitment.

    Good advice from me: The ACN concept is based purely on individual GREED. Sure, most of us capitalists’ works are based on some level of greed- and thats healthy so long as it also satisfy’s ones passions and doesn’t consume the practice for which one makes a living. For example, I’m an Energy Exec and I do what I do to acheive personal and financial success- however, i also have a burning passion for the industry in which i work and enjoy the sustained satisfaction and monetary gains our clients recieve through our expertise and involvment. The financial success is a bi-product of the passion. Put the cart before the horse and history will prove it to be an unsuccessful and tiring venture.

    But good luck to yall!
    P.S. The Trump statements and Success Magazine and all that which you rely heavily upon for substantiation is merely a paid-for endorsement just like any other. Success Magazine wrote an article on ACN from a standpoint of ACN’s executives being successful at thier venture which is what the magazine is all about. They don’t endorse the scheme, simply fill reading space about companies that are successful at generating revenue. I recall several issues reporting Enron’s success, and MCI and the like. These companies were successful in generating revenue and, at the time which articles were published, all was legal. I don’t think ACN is illegal at all, it’s a brilliant scheme organized to make 6 people wealthy, and has.

    As much as you try to consince yourself otherwise- nothing replaces or is more sound than the good old American way of success- work your way up in a career that you enjoy, save money, make wise investments, put the max into your 401(k)…(again), OR, start your own business doing something that you enjoy and know everything about and are good at doing. Then make wise investments and save money.

  89. Successful Entreprenuer Says:

    Its also very comical how you ACN clones get so fired up and profane at others critical remarks. Ask any expert and they’ll tell you what that reflects:

    A deep sense of self-skepticism, your very own doubt about your endeavor. Scared to prove yourself wrong. It has nothing at all to do with the people you call names and what they say.

    Damn I’m smart.

  90. USAF Says:

    Recently a friend told me about this. She’s been trying to hype me up with the saving/making money pitch. I got the presentation & I was not impressed.
    With Skype I can talk to my Mom via webcam for free. My friend got deployed & he used it to stay in touch with his wife. I can use my Magic Jack when I get back to the mainland for $19.99 a year or get Vonage for about $30.00 a month to call internationally. I use prepaid cells because I don’t call alot of people.

    I really don’t need a videophone or any of the stuff that ACN offers. If you can beat Skype then I’ll be interested.

    • ur funny Says:

      thats easy acn digital phone service replaces your home phone not your home computer ,also skype and magic jack never paid me a dime at least there is a chance for most people in acn to make money,u are the 1% of the population so good for you,maybe add up your monthly home phone bill and if its close to $30 a month call your friend and have another look im sure your friend supports u in other areas of your life what would it hurt to transfer your phone service to acn or security to adt or etc even if u paid an extra 5 bucks a month isnt supporting your friend worth it ,its not your dream but your friend would appreciate your kindness and thats better than buying him a beer

  91. CB Says:

    Unfortunally we felt for ACN scam, & we invited our friends some did felt for it as well and we all regreat this happened. The service is sucks the video phone is expensive and plus most of the phones are defective which means they don’t work and to get ACN tech support to help you out is time consuming and a hassle. I decided to give up calling for help I’m just waiting for my commitment period to expire which is coming up in the next month and I will be happy to get rid of ACN nightmare.

  92. fact Says:

    The term ‘it is what it is’ pops to mind when I think about MLM’s….as others have posted, yes, a very, very low % of folks will make a living income with this kind of thing, but reality is it will be feeding off the pain and dreams of others. Pain because who pays attention to these schemes except when they are looking to claw out of a bad spot? And dreams as they become engaged through the same well scripted stories of potential wealth that have been well honed through the pitchmen of the countless MLM’s that have come before them – but of course rarely to become reailty.

    Reality two is that like old Amway, Nutrilife, etc, etc, the vast amount of transactions beyond sign up fees and kit fees are “amongst themselves” – no one in the outside world needs to turn to these sort of organizations to get any of these services or products- as posted many times, its generally considerably cheaper to go out and bundle with your local telco/cableco – or better, a local reseller /magicjack/skype – and you don’t have to lose your integrity with your social network.

    Reality three is that if anyone that actually has what it takes to make “real money” in this sort of slime pit would devote that energy and obvious considerable sale skills in a reputable business – they could likely become very, very rich – $25K/month is piddling for what you will become in the eyes of others.

    Reality four – Thinking Donald Trump is endorsing anything for any reason beyond lining his own pockets is hilarious – sure, he has created a decent brand for himself, but make no mistake – he is not here because he wants to spread the gospel of ACN – again beyond ‘what it will do for him’.

    Reality five – The video phone model has not worked for any major Telco, nor is there a sustainable outside market (again, beyone ACN’ers selling to ACN’ers) – even if you wanted to see, or be seen, when being called – go free web phone.

    Reality Six – for every 100 haters/skeptic (yes, I am one) there will be one or two boosters – and hey, if that booster is actually making money, congratulaions – but if you are one of the vast majority ‘sad sack’ boosters still chasing your tail – may you never call me up with news of ‘a fantastic home based business opportunity making money on items you are buying anyway…..”

  93. danceswithcars Says:

    ok, I am a retail business owner. I know what it takes to start a business and keep it alive. I also get questioned by new customers everyday about my qualifications–I may not have a degree in business, but I have the experience to back it up. I get quite offended when an ACN REP (notice i said ACN REP–as in representative–not owner) call themselves an entrepreneur/business owner. I’m sorry, but it takes a lot more than paying any amount of money to own a business–there’s way more paper work than you can imagine. And you realise that when you call yourself a ACN REP, you’re actually saying “I work for a company called ACN”. You are not a business owner, if you were, you would be at the top, not working your way there.

    As for these comments about ACN being like an other franchise..well..let me tell you. Again, I am in retail. Most retail businesses have an option of being independant (as I am) or buying into a franchise–ok yes you’re paying money to this company, but that’s not all. Any and every company requires you to jump through hoops (other than financial ones) to be able to use their name.

    Examples(note I am from Canada):
    FABRICLAND: (which is the franchise I looked into myself) requires you to pay–sure, but they aslo require you to submit an application (and not a little one-page thing) and they choose whether or not you are qualified to use their name. IF accepted–and not all are (before you attack me on this, I did not go through with the application process), you will have to obey their rules on everything or the franchise can and often will be pulled from you.
    TIM HORTON’S: My mother is the manager at a local Tim Horton’s. The previous owners were looking to sell and a local couple were interested. They were made (by the Tim Horton’s company) to work at the restaurant for over a year, with constant courses (these were MANDATORY, not just encouraged) before they could even apply to the company to take over.

    When a company is willing to take your money, no matter who you are and what your qualifications, there’s something not right. What kind of true business men/women would let just ANYBODY use their name?

    • Orion Dresden Says:

      You have some good points for sure especially with the REP and therefore not owner. However entrepreneur is a perfectly fine thing to call it. Aside from that, your last statement….what kind of true business man or woman would let just ANYBODY use their name?…..what an arrogant thing to say. That’s what this business was born on….a business that ANYBODY can do…you don’t have to be special, or schooled in any specific degree, or rich to start as many businesses do require….or take out a loan. ACN is definitely NOT a traditional business…..that’s the point. That’s the beauty in it. No doubt there’s some BS as there is with most anything…..but ACN was created for the masses to have an opportunity not just the few.

  94. Celeste Says:

    I just went to my first and last ACN meeting. A patient of mine asked for me to go to the meeting. I went to be polite, but was stunned that they actually expect people to pay $500 to start their business which apparently entails writing down the names and numbers of everyone you know. They even encouraged people to sell their TV’s and Radios if they didn’t have the money in the bank!!!! I am employed, not desperate! I was sad to see people racing out to sell their property to make money on an invisible product. No one would talk when I asked about “WHAT are u selling????” They liked it to owning a stand at the mall selling phones, but apparently as reps, they never lay their hand on phones to sell, but do however call and meet with everyone you know and ask for $500 from each of them or tell them to liquidate their assets to get it. The statement was also made that for family ad friends who do not like the concept of ACN to essentially ignore their advice because they don’t pay your bills. They do however, love you with out requiring $500 from you. I don’t plan on having anything to do with ACN. For those who do consider the ACN experience, a you write down the names of those you love and have loved you in return for free, please consider how devastating it could be for them and your relationship to pay $500 to “FAVOR, HELP, TRY” on your behalf. If you find, as I have, that your friends and family are irreplaceable and the risk of losing them is too great….. walk out and don’t turn back. Yes there is money to be made and college degrees do not expire!!! The ACN fees continue to build……

    • Orion Dresden Says:

      Wow lady you really seem to have badly mixed up the concepts of this business. Although I do agree that too many ACN reps make it into a cheesy and corny, sometimes downright disturbing presentation of what the company is… have no clue yourself.

      First off, how can you consider the product “invisible” when you get a physical product to use? You get actual equipment in your hands. Just because you don’t stock it doesn’t make it an invisible product. Have you never bought anything off the Internet before? ……same concept lady 😉

      Second, the “favor, try, help” comment you refer to is based on them becoming a customer of yours. As in they purchase a product or service through your online “invisible” store. The theory being they already pay for these services anyway, like Internet, phone, natural gas, electricity, etc., so won’t they buy the same exact product through your store to help your business? It’s really not too bad of a way to ask if it comes down to it, especially when your lifetime goal is to get only around 15 or so services. You were making it sound like you’re asking everybody you know to give 500 dollars as a favor, or to try or help…..there’s a big, big difference.

      The 500 dollars is to become an ACN rep. If you want to become an independent business owner, buy your ACN online store, get tax write offs like business owners get, have the ability to sell all of the listed ACN services and products (which you should look at now, it’s become pretty damn good) including natural gas and electricity, I should say more “be the middle man of”, get a lot of your own services for free, AND make 10% of all the bills that were already getting paid anyway…..that’s what the 500 dollars is for. Google the ACN headquarters in Concord NC and you’ll see where and what your 500 bucks goes toward……you might rethink yourself.

      I’m an ACN rep myself, have been for 8 months, have NOT RECRUITED A SINGLE PERSON, and I did not make a single dime until my 6th month in. I was lazy at first, and also didn’t know what to do or how to do it, and was a bit nervous, but then after 6 months I took 2 weeks to max out the 10% compensation plan. It wasn’t hard at actuator just gotta actually go do it…….sell a few services. I was 5 of my own from day 1, set up a friend who was moving, some family,….and actually got people good deals on quite a bit of it. Now I’m making a check every month and I didn’t swindle or scam anybody. The only variable here is…….what’s the billing volume you’re getting paid on? Mines a handful of small bills. I get a small check and it’s awesome. What about those with big billing volumes?

      Yes ACN works, no ACN is not a scam, yes there is some bullshit that goes along with ACN as there is with pretty much anything it life in some aspect or another especially when it comes to business, yes ACN can work for anybody who is willing to put in the work required, no ACN does not require ripping anybody off but yes a lot of people feel they got ripped off because they paid 500 to join ACN and they did nothing and made nothing.

      As stated above “yes ACN can work for anybody” but it definitely is more ideal for those already set up with a high volume of bills….like a resteraunt, or someone who owns a chain of resteraunts. Those would acquire a HUGE amount on the energy billing volume and would generate 5% right back into the owners pocket. Look at it as saving 5%, making 5%, either way….it works. It’s unfortunate so many turn it into something disgusting like you described

  95. James Friedman Says:

    I don’t know what that video is talking about. I am a representative and I can tell you that I am very successful with this company. And they always tell you to get CUSTOMERS, not recruit all the time, because with out your own personal customers, you don’t get paid. It is as simple as that

  96. Roger Says:


    1. MLM scams such as ACN preys upon the less educated. Note that I am not criticizing these people; everyone’s opportunities in life are different. But, on the average, a typical ACN/MLM rep is going to have far fewer strong career opportunities than someone who sees it for what it is.

    2. All this talk of comparing MLM/ACN to franchises or legitimate business start-ups is extremely misleading. With franchises, you are paying for their brand presence (ie, McDonalds), not the “right to sell a product.” Any small business can sell products at retail, often with little to no stocking requirements. You do NOT have to pay for the right to sell a product. Ever. In some cases, depending on what you are selling, you might need to stock items (see: any storefront business), which does incur a much higher investment than $500. But that investment is real, you OWN the product you are buying. It is now yours, to sell for however much you choose. You are not purchasing the *right* to sell someone else’s product, you are purchasing the actual product itself.

    3. The most glaring inconsistency between MLMs and legitimate businesses, however, is the very first thing you notice when you examine the MLM/ACN business model: recruitment. Someone above likened MLMs to building a sales team, just like any legit company. Um, no. How many startup companies spend a huge chunk of their initial time & resources adding unlimited salesmen to their payroll? Unless you’ve got millions of investor dollars up-front (and, realistically, even if you do), the answer is none. That is an absurd business practice. Legitimate businesses do not have to convince someone to attend a meeting in order to get them to join, and the LAST thing a legitimate business owner would want to do is see his overhead balloon in the form of adding employees before there was a steady revenue stream from actual product/services.

    This one is a no-brainer, and 80% of the people defending MLMs will eventually have their own sob story to tell. Those who are “successful,” and there are a few out there, are only “successful” in the sense that they earned money by getting enough unsuccessful people to part with their $500.

    There is a name for this, but it isn’t capitalism. It’s cannibalism.

    • Sean Says:

      extremely well said, Roger. I’ve got a relative who just got roped into an MLM. Fortunately for her, she’s got gumption and drive and she might not lose money. Unfortunately, she’s also a Christian, and I think that the things she’ll have to do to not lose money might make her crazy. Lose-lose situation, right there. I tried a couple times to talk her out of it, but you know how well logic works once people get caught up. Hopefully she’ll find her own way out, sooner rather than later.

  97. Bryan Says:

    The only scam is the people like the ones you saw in this video that didn’t completely follow the system and when their way failed, they decided to call ACN a scam. If ACN is a scam, why have I been in for less than one month and have a $2,000 check coming to me? I can tell you 2 things: one is that ACN is not a scam and two, the reason I’m bringing in that money is because I was smart enough to follow the system. And just for the record, half of the system involved me getting customers to buy services. I guess some people are smart enough to do what they’re told, especially when it’s a proven system that is as simple as this one. The only reason you should run from ACN is when you’re going to get in and do nothing. Why didn’t the ACN reps answer the questions that the media asked? Why try to explain something to someone when it’s way over their head?

    • kmfdm Says:

      Nice, look at this astroturfing douchebag.

      ACN is a scam. A shitty one at that. Just like Market_nameIwon’tmention, and a million others.

    • John Says:

      “…in for less than one month and have a $2,000 check coming to me”
      That’s total bull, OR prove me wrong by showing some proofs.

  98. Ethan Says:

    Ugh… I have a friend who just got into this, I’m so worried about her.
    She’s a very sweet and hardworking mother of thee who just got re-married to a good, solid man after spending some very difficult years on her own, and it would just kill me to see her screw it all up chasing some phony dream.
    Regardless of whether or not the authorities have been aggressive enough to label them as such, any organization that focuses more on recruiting than the actual selling of product is a pyramid scheme; what made me so worried here, before I even knew which MLM she was with, is that my friend tried recruiting some of us at work using the phrase ‘business opportunity’ [this is a Red Flag, in case any of you at home are new to MLM] but *never even tried to sell the product* to any of us, and [now that I think about it] didn’t even mention what the product was.

    ACN sounds like it’s pretty much just like Amway, which is really, *really* bad news.
    I really feel like I’m doing something wrong by not dissuading her from getting further involved in this, but I don’t want her to think I’m questioning her beliefs or something like that… which is pretty much exactly what I would be doing.

    • ur funny Says:

      ethan do not worry if she follows the training and does things the way the compant says to do it on their web page ..their is free training on their web page,she will be fine ,the emphasiis is on both helping others and getting services ,acn now does almost every service,with major corporations,big companies do not partner with pyramid companies,it is far from amway,same 4 guys for 17 years as co-founders ,the company is in 20 countries and soon will be in asia ,if you try to dissaad her that would be wrong why would u try to steal her dreams thats not the sign of a true friend as you sound like you are support her in her business ,try the service if there are issues then say somthing ,it is always better to lead with the opportunity so people can decide if they want to make money then after they have enough info and they dont want to make money then they can support their friend and save a bit of money,why trust what you read on the internet take a leap of faith and trust your friend and try the phone service what do you really have to lose??supporting your friend in what she does will far out weigh anything negative u read here after all how long havce u known anyone here and how long have u known your friend?

  99. Charlesetta Parrino Says:

    Hi. Really pleasant data on MLM Leads. I happened upon your pleasant blog while exploring google. For the past few days I’ve been trying to discover more. Particularly anything to do with the actual lead generation or companies making them. I’ve seen it all and my sister continues promoting her new lead system fad on me. So I’m grateful I found you. Take care!

  100. Yuriy Anischenko Says:

    Hello. Let me shed some light on this long conversation. ACN has been around for 18 years. Ask yourselves a question: Does any pyramid scheme survive that long. I have been in this industry for a while and I am marketing a different company, but I know ACN very well, and would like to defend it.
    Fox 11 does not like Donald Trump cause he don’t want to work with them, that is a good incentive to trash what he is doing. Nothing goes on news unless someone profits of of it. Fox has drawn lots of attention because of this scandal, and it put Donald Trump down, good job.
    Another thing to think about is ACN is in 22 countries in the world, would a scammy company expand like that? Probably not
    ACN has survived 2 major lawsuits against them, those were actually closed pretty much at the start because it was so lame to sew them.
    Anyway, don’t take offenses here, I get to inventive for advocating ACN, it is just what I honestly think about this company, they are NOBLE and LEGIT

  101. I'LL MAKE YOU RICH Says:

    After a year of listening to a friend of mine nag me about attending one of his ACN meetings I finally decided to experience first hand what all his relatives were raving about.

    I tried to be as optimistic as possible but after the first 2 minutes of the “motivational video” i found it very hard to take seriously. The guy holding the meeting was a regional vice president who apparently owned several gyms in north dakota, he was a self proclaimed successful businessman. (riiiiiiiiiiiiight, so you sold your business to start from the bottom in MLM)

    He really emphasized the Donald Trump endorsement, what he didnt mention is how much Donny boy makes off the endorsements. If i remember correctly, good ol’ donny also endorsed, which I know for fact is a scam being in the jewelry business myself. HE’LL SAY ANYTHING FOR A PAYCHECK!!!

    He then went on to talk about how he is now making so much money that he can retire his parents and pay for his 5 kids’ college educations. I asked if his kids planned on joining ACN after college and boy was he quick to change the subject!

    If he is so successful, making $90,000.00+ dollars a month why is he wasting his time to fly to California to try and get me and 15 other people to sign up??

    But who am I to judge, I’m just a “middle class worker bee” who doesnt understand how the millionaires mind works.

    News flash ACN reps: YOU ARE THE “MIDDLE CLASS WORKER BEE” making the guy at the top a TON of money.

    The only thing keeping ACN from being a legit, illegal pyramid scheme is an outdated, overpriced, inconvenient video phone!

  102. Manwithcow Says:

    To all those people that think this is a scam. YOU NEED TO HURRY!!

    Quick! call Verizon, Alltel, Direct tv, ADT home security, Sprint, Quest, US business review, Success magazine, USA today, Nextel, Donald trump, INC magazine, Dish Network, Success from home magazine, Team Mobile, Direct Selling News, and AT&T!


    cuz apparently you, in your infinite knowledge, know something that all these companies missed..

    im 23, im making over $2000 a month.. If you want personal opinions on anything ACN related email me. Even if you end up joining someone else’s team and i get NOTHING out of it, i still dont mind helping

    • Actual business owner Says:

      everyone i’ve ever met who is part of ACN also claims to be making money, or about to be getting a big check, or is in the middle of “getting some stuff going” etc. even the presenter claimed to be super successful etc but i saw him drive away in a dusty old minivan after the presentation despite his nice suit and tie. think he also had to borrow gas money off one of his ACN minions also.. lol

      company is a joke. if you have the talent and brains make $100k/year with ACN you could probably be making $1 mil/year with a legit business

  103. alex Says:


  104. Joe Says:

    ACN is not a scam. Most MLM companies are not. They get their bad names when reps come into the business and can’t make any money because they don’t apply themselves. They expect a get rich quick scheme, which is not what ACN or any other MLM company is.

    If you guys want to really learn how to market your ACN or any other MLM company, you need to stop talking to your family and friends. You need to market your business online.

  105. Manwithcow Says:


    read my above post… until you can provide me ABSOLUTE FACTUAL proof of this being a scam… shut the hell up

    • Realistic Says:


      Read my response to Tom (top of page).

      ACN’s income comes from the the $500 not from video phones, cell phone or dish network affiliates. This is why they have minimal overhead.

      If they really wanted to silence the skeptics, they should post a copy of their financial statements on their website to show that the majority of their income is derived from their video phones and services as a third party affiliate.

      Through ACN may not be a “scam”, they hide the underlying motive of the company which is to bring in as many new members as possible, to pay to become a part of this so called once in a lifetime opportunity.

      • ur funny Says:

        think of how dumb that thought is pay 12-1300 employees worldwide,4 corporate headquarters on 3 continents ,just bought the microsoft 3 building 60 acre compound how much is all that to support?? take your imaginary # divide by the 500$ that would be the reps needed tocome in every year … we would run out of population in 5 years ..try again

  106. beopenminded Says:

    After reading a few blog about people complaining and talking about ACN being a pyramid scheme, people just don’t know what they are talking about. All business are pyramid scheme. I own a franchise, Coldstone Creamery, and its a pyramid scheme. I have to pay a royalty fee, annual renewal fee, and other fees which is not cheap people. People at the top are making all the money. If my business fail, the Corporate office are not going to be there to help me. They will shut my store down. The difference between MLM and working for a corporation is that you get a stable paycheck for the service you rendered. Now I’m not an ACN member but I did research the company and attended to one of their seminars. I ask alot of questions and they didn’t aggressively try to sign me up.

    They were professional and courteous. Like every job or business you start, you have to work. Nothing are easy. It took me awhile to get my investment back from ColdStone and even now with this economy, my business is struggling. The startup fee from ACN is way more affordable than my initial investment and that goes to any startup business. I’m not endorsing ACN company but what I’m blogging about are the people complaining and writing that this is a scam. Every people out there are going to write about something because either they have failed or felt they can contribute by being negative to something they don’t understand.

    I have seen alot of MLM business but for ACN to be endorsed and sponsored by Donald Trumph is impressive. I have been offered business opportunity from Amway, NuSkin, knife, pots and pan, etc….like all this business you have to work hard to earn some compensation. Do your own research. Don’t let all this disgruntled people sway your decision. As far as the Fox news investigation goes, all media will have there say. Either good or bad. That’s their job. You have to take risks in life because that’s the only way for you to succeed. Thank you.

  107. hunt777 Says:

    I just joined ACN but not to gain reps because on the website it clearly states that no money will be paid unless customers are aquired. My focus is to gain customers and the products/services are lagit. You can find a link on my website

  108. PauloTY Says:

    WARNINING! An ACN Rep responded my job search engine posting under the guise of a valid job interview for a company called Instant Info Systems. I reported to 2301 W 190th St, Torrance, CA 90504 with high hopes of a valid job opportunity. I can’t tell you how disgusted I was to learn I was the victim of an old fashioned bait and switch scam. This “job interview” was actually a high pressure sales pitch for joining a multi-level marking (MLM) program called ACN. Ever been to the Timeshare sales presentation? That’s the type of sales pitch I received. At least the Timeshare folks are honest to what they are pitching. These scumbags couldn’t even be honest with me over up front. I soon learned my attempted indoctrinator/recruiter/mentor needed to scam me out of money and sales leads, in order to make up for the money she got scammed out of.

    If have no doubt that the men at the top of this pyramid are making tons of money. It’s the poor fools at the bottom who get scammed. Folks use your brain! What legitimate job has you pay $499 up front, $149.99 yearly renewal fees, plus all the hidden fees! How many VAILD phone companies (big, medium or small) have their employees pay money to work for them, use high pressure sales tactics for potential job candidates or make a bunch of promises but deliver nothing? None! Doubt me? Ask any current or former employee of a reputable telecommunication company. Bottom line if this is all legit, why does ACN need to con folks just to get them to their high pressure sales pitch sessions under the guise of a job interview. If you were already duped into joining, then why all the costs and hidden fees for “employees”?

    • anonymous Says:

      I just called a guy who didnt give me the name of the company or what i would be interviewing for. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel and found this ad: I am reporting to 2301 190th as well, for instant infosystems. I am totally bummed. What exactly did they say? He said I would be meeting some of his business partners. I just got done with college, and this looked, (and sounded) too good to be true. I’ll let you know if Torrance is housing scammers too. I am meeting them today for an “interview”.

  109. ur funny Says:

    acn does not do that…people do… call acn and report it ,if it is true they will stop the person in question,it took u more time to complain on here than calling acn so i doubt there is any validity to your claim,also your numbers are old which makes me believe u never heard a presentation

  110. ur funny Says: sums it all up

  111. PauloTY Says:

    ur funny is really busy trying to defend ACN, why? If the ACN rep was so proud of the company then why offer the interview under a false company name, and call it an ‘interview’? I was simply trying to warn others from wasting their time, you are clearly drinking the koolaid. Sad, I hope you make loads of money, stats say that over 99% in ACN lose their ass.

    People need to be warned, and no I will not turn in that stupid chick that did that to me in Torrance, because she is just a squirrel trying to get a nut, poor thing. I wish her the best, and I also wish she did not get my number and call me ever. You are an asshole because you believe this bullshit, and cause you wasted your time responding to this blog, shouldn’t you be spending 10 hours days recruiting people to ACN?

  112. PauloTY Says:

    FOX told the truth, that should be applauded.

  113. ur funny Says:

    its not defending it,hoping it was educating,a lot of false info on this blog!!!it does not matter what people on this blog think,they are all right..go to the direct sale association web page and look at the real numbers not what you read here,network marketing is a great way to supplement ones income,i spend about 10 hours a week and am doing quite fine,it will replace my traditional business in about a year,the three employees are happy because they will take it over,calling me names only lends less credibility to your thinking ACN was,is and always will be a great way to make extra money by redirecting $$ from the monopolies,where else could i make money in global telecom,security,soon gas and hydro??i really don’t get why u are so bitter about people trying to make thier lives better,there are too many discrepancies in your story,and then u say you dont want to turn in that chick…as an acn rep i say yes please do because if she is wrong and doing these things as you are the witness to it,it leaves the wrong impression about the industry ,which is a great industry!if you dont like what u see change it,if u go to the home page for this blog he even says that acn maybe isnt so bad after he found out more info ,he just doesnt like the way its managed,well once u get educated about the industry you understand how things work then u go ..hmm maybe not so bad,the down side is the people in the business not the business itself,harvard teaches a course on it now so if one of the top university is teaching it whats the issue??as a side note the renewal fee is wrong and there are no hidden fees,well $3 if u are etl and below comes off your checks for administration fee,when u get to team coordinator and above they have direct deposit only,no other fees are charged,training is free online ,flyers are free etc, save your time,let people decide themslves if this is for them…FOX has no credibility jon stewart and colbert report will back me on that i think the web page is brilliant compensation by tim sales and a harvard professor that explains the industry quite well have a look its actually good to look at if u are in sales as it explains the 15 yr cycle and baby boomers etc.. have a great nite dude..

  114. Joshua Says:

    I want to an ACN meeting last night, had no clue what it was. It was a scam. I could tell you how the guy smooth talked everyone, and played off peoples doubts, but I’m just gonna show you the numbers. One the flyer thing they gave out listed some numbers. The average service bill is $38, and you make %1/4 of each bill (and the people under you). so Lets just say you want to make $50k in a year. 50/12 = 4.166k per month. If $4,166 is %1/4 you need to sell 400 times your monthly income, so 400 x 4,166 = $1,666,400 per month in business($20,000,000 a year). Divide that by $38 average service and you need to have 43,853 service contracts. Assuming the average house hold uses 3 of the services thats 14,617 households. Now I know I can’t sell that many, can you? Can your freinds? So then the whole system is set upon selling to those under you. basicly if your not at the tippy top you don’t make anything. Also he(the area rep) said ‘you don’t make money recuiting people to do this, but from them selling the product under you’ But he did say you get a ‘recruitment bonuses’ you have to recruit like 3-4 people to ‘recover’ the cost of your sign-up. If this company did training for free, allowed you to advertise with their name, and had like a %2-3 perpetual commision and a small $25-50 bonus for each customer you signed up then it would be great. But Charging people to be trained and not giving them the tools to sell the product just reeks of some scummy people behind it taking advantage of people in a low point of the economy. If there are people making $25k a month doing this they’re either selling $120,000,000 in services a year or getting alot of kickbacks for signing people up through this, you decide which it is.

    • Dave Says:

      Your numbers don’t reflect the reality of the pay plan. You can get paid up to 10% on your PERSONAL sales. The 1/4% is on first and second level business partners. 3rd level = 1/2%, up to 8% on 7th level. You do NOT get paid for recruiting but instead for getting new recruits QUALIFIED. To become qualified a new recruit needs at least 5 customer SALES points. As an example, home phone service counts as 2 points. A cell phone renewal is 1 point and a new 2 year service is 2 points. A new recruit is allowed to sell themselves whatever services they may need/want. I’ve personally met several folks who aren’t interested in ‘building a business’ but simply want to sell. One of them who is from NYC has already accumulated some 500 personal points… and is earning around $3000 a month… EVERY MONTH. A friend who is an ex Marine and works full time for a security company has built a nice little ACN business on the side that is paying him more than $7000/month. While it’s true that ACN isn’t for everyone only the ignorant can call it a scam.

  115. work talks lazieness walks Says:

    My girlfriends cousin an acn rep and we are goining today. We will have great support from him and higher up reps. Hes been doing this for about a year and a half and makes just over 5k. for those who dont sign up with a rep you will get no help…why.. cuz noone knows you!

  116. Bob Whitman Says:

    ACN isn’t necessarily a scam, but you’re going to pay a lot in fees.

    You have to pay an initial $500 start up fee, as well as $149 a year, plus $10 a month to stay in the company.

    This is just another sales job. If you want to try it, go for it, but it’s going to take a lot to make it work.

    I would much rather sell insurance and net 5-7k a month doing that. There’s no difference, but many legit companies WON’T charge you to get in.

    Money doesn’t come easy – be careful what you wish for.

  117. paulina Says:

    I dont even know how long it took me to read through all of these comments, but everyone does have a point.

    As for me im looking at ACN from the inside

    I hear alot of talk about, “I know someone who knows someone who knows someone..” blah blah blah. I joined ACN because my friend succeded. She makes $1,200 in risidual income. Now that may not be much to some people but for us being 18, 19 years old in Las Vegas it sure does help out.

    I was always sceptical about this whole thing. I went to a weeks worth of meetings before i actually decided to do this. YES i paid the $499.
    Im an 18 years old mother with a 13 month daughter and i dont live with my parents. I dont make much money at my job which was hard to come up with the fee.. but someone said to me, “do you think you have what it takes?” and i said YES, and they said, “then do it, if you dont you’ll always ask yourself… what if?”

    i’ve been with ACN for about a week now, and guess what. im STILL $499 less than i was last week and i have made ZERO dollars..
    because i litterally havent done anything. i havent tried. which if you cant understand that then obviously this isnt for you.

    its March 22, 2010 and guess what? in ACN you dont need to know how much everything costs for every carrier cuz guess what? thats what the wonderful magic of the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T is for 🙂 you tell them to go to and check out the products on there, and if they dont have the internet YOU can go on and get the phone number to direct tv or whatever else they have.
    you honestly dont need to spend “10 hours a day” doing ACN. you dont have to quit your job for ACN. it is very possible if your determined, as i was not.

    so, i been in ACN for a week. ive made nothing because i have done nothing. i will let everyone know how it goes.
    because i am a very determined girl and needed to wake up.
    and now im awake and now im going for it full throttle 🙂

  118. RVP John Says:

    Wow, I just spent about an hour reading all these blogs. This is my first time here and probably my last and here’s why. I joined ACN just about two years ago, became RVP in 10 months, have secured a residual income and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars part time. You may ask How? Simple, I spent my time building a team that aquired over $300,000 dollars in monthly billing that I get paid on every month. I went to work and applied the system. The opportunity is the same for everyone, not everyone succeeds, many fail because they quit and then they get on this site and blame everyone else except themselves. We are all where we are suppose to be based on the thoughts we have had, the decisions that we made which have led up to what we call our life. Work on you no matter what you do as you will become a person of value. I have not been on this site because I have been too busy making $ with this opportunity. In fact, I have to go do a training now. I wish each and every one of you success in whatever you decide to do whether that is job or you take a chance in life to try something new. I chose the latter and thank God that I did.

  119. Howard Says:

    Someone on here mentioned that ACN has been in business since 1993 . And that if it was a scam which ( i personally now believe it to be ) Then the Feds would be on them by now . Well the SEC did not catch Bernie Madoff or chose not to because they may possibly been in with him ? Who knows in this criminal Government today if the Feds even give a crap.
    The guy in the video said ACN was within Legitimate guidelines . Sence this seems to be more of a pyramid pass the buck deal someone at the bottom has to get hurt some where . I am going to a presentation in the morning and i want to thank you all for bringing up some valid points and questions i should be asking . I am doing a private presentation so there will be no interference from anyone else . Again thanks for all the info all of you . Oh and by the way . I dont care how bad anyone needs money in this day and age . When it comes to Pyramid scams where someone loses in the end . I want no part of it . I like waking up in the morning knowing i didn’t make someone miss there breakfast or send there kid off to school hungry because the ones at the top wanted a new Corvette at any cost . Stop screwing your fellow man just so you can die naked and without nothing .

    • rtv1130 Says:


      I have been reading these blogs after attending a very nice meeting with some folks that are ACN reps. I too found it fishy that they were much more interested in getting people to join up than to try to sell their video phones. Understand that I had never heard of ACN, nor read anything before I attended. It reminded badly of an AMWAY meeting that I had attended many, many years ago.

      I am certain that people can make $ at this. If you follow their formula and draw in more people who keep the (dare I say it) pyramid going, you will make money and maybe be successful in this. I (like you) just don’t think that this model is an ethical one. As for it being represented by Donald Trump, that didn’t really do it for me either.

      Anyway, I wish anyone who tries ACN nothing but to be successful. When the ACN video phone becomes a household item (like I was told it would be) I will stop using my free SKYPE account with it’s imperfect picture and audio. Oh, by the way it is free and I already have the hardware on my PC that I use every day. I can put it on my laptop and use it in my kitchen if I desire.

  120. chris Says:

    your a leader or a follower. bottom line. numbers dont lie. leaders are leaders for a reason . followers are followers for a reason. people can really take some of the simplest things and make them so complicated the ideas themselves are lost in back and forth debates on why what who where and when. HERES THE BOTTOM ASS LINE. quit trying to reinvent the wheel. the wheel works no matter how you spin will always stay true to form. every bussiness in the world takes the shape of a pyramid. you got a position and there is always one above you or below.period.any company and its success relys soley on consistancy, production, and support. in my opinion, dont dis credit or swear [SCAM] on a company or industry that offers great financial opportunity to individuales you obviously didnt have the capacity to understand or ability to succeed in. ACNs history and credibility speaks for itself and is proven effective and lifechanging by millions who did actually succeed.your failure is your own not the companys or the system they have in place.if you are ignorant enough to buy a bussiness with no concept of the kind of work ethic and committment it entails you deserve to fail miserably. dont confuse simple with easy. there is a reason your warning others about this []scam u were brainwashed into AND ITSBECAUSE its easier for u to make excuses and point fingers then relize maby acn didnt work for you because you didnt work for acn. some will some wont some cant some dont so what. move out of the way so leaders can get by, people who fail and make excuses, will always be failures, people who try to reinvent the wheel will always drive in circles .if a system works, follow it,especially if its a very successful industry. if you think your story of unsuccess will convince b4 the millions who live it successfully id say keep the club alive its the only leading position i think yall ever qualify for. id take a deeper look at what kind of influence or difference you make in the world of any significance. except giving the other bitter failures and pesimists a place to conragate in comfort that is. good luck in corporate america!!

  121. MoneyMoneyMoney Says:

    I’m not sure why everyone is arguing over the business… bottomline is people are doing it to make money, if you make money great if you don’t leave… if you don’t have the intelligence to make it succeed don’t be paying that $500 up front.
    I personally know a Senior RVP as they call it… and since I know his finances, if you want validation for if they make money, I can honestly say that they do. Pretty good money actually, will it make them rich.. no! but it’s a very comfortable living. If you can’t see yourself making it to that level where you have 600-1000 people under you… don’t even bother… it’s a money losing proposition… money losing because you spent so much time on it.. 500 bucks is really nothing, compared to all that effort wasted.
    This is all MLMs are, just a way to make money off dumb people, the people here that are touting or looking down on the services are idiots, I don’t really think ACN care either, as long as anyone can make a buck they’ll keep doing it.
    My conclusion is that, if you are charismatic and you can fool alot of people into working for you, go for it, you’ll make a very good living.

  122. c lee Says:

    So, I too went to presentation – after reading the pro and con, I think acn is a good SUPPLEMENTAL plan; not the only way to exist $$ but a way to augment – comments?

  123. WhatAjokeOfABlog Says:

    Right. I only got half way through the blog and decided I read enough.

    People… Wake up. Life is a journey. Decide where you want it to take you..

    We are all accountable for our own choices at the end of the day. Make mistakes and learn…

    ACN, nor its reps can force you to part with your £200 or $500 whatever the case may be.

    They start by showing you the potential. No harm done right?

    They then teach you to dream. Now let me ask you something… How can you achieve something without setting the goal to do so?

    Without the goal or the dream. We wont take the necessary steps to achieve them.

    So as far as I’m concerned showing you a dream = no harm done.

    Helps us better ourselves and take adequate steps to achieve our dreams… Simple.

    Now as far as business goes. What business on the face of this world does not cost Money to start up? Even if your a shoe shiner. You still have to buy Boot Polish and brushes! Right???

    And ACN is a huge multinational company with state of the art Business centres. Trust me you’d be stupid to think they make their money from the Representative Licence fee.

    They’ve generated top earners. Any “RVP” or “SVP” is earning unfathomable amounts monthly. That many of you dont even earn a year.

    Furthermore… I dont know about the States but in the UK. They offer a good compensation plan. And if you WORK, yep I said it WORK! you can triple your investment in a VERY short period of time.

    Make no mistake this is as many people mentioned. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. You get customers and you get paid.

    So, Decisions, decisions…

  124. TJ Says:

    I sat here and read everything you all wrote. It was the biggest waste of my time. You have not showed any proof that ACN is a scam. I have proof that ACN is not a scam The BBB gives ACN an A+ rating and I’ve been in ACN for around 7 weeks and have made money. I was in Amway for 7 year and have made more money with ACN. There scams out there and people like you all Negative and want people sit around and be poorer then you. See ACN isn’t the scam you all are the scammers

  125. Dennis Says:

    ACN is not a scam. All this comes from hype and is seeded by people who don’t follow through, don’t actually work the business and then want someone to blame. Its ludicrous. NO ONE IN ACN MAKES ANY MONEY from sign up fee. We only earn money from the services. If a rep doesn’t get customers they won’t make any money! If I opened a cell phone kiosk but never went to work I wouldn’t make any money either! It simple! And web blogs are not a research tool it’s the internet version of the bathroom wall!

    I am successful in ACN, and I almost wasn’t. At first I didn’t follow the training and did it my way for four months with zero success. After that I looked at the people whe were succeeding and said. “What are you doing? What is your secret?” they told me there ARE NO SECRETS. It’s all in th training and support if we will just follow instructions. So I tried it…. and BOOM. My business exploded. So I could have been a negative poster here. But It would have been just another knucklehead that didn’t do what he should.

    Imagine if I’d bought a starbucks franchise and then went down to wally world and bough a Mr. Coffee machine and some Folgers and went and tried to figure it out. Should anybody listen to me if I bad mouth Starbucks? PUH-leeeze.

    • Sean Says:

      You shouted “NO ONE IN ACN MAKES ANY MONEY from sign up fee.” That’s clearly not true. It’s just that you reps don’t make any money from it. I don’t even know if that’s the case, but it’s what I’m inferring from your keyboard-screaming. But it’s pretty obvious that someone is making money from it. How many founders are there? Pretty sweet deal for them, if they’re not sharing those $500 startup fees with anyone else at all.

      Also, you could not have bought a Starbucks franchise. Because they don’t let just any yahoo off the street run their stores. I’m not gonna defend their franchise practices because I don’t think they’re all that good for the franchisees, but my point remains that your little hypothetical is a non-starter.

  126. Crabman Says:

    ACN. What a great company. Everything is laid out in front of you. Its your responsibility to do your due diligence before you join. If your calling it a scam or they “preyed” on you, you are weak and dumb. Obviously those who didn’t make any money are bums and didn’t put forth and effort. And if they lose friends and family members over a phone you got some pretty shallow friends and family. Just like anything what you put in is what you get out. I love working for a company with great products and an awesome compensation plan. Putting $500 bucks in is peanuts for the exponential amounts of money that can be made. So if your reading this and wanna bash it you most likely are not a member or you join and YOU FAILED not the company. Digital video phones are gonna be everywhere in the next few years. My upline and all the reps I know are selling the product. not just recruiting. I you sign up 100 people and don’t have a customer point you will not make any money. So just recruiting people is pointless. Do it right and you will see results. To all you haters that joined your all a bunch of lazy bums. To all the other haters just understand whats really happening there are people who are making money all those who claim its a scam or they didn’t earn anything once again lazy bums. Open your eyes. Much love and keep on rockin in the free world

  127. Friends & Family Says:

    A friends just tried to sell me.
    The cell phones are not cheaper. I go from service to service whenever I feel like it, whenever I catch a better deal. If I am getting it from a friend or family I cannot change on a whim, because there’s the friends and family guilt this is all layered with. It’s right at the top of their paper work…friends & family.
    I’d love a video phone for grandma…you don’t have to have a computer! But! You do have to pay $30 a month for the phone on top of the $100 to buy it to begin with. PLUS you HAVE to have a internet connection…a new and fast one too. So what’s that now? Oh about $50 a month per phone.
    The ‘presentation’ was a disaster and our friendship hangs in the balance. Thanks ACN to getting your filthy nose in my personal life. You suck.

  128. wireless Says:

    Amazing, I didn’t knew this, thanks.

  129. Bill knows Says:

    UR funny must be a worker bee for this ACN he is so determined.
    How much do you make?
    When anyone (who can afford it) can buy product from AT&T and resell it
    as well as Apple , Verizon etc. you cannot call it Partnering. This ACN resells items that you can get for free or cheaper through the main company. They are not researching or inventing they resell and are not current anyway. If I buy this video phone or let’s say 2 of them I can give it to my friend hook it up to our computers and chat for free…no need to spend $30 monthly. However the same is true with the I have to video chat with another I Phone…I have never heard the Donald actually say he thinks this ACN is a one of a kind super company but I did read in the Success rag (I think ACN publishes it) that he endorses it . I own my own company. I have worked hard to build it. I have reliable trusting customers. I pay my taxes and vacation very well. I don’t have to sell franchises or persuade anyone to buy stock or user fees or annual dues or anything at all just my product. I sleep well at night and have burnt no bridges with family or friends. But if you like I will sell you a franchise of my company and you can pay me hundreds of dollars and then find your own customers to sell to . I would also want a yearly fee from you just for owning your franchise. I can’t tell you how much you will make but I am very well off. I did this on my own with no help from the government, friends or family. It has taken me close to 10 yrs. and it will be here for many years to come. To bad there are so many lemmings in this world. R U funny now.

    • Priyanka Singh Says:

      if you dont know who endorses ACN, or what Donald trump really says….. that means you are misinformed… why do you blog when you misinformed?

      You may have your own business… but i dont think you are qualified to judge other people’s business motives and ACN’s business model…

      Looks like someone is jealous of everyone else…. that doing business and earning its success took you 10 years!

  130. Wally Says:

    I have to laugh at the people who write this BS about ACN. The only people that you folks talk to are people who didn’t do ANYTHING when they got into ACN. This is business ownership and unfortunetly 97% of American’s have an “Employee” mentality and NOT an “Employer” mentality. There is a big difference.

    ACN is a customer acquisition company and nobody makes any money if services are not sold. ACN is up front about that and continues to drive that message home with everybody. I personally needed a new phone and ordered it through my own website and saved $249 dollars just on the phone, I saved another $30 on the activation fee which I got FREE as well as FREE shipping so I saved almost $250 dollars just on a cell phone that I would have bought at the local AT&T store.

    I then switched to Direct TV and got a better deal through my own website than if I called Direct TV’s 800 number so I saved another $75-100 dollars there. I switched my phone service over to ACN and I know save approximately $35 every month. I could go on and on about saving people money on the services that they mindlessly pay every month!!!

    ACN is NOT a get rich quick scheme as people think it is. If ACN is a scam, than Donald Trump, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Direct TV, Dish Network, ADT and everybody else must be in on the scam also! You people need to read more reliable sources like: Inc Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Sucess & Success from Home Magazine, etc. These people are REAL journalist and get the correct facts! If yuo want to learn how to play golf, would you go take lessons from somebody who shoots 125 for 18 holes or the golf “Pro” who shoots even par or better?

    I encourage people to go to Barnes and Knobles to pick up Success From Home Magazine which features “Successful” people every month who tell great thinga about ACN and how it changed their lives. STOP reading Broke magazine because you will neve make any money!

    This is Telecommunicatins folks. The second MOST regulated industry in the WORLD. Do you really think that the FCC & FTC would allow this if it was a scam? Get real! Donald Trump is a BILLIONAIRE! He spent two years investigating ACN with his high paid laywers. Do you know why?? Because he wanted to buy the company and that is public record! Love him or hate him, he knows how to make money and is the spokesperson for ACN. It is not Donald Trump Communications!

    I find it funny that the people who bad mouth ACN say they never made any money. That is because they went into this thinking it was gt rich quick, like alot of the other “product” based businesses that have been out there since the early 80’s. All of these people DID NOT do what they were told to do because the system does work!!!!

    As a business owner, I would rather listen to Successful people who already know how to make money and are willing to teach me how they did it in stead of listening to some person who quit after one month because they didn;t do ANYTHING! I ask everybody who bad mouths ACN one question. Do you get a paycheck if you do NOT go to work, do not sell anything if you are in sales? The answer is NO!

    This is a job and you dont make any money if you do not work at it. Nobody rides for Free! I personally have seen people get into the business and do NOTHING, so guess how much money they made…. ZERO!

    I also know many people who work this the way it was designed to be worked and they are making great money. They are helping others make good money and what is wrong with that? This economy is the worst most of us have ever seen and people are loosing their jobs every single day. Things will not get any better anytime soon. ACN is not looking for people who want to sit around, do nothing and rely on the government to pay their bills and become financially independent.

    I am ALL ears if anybody out there thinks they have a better business opportunity than ACN!!! I have tried the “product based” companies in the past and nobody comes even close to the support, tools and system that ACN has in place so bring it on! The checks that I get in the mail every single month, wether I work or not, are real and the bank cashes them so for all of you negative people out there, keep doing what you have always done and you will continue to get what you have always got!!!

    Poverty is not in my vocabulary or business plan. I am VERY proud to be helping people “Keep” their houses, cars and other things. You folks should be interviewing people like, Donald Trump and the former President of Vonage, who left to join ACN because he saw the vision of the company, and the CEO of Verizon who called ACN to market their products as services at a much lower cost than they current do things. As well as the CEO’s of the other companies mentioned above.

    Oh and by the way, do you know what industry has created the MOST millionaires worldwide?????? It is Network Marketing and many of today’s most influential “successful” business leaders say that Network Marketing is the marketing method of the 21st century.

    How many commercials did you see from Coca Cola during last years Superbowl? NONE. They used to spend millions every year just for the Superbowl and not they see word of mouth advertising as a better way to spread the word. Look at Facebook and other social networks out there. How much do they spend on advertising??? ZERO, Nothing, notta!!! The owner of Facebook is only 24 years old and he is a BILLIONAIRE now so don;t tell me that Network Marketing does not work because you have your head in the sand (or somewhere else)

    I will remember to laugh REAL hard everytime I go to the mailbox to retrieve another check from ACN that pays my mortgage, car payment or college bill for my kids. I hope you enjoy being miserable at what you do because it seems that you surround yourself with negative people and negativity in general. I ENJOY what I do and surround myself with POSITIVE people every day and that is not a bad way to live life!!!

    For all of you who thinks ACN or network marketing is a scam, you should start reading reputable resources and stop looking things up on google because that is nothing but crap that anybody can post including the competition or other peole that did not do what they were told to do!

    Yours Truly,

    Gregg Waller

  131. Jeremiah Johnson Says:

    My knucklehead friend who I haven’t seen in months called me out of the blue and invited me to one of those meetings. Seeing that I am leaving the state next week I went to see him and see what this “business opportunity” thing is..

    What I see is that ACN’s revenue is primarily from it’s $500 fee to become a representitive and other annual/monthly fees, not so much when it comes to selling “products”, so the more reps you sign up (recruit), the more money ACN makes. There seems to be little focus on selling actual products.

    That would be like Subway Corporate selling Franchises to people so those people can sell more Subway Franchisees to other people. And, not by selling actual product (sandwiches).

    This is a shady practice in my opinion. For one to make money with this company it seems to me like you have to become a lowlife without standards who prey upon the naive. The more suckers you find, the more money you make and ACN.

    I will be calling my friend tomorrow to tell him he is a dumbass. And, I won’t forget to mention that I don’t appreciate him trying to make me a sucker.

  132. Alex Says:

    I just don’t understand it. There are many who all they are good at is finding fault with everything. Like somehow they have a lock on intelligence and being normal and anything outside their “perceptions of reality” is anti-everything.

    I just don’t get that. They are professional at losing the forrest for the trees. So narrow minded, suffers of tunnel vision.

    They feel they are doing society a justice by spreading their unsubstaniated emotionally based inuendos. Here is the simple fact:

    I never listen to people like that because they don’t succeed at anything in life except DRAMA!

    If you are going to do a story, then do it right by being objective! Don’t just blow smoke up people’s asses based on some trip you took or some media biased bullshit spin!

    p.s. I am not an ACN Rep!

  133. Jack Burton Says:

    Here is the truth from someone who researched it for a very long time. Someone with a masters degree, and a former science teacher. I understand numbers. Unfortunately most Americans have an opinion on everything and don’t know anything. Research goes beyond looking a bunch of blogs and forming an opinion based on “research” of others opinions, and talking to a couple friends. Full disclosure. I am an ACN rep doing very well, and many on my team are doing very well. Hoping to quit the day job early next year (I make about $47 an hour), or at least cut back to about 2 days a week.

    Most MLM’s are a legalized scam. They sell a product or service but the majority of the product or service is actually paid for by the rep, not an end customer. If 70%-80% of the cash comes from the reps, its a scam. ACN has millions of customers in North America, yet only about 200,000 reps. REAL CUSTOMERS.

    Most MLM’s “higher quality” products are really just overpriced. They are good, but not that good. ACN provides all the same services that people are already paying for, often at a better price. People never, never end up paying more. In some cases people save over a $1,000 a year. In others maybe a few hundred. No one is buying a $40 candle on a guilt trip. Also everyone should realize that the reason ACN can give better deals is pretty obvious. Example: ATT spends about $500 per year to get a new customer or retain an old one. Thats roughly $42 a month on your bill that has nothing to do with the service and everything to do with advertising. We don’t have that cost.

    ACN does not require reps to keep making quotas every month or quarter to continue getting paid. Many MLM’s do this and the result is reps end up with a lot of products in a closet or garage to stay eligible.

    As far as the $500 start up fee goes, there are times when I wish it were more. That way people would take it more seriously and not jump in willy nilly. It is a huge waste of my time and I don’t make jack if they don’t produce paying customers. amazing how many people will spend thousands on even the silliest of “traditional” business start ups that are destined to fail, yet are uncomfortable with $500. When I started my private practice on the side, $500 paid for a desk and a couple of waiting room chairs. Their are other expenses of course. But you don’t incur them if you aren’t doing the business.

    BTW. There is a 10 day cooling off period and any new rep can get their $500 back. There is a system. In the free trainings online that are available, one of the first things an ACN rep is supposed to do is get off to a fast start in the first week. If they won’t do that it is suggested they get out of the business so they don’t feel ripped off when they refuse to work the system. I won’t let a new rep sign if they don’t commit to working it hard for a week so they can decide if it is for them. One of the first things you are supposed to do is watch this information. Gigantic arrows on the home page that says, NEW REPS START HERE. I imagine you can guess how many of the people I’ve met who have failed, didn’t even know they could have gotten their money back. Now I also don’t like the fact that their up-line didn’t make this very clear right off the bat. But the point is that these people who claim they worked so hard, never even bothered to watch the very first training video.

    Also, it is possible to make some decent money just by getting customers. The compensation package does kind of suck at the beginning, but you are rewarded with higher %’s as your monthly production increases. Basically if worked very slow and you could get one new household per week for about a year and a couple months, you would have a steady $1000 (low end) that kept coming in every month because you never pay off your phone / alarm / cell / TV / electricity bill.

    The video phone is cool, if it serves a purpose for you. For the people that get all caught up on the phone and start spraying spittle as they foam at the mouth – you only prove how little you understand and how obvious it is why you weren’t good at this. The video phone is one of many services. The vast majority of my money comes from the stuff they were already paying for. Theo small percentage of customers that did buy it, did so to make long distance calls to their kids who lived across the country or in another state. So they could see grand kids open presents. So military moms could see their sons in Germany on a regular basis that didn’t require scheduling at time to sit down at a computer for skype. We have family that live far away so we use it. I make a little on the video phone, but I make a hell of a lot more on all the other services that I am saving people money on. It is also a great business tool because I can train my reps, and have gotten training, from people hours away. Saved a lot of gas $$ and time. But the morons on here who bitch about the expense of the phone every month are idiots. It is also your local and long distance, and for $30 you can get 2 adaptors that make all your other phones work on the digital line. I was paying a lot more for my local and long distance anyways, so after about 10 months it has paid for itself and saves money from then on. Although it is a bit more than vonage. And you don’t have to have blazing fast internet with the new video phones. The most basic and crappy DSL service works just fine.

    Another thing on the business end is the idea that if not everyone succeeds then it is a scam. Most new businesses crash and die and take entire life savings with them. I forget the exact statistics, but over 5 years start up business owners will work 60+ hours a week and are way more likely to go bankrupt than even make ends meet. 80% of new businesses fail and ruin lives / wipe people out = “at least they gave it a shot”. Same gets said for ACN and people who did some work part time for a few months are out $500 to $1000 for their expenses = “complete idiots, how could they have fallen for that”.

    By the way Donald Trump wanted to buy ACN. When ACN declined they asked him to endorse them. He was so impressed he endorsed them, and he doesn’t endorse anything but himself and his companies. And the fee he gets paid he donates to charity. That is documented. Personally I can’t stand the guy, but he does know how to make money.

    I have no idea why I typed all this. Won’t make a dif one way or the other in my business. There is so much more that is incorrect I would be here all night if I kept going. Moral of the story is, if you get your info and make decisions based on forums and blogs, then I really hope you aren’t voting in November. And if you are then hey, what the hell. OJ Simpson for president, and Adolf Hitler for VP. It’s time for change in America. Gnight

    • Barbara Fairbanks Says:

      For Jack – I replied to your blog, but didn’t go about it the right way, and I think it got posted as just a general post. I did say it was for Jack, though, but didn’t use the “reply” option on your blog. I would appreciate it if you would find it (shouldn’t be difficult)), as I have a couple of questions for you about ACN.



  134. Priyanka Singh Says:

    I read through all the comments in this page. Both the side of the arguments are well articulated here. However, ACN does not care about people who market negatively about it. And, people who benefit from ACN dont care about stereotypes who say ACN is a scam. I dont understand why people who are unrelated to ACN calling it a scam.

    Yes, the methodology of MLM is used. But that doesnt make it a scam. There is no other business model that is as logical as ACN. There is no other internet scheme that is backed up by popular companies.

    And, yes, it wont work for all…. if you are a person with no social skills, no friends and you sit your ass in front of computer all day and code your way through life… you will be bad in “relationship marketing”… the problem is not with the “product”, or the “marketing”…. the problem is with “relationship” part… you suck in relationship, so you will suck in ACN…

    As you may be knowing, scam business can be sued as fraud in consumer court. For those who oppose ACN, file a lawsuit and post your suit# in the blog… or else, dont go on with the stupid empty bashing… some people may think you are jealous of our social skills!!!!!!!!!!

    • John Says:

      What gets me here is attitudes like this. Who wants to buy products from people that tell others that they suck, putting down people for their lack of social skills? As far as I’m concerned, people like this have no social skills because they’re already telling off people they haven’t even met before. They’re defensive. That’s not social.

  135. Another Guy Says:

    It is not a scam. That is ridiculous, outdated, sensationalist reporting. The company is legit. Most sales reps fail. ACN makes a lot of enemies b/c it is hard to succeed in the business. A few succeed, most people think they can, then fail, then get angry and call it a scam. The whole thing is stupid, but it is not illegal.

  136. Smacktalk101 Says:

    I just got involved in ACN. I never liked MLM but this makes perfect sense. $500.00 is cheap to start a business. It takes work bottom line. You don’t work you fail. It just that simple.

  137. Barbara Fairbanks Says:

    For Jack – Thank God that someone in this ENTIRE blog wrote with the clear-minded intelligence and class that you did. I have read so much on the Internet about ACN that my head is spinning. I’ve been at it all day. My opinion about ACN has been flip-flopping back and forth, from this side of the fence to THAT side of the fence for hours. You are so right, Jack, that making decisions and forming opinions from reading Internet forums and blogs, is utterly useless. But here I am still trying, as I don’t know how better to learn real information and real experience about a subject than from real people. One thing I have noticed from “researching” ACN from such blogs and forums (and this is not the only site I have been reading from), is that, overall, it seems that the people who bash ACN do seem to be either of illiterate, ignorant, and/or negative leanings. For some reason, the more rational bloggers who have found, or are finding, some success with ACN appear to be more highly educated, better communicators, and of a positive and success-oriented mindset. I am seeing this thread over and over again as I read through this material, pro and con, about ACN. I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that this is probably the main reason that some people find success with this system, but other’s fail. I don’t really believe that the people who fail at this system are just plain lazy, as some bloggers are so quick to point out. The bloggers who are against ACN, and seem to see it as a scam, or have even tried it and then failed, do seem (to me) to be the negative type of personality that whine and complain about situations they may not agree with or are ignorant about, and they constantly see the glass as half empty rather than half full. I think it’s more of a case, generally speaking, that the people who are failing at working the system or view ACN in a negative light are negative-minded to begin with. I believe that for the most part, the ones who are genuinely trying, but failing at working the system, are letting little failures here and there get them down, and they end up taking, personally, the obstacles and inevitable rejections everyone is sure to encounter along the way with this type of endeavor. In my opinion, they may be letting the little failures overwhelm them. Whereas, the success-minded people use these obstacles and small failures to fuel their determination to find new ways to approach challenges, as well as an added determination to endure what they need to endure while they are climbing the ladder upwards. That saying comes to mind, that “If you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying.” I may have mis-quoted this a little, but that is the gist of the quote, and I believe it to be true. I do have two questions about comments that other bloggers have posted about ACN which I think perhaps you may be able to answer for me, or at least shed a little light on. I am still on the fence about joining, and I still have a sliver of doubt about how this company works, as well as its ultimate legitimacy. One comment that a successful ACN rep made was this; that where he is located, it is against the law for him to show a prospective rep (or, I guess anyone, for that matter), his ACN pay checks in order to prove to them what his residual earnings actually are, thereby proving his success. I don’t know where he is “located”, but do you have any idea what law he is talking about? Another blogger, who sounded pretty intelligent, and whom I think had either failed his ACN endeavor, or gave up on it after trying the system, posed this question; ACN has been in business for 18 years, under this network-marking business model, and yet all of the ACN success stories of real people, regularly featured in their literature and on their DVD’s have only been with ACN for 4-5 years. WHERE are all those successful reps who began with the company 18 years ago; why are these people NEVER featured as the highly successful reps they must be by now???? Where are these people? Wouldn’t they still be affiliated with ACN in order to collect their residual earnings, and, if so, wouldn’t ACN be parading them proudly in front of prospective reps in order to prove that their successful business model has stood the test of time?” I understand that ACN may be wanting to show how newer reps have achieved outstanding success in a relatively short period of time, but why are the reps that started with the company never even mentioned? Out of all of the comments I have read, this one question seems the most profound, and keeps niggling at the back of my mind. Could you possibly shed some light on these two issues? I would appreciate it, and I do appreciate your blog, it really was “the voice of reason” for me.

    • ACN Rep Says:

      If you are still interested, let me know. I will try to find out all I can about the 18 year reps. I know several 8 year reps who are still successful in my market.

  138. markus Says:

    Listen people a there is no need for too much discussion, ACN is simply a company who makes its profits of “Selling” you the idea of financial Independence, So much so that you will pay $500 to register with them so that you may learn how to “Sell” the idea of financial independence to your friends, family and strangers (which you rarely will have the guts to approach”. Ill break it down to you further, ACN is focused on recruiting people and convincing them to register for the $500 fee, which is the major source of their income. All the bogus stories of how i was making minimum wage and now with ACN im RICHHH. Sadly people are gullible by nature and by into this crap and they know that. Now you have to go get them more suckers to sing up and pay that fee so that you can get paid!!! Classic pyramid scheme, BY THE WAY Video phone technology is not that GREAT, people use video calls on SKYPE and IPHONE so whats the big deal??? Donald trump is another Shark who endorsed the business so people will buy into it and his pockets get fatter. DO yourself a favor, Invest your time and money into a real business not this crapppppp.

  139. Ryan G Says:

    Like it was stated in one of the recent posts, there are so many points and counter points it would be quite a challenge to argue each one. I have a “real job.” I spent 5 years in college and have a impressive student loan balance of over $54K and I’m one of the fourtunate ones that I am service provider that thankfully has been in demand. I am a Physical Therapist by trade, I have over 13 years experience and I enjoy my profession thus far. I worked in just about every setting there is in my chosen profession but the past 3 years, I have been working as an independent contractor so you could say, I caught the entrepreneur bug. I had obsolutely zero business experience coming out of PT school because it is not necessary to be a business owner/Physcial Therapist to utilize our skills. Being in business for yourself is not easy and I’m glad for that. If it were that easy, everyone would do it.

    I recently have been introduced to ACN through a friend of my wife’s. What’s funny is that it is usually me who hears about these wonderful opportunities, goes to a meeting and comes home to my spouse telling the tales of thes incredible opportunities only to get the rolling of the eyes and “uggghhh, not another crazy idea?!” from her. So this time, it was the other way around. She never gets interested or excited about anything resembling MLM. Initially, she does not even want to go even though she would like to get caught up with her friend. So I suggest, just go, she’s your friend…go with an open mind, bring the info home, I’ll say “no way,” and you can blame it on me. Well, I looked at everything, watched a couple of the online videos and felt it was worth more than a second look. My wife and I both signed up a few days apart. So yes, I’m a new ACN rep. For me, I realize it is just like any business venture, there is a risk involved that it won’t work but only if I don’t put the time and effort in. I really don’t think $500 is that much to start a business because I had to pay just about that much for the State filing fees just to start my LLC for my therapy practice. I’ll have several months of work before I can even start seeing patients…getting credentialed on insurance plans, legal and accounting fees, business insurance, malpractice insurance, workers compensation insurance, office space lease, purchasing of equipment and supplies and the eventual hiring of a front office person. Anyone tried getting a small business loan lately? Any idea of the amount of work that entails? All of this before I even get to start marketing just so I can get patients through the door. The once I see patients, I have to wait for the insurance company to decide to pay me for the service I provided. I’m not foolish, crazy for trying this yes. I have a great accountant and have other people on my team so to speak including mentors who have already done what I’m doing who are there to help me and ensure I don’t make some of the mistakes they made along the way and for me to learn from them the things that have helped or were successful in helping their business.

    So why ACN? At the very least, my business will be my own customer and I will save on the services I would otherwise be using anyway and I can get some of that back in a commission, at least 1% and up to 10% depending entirely on my efforts and not anyone elses. Doesn’t seem like alot though does it? Just out of curiosity, how many of the naysayers or bashers are going to pay less per month for the services they are already using AND get some of that money back? So all I have to do is find some other people who want to save money on the services they are already using? Seems like a no brainer to me. Do I expect to be flying in a private jet wherever and when I want in just a couple months? No. But I get it. Some will, some won’t, so what. Will I quit my day job? No…because I enjoy what I do. It might be nice to have that option down the road and the opportunity is there for the taking with ACN. I don’t think it hurts to dream a little either. Might be motivation enough to make it succeed.

    I think its pretty simple. All depends what you want. You can work hard for someone else and get a modest compensation or salary or you can work hard for yourself and and get compensated much more for your efforts and if htose efforts involve teaching someone else how to do what you are doing and you get compensated for that, well, I do see any scam involved with that. I don’t think this is any different that they saying, give some one a fish today and he is fed, teach him to catch fish and he’s fed everyday. Something along those lines.

    Best wishes to those who at least try. ACN may not be for everyone…but I get it. I will get out of it what I put into it.

    – Ryan

    • Ryan G Says:

      Sorry for the typos…

      “and get compensated much more for your efforts and if THOSE efforts involve teaching someone else how to do what you are doing and you get compensated for that, well, I DO NOT see any scam involved with that.”

  140. Andre Givogue Says:

    16 page report reveals the truth about ACN

  141. SVG Says:

    Some general comments.

    The vast majority of your revenue will come from signup fees of your downline, well over 90% of whom will never make any money. Can you sleep at night knowing that your income results from taking advantage of so many people?

    Videophone technology is becoming commonplace, e.g. iPhone FaceTime. Within a year, most smart phones will support it. ACN’s technology is mediocre. There’s simply no meaningful differentiated product.

    What that leaves is convincing people to change their billing for standard telecommunications services to ACN. Some people say ACN is partnering with big companies like AT&T and Verizon and that makes them legitimate. A better word is “distributor”. The big companies have a budget for money they pay for account acquisition and they’re paying it to ACN the same way they pay it to other distributors and salesmen.

    So ACN is, at best, a dubious business. At worst, it’s a cult that preaches fraud and violates U.S. franchising laws. And then you’ve got the finances of the company itself, which – among other things – buys the video phones from a company which is controlled by the founders of ACN itself. This last item is more than just a financial scam – it means that the company has little incentive to actually look for a technologically competitive product because it wants to sell you the inferior one that its own management makes more money off of.

  142. thisiswhack Says:

    ACN is illegal in canada and australia for breaking their laws and regulations with marketing..

    pretty sure it will soon undergo some type of lawsuit, if it hasnt already, in the US

    the only reason i feel that it hasn’t is because americans are so quick and greedy to make money, they’ll do whatever they can (for instance spending 500$ with only a mere possibility of being successful) to make money.

    The dude in the video also said that the majority of employees there are not sucessful and DO NOT make much profit at all, but the company is obviously making profit and every person they DO recruit…which also happends to be people fresh out of highschool as their main focus <–inexperienced people who only have the guidance of experienced indivisuals around them, and to ANYone of course making 33,000 a month sounds amazing.

    the only stories acn advertises are the few success stories they DO have… a company like acn im sure is not going to let the public know about the thousands of people who regret their "investment"

    and im not bashing on a particular group; i am american and i am young just outta high school at a university, but i've done my research.

    congrats to all of you who have overpowered the negatives and drew success out of this "opportunity"

  143. anon Says:

    The truth is that many people, often those posting online, do not fully understand ACN or mulilevel marketing in general. They are simply idiots who buy in just to get rich quick, then quit the moment it gets hard and then blame everyone else. This, in part, is ACN’s fault because they don’t even try to filter out people who would never be successful at this business. They’ll sign up anyone just to get their money. That is the reality.

    The problems everyone has with ACN is getting other people to sign up and buy the services offered. Most people are lazy and reluctant to change. Even your own friends and family will likely fall into this category. Then you have people who think everything is a scam, before they even hear two words about it. Even if you get passed the money issue (many people are broke in this economy) you still have the other obstacles mentioned above.

    Then, on top of the major obstacle of people being people, you have the company itself. ACN’s main product is the videophone. Their videophone is quite frankly, bad technology. I couldn’t even dial basic numbers and get a connection. And this is supposed to “replace” my land line??? But without that videophone, ACN would fit the definition of a pyramid scheme. With the videophone they maintain the paper definition of a legitimate multi-level-marketing company, even though the one product they sell is highly questionable and of low quality. Thier support is also bad, as it is hard to provide friendly support on bad technology to people who have been misled and who have lost a lot of money and are angry.

    The worst thing the company does is trying to get you “locked in” by getting you financially committed. They do this by telling you to pay for every quarterly and annual meeting they have, which will likely mean paying for the seminar AND airfair and hotel. That’s five meetings a year, five plane trips, five hotel stays…etc. That’s a lot of money on top of the $499. But they never tell you that when you sign up. They don’t tell you that they’ll be hounding you to buy dvd’s every month and go to seminars all the time that do nothing but cost you more and more money.

    When you add all of this up it’s amazing that anyone has made money in ACN. I personally believe that even the success stories are grossly misrepresented. The people purporting to make all this easy money are probably lying or manipulating the facts with the sole purpose of getting others to join so that they can actually make a mere fraction of what they claim to make.

  144. Andrew Says:

    Tell me guys what happened to all RVP and TC from ACN long distance and ACN Energy (which was sold by ACN a few years ago)? They had been promised the share of their customers bills forever

  145. Angelo Says:

    MLM’s are pure evil. If you have no scruples, you can join in the fun and may make a lot of money (if you’re lucky). MLM’s are a microcosm of the worst aspects of capitalism. Greed is its own reward.

  146. DeSean Says:

    ACN seems to be structured more like a gang than anything else (ha ha). Recruiting is the main concern, compensation for getting people to buy something they don’t really need (if you can convince them that they do), and once you’re in, you must keep “putting in work” (scamming other people just to break even because you were scammed out of $500 yourself). Must I go on?
    Seriously though, I no longer am friendly with a co-worker because she fell into the ACN trap and is now constantly, even after repeatedly telling her that I have no interest in joining, trying to TRICK me into attending household meetings about ACN (most recently disquised as a birthday party).
    If ACN is going so great for her, than why do I always hear her on the phone in the lunchroom with her bank about her account being overdrawn? Or why is she always hitting people up for bus fare to get home? Where is that new Beamer she said she would have in a month? And she is always hitting it hard, too, day and night. ACN is all she every talks to anyone about.
    In order to use a video phone, the person you’re talking to needs to have one, also (ever hear of a webcam?).
    And they keep splashing Donald Trump’s face (and comb-over) all over their literature and advertisements. Has anyone else found it strange that on all of these ads, he is refered to as Donald “J.” Trump. Funny, I’ve never heard nor seen him use his middle initial before. Makes me wonder if it is, in fact, the real Donald Trump. Just like Elvis, there are many imitaters out there. It is like calling Howard K. Stern the King of all Media.
    Just wondering if anyone else ever noticed that or found it odd.

    • JJ Says:

      “compensation for getting people to buy something they don’t really need (if you can convince them that they do)”

      I agree nobody NEEDS any of our services, but they do find it hard to live without Gas, Electric, Cell Phones, TV Service, and Internet.

      Many of the other services like Home Security, Computer Tech Service, Mobile App (free calling on cell phone to 60 countries), and so forth are only wanted by some people but still enough.
      “Funny, I’ve never heard nor seen him use his middle initial before. Makes me wonder if it is, in fact, the real Donald Trump.”

      Sure that it was a fake Celebrity Apprentice that featured the company twice for 2 hours too. That really was a stupid comment. You don’t have to like his hair, but when someone is worth Billions he probably knows more about business then you…just maybe 😉
      Speaking of Billionaires. Do you know who Warren Buffet is? Why don’t you look up his thoughts on Network Marketing and then his opinion on the Deregulation of Utilities (Gas and Electric). Sure a self made Billionaire who has donated $30+ billion in his lifetime knows a little something about making money.

      BTW, your co-worker isn’t doing the business correctly. If she was she wouldn’t still be talking to you about the business, and she never should have thought a new Beamer was realistic in a month. Not something any team I know of would even suggest. She has good intentions I am sure, but needs to work on her business skills a bit.

      • John Says:

        JJ, You’re missing the point. The thing is people ALREADY HAVE those services. That’s why they don’t need them!

        I find it funny that ACN people get so defensive. If it’s not a problem and you’re making so much money, then why are you wasting your time here? You already know it works. I thought you guys all lived the good life. Shouldn’t you be on a golf course now? Spending quality time with the kids? Taking a luxury cruise in the Mediterranean?

        You’re not setting a good example.

  147. DeSean Says:

    Seriously though, its a pyramid scheme, but with a real product, so it is, by definition, a legal company. But any company that you have to pay to join and then get other people to follow suit, with all that money flowing to the top probably isn’t a good idea. But no matter what you say to people, they have to learn that for themselves. You can lead a horse to water…

  148. wowyourbright Says:

    So. First off, no rep makes a dime off of the $500.00. That money pays for back office support as well as licensing and training. Did you know that as an ACN rep, it is your responsibility to utilize the training they provide for free, including reseller legal training? Did you know that as a new cellular dealer you need to obtain over 2000 and sometimes 10,000 customers before you can see a residual on billing, but as an ACN rep, you earn residuals from customer 1 as a result of your $499 registration fee? Also, did you know that in order to resell telecom and energy in the 50 states and 23 countries ACN operates in has a cost associated with each of them?

    Our team pushes a customer to rep ratio as being a huge part of success. Bonuses and residuals are all based on accounts, not on team id’s. Do your homework before you assume you know what you are talking about and spread what essentially is slander.

    “Oh look at me. I arrogantly tolerated a presentation. Then I jumped to a bunch of conclusions. This makes me an expert and so I will post my ignorance on the internet as if I know what I am talking about. I will pose as an actual media outlet while doing it so as to lend false credibility to my rant.”


    • Angelo Says:

      So which is it? Is the training free or do you have to pay $500? What about requiring you to buy/subscribe to the products?

      • JJ Says:

        Training can be done online for free. By far the best training on the services we offer, how to acquire customers, and so forth is in the back office.

        You are not required to purchase any products. Only mandatory fee is the $499 and annual renewal fee of around $150 (it auto debits, sorry not 100% sure of the fee).

        What you really need to build the business is $30 a month for your business assistance which includes your website and a bunch of other tools that are critical to being able to grow your business.

        Other then that you can build a business with no other costs if you wanted to. Just makes sense to sign up your own cell phone, TV, internet, and so forth to get paid a monthly residual check on them. It’s not extra costs, just becoming your own customer for bills you already have. Down the road after you are making money it does make sense to add some other services so you know what they are and how they work, if you don’t like them cancel them but at least try them as money permits.

        Hope that helps.

  149. John Says:

    HAHA!! I knew Id see all the ACN minions coming out of the woodwork, defending the preposterous Scam Mothership that is ACN. I dont blame them. Its tough to come to the realization that you are truly an idiot and are just throwing your time and $ away to make a few people at the top rich.Hilarious.In all reality ,those who cater to, and subject others to pyramid scheme recruitment rantings and phone calls, are literally the most worthless piles of fungus on the planet.Only to be rivaled by the former drug addict peddling magazine subscriptions door to door, or the “friend” you havent heard from in 8 years calling you to invite you to a Mona Vie tasting and business oppurtunity. For proof of the scam, you really need to look no further than their last zinger, the Videophone, i.e; the already forgotten device that they paid Donald Trump to endorse a couple years ago..A TOTAL FAILURE. Theyre tactic in new recruitment is to always hold mass meetings while spotlighting NEW!!! hardware products(Videophone) or services and to proclaim them as the next rocket to blast any new recruits to the top, because “After the new UberPhone ZX10000 launches were ALL going to make LIFE CHANGING MONEY? FOLKS, with a show of hands, WHOSE READY to make LIFE CHANGING MONEY?!!!!?!!?!?!?!?!…. WE ARE!!!!!!!!” And such, the saga continues….

  150. Roger Says:

    I can assure you that I am no idiot, eventhough I was scammed into signing up with ACN. I am a published author and former stockbroker, so I’m no idiot. But I will tell you for sure that ACN is a SCAM. Whoever you are on this site, whether it’s a new recruit, a rep who’s been in it a while, or just a prospect…you will NOT make money in ACN! I too was confused at first because when I did my due dilligence all I saw was a bunch of illiterate morons bashing ACN for dumb reasons. But their stupidity does not negate ACN’s unethical business practices and poor business model. You also can’t justify buying into ACN because it’s cheaper than other startup businesses. Why would you buy into a crap business just because it’s cheap? That doesn’t makes sense. I won’t get into the specifics of everything that makes ACN a scam, but I will caution you to be very analytical of the things ACN reps (and your upline) tell you. Look for hidden meaning. If you do, you’ll realize that EVERYTHING they tell you is just to get you to stay in, pay more money, and sucker in more people. It is pure manipulation and obfuscation. Unless you are a complete fool, you’ll catch on quickly that this is a losing proposition and that the people who hooked you in are probably even more desparate to make ACN work than you are.

  151. Iron T Says:

    I went to a ACN meeting in the UK, I didn’t have a clue what the meeting was about but I was told I was going to be offered a great opportunity.

    At the meeting they discussed how we could work for yourself, (but in fact your actually working for ACN). They didn’t mention anything about the product or show videos on how the products work.

    I am a person who believes in hard work and I believe in maintaining a good reputation. I can’t see how people can recommend products to their friends and family that they know about.

    My question to ACN reps is are you selling people quality products? Or are you selling people the idea of making money by purchasing this product?

    If it is the latter than ACN is not a producer of quality product. If a company focuses on encouraging you to make money rather than focusing on it products then the company is not a reputable company

    • JJ Says:

      Iron T ACN is a Customer Acquisition Company. They use a network of distributors to move a LOT of quality services. These services vary by country and I can’t speak to the UK as to what is offered, but can say that new services are rolled out all the time as it makes economic sense to do so.

      Sadly the LOW cost of starting this type of business means that you have all types of people. Also due to the fact that everyone is an Independent Distributor there are NO requirements to get trained before people are allowed to talk to others. Which is why you see the wide range of comments from people who didn’t like how they were approached, or felt it was a hype session, or whatever other excuse they had to label ACN a scam…none of the reason above hold water period the end. It’s pretty simple if it was a scam they wouldn’t be in all 50 states in the US and 23 other countries…seriously they deal with some of the most regulated industries in the world and pass with flying colors. So if it didn’t work for you or your friend maybe…just maybe it’s because they didn’t get off their couch and miss a couple episodes of “Your life sucks so you watch TV 2.8 hours a day and only 40 minutes per day socializing with friends and family” (yes that is the 2010 stats folks Sadly people don’t take responsibility for their actions, or inaction, these days. It can’t be my fault, it must be a scam.

      Those that are ethical and trained know that tricking someone to show up at a meeting isn’t the way to build the business. They also know that the real money long term is in the residual income.

      Building a distribution network of distributors is key. Once it’s in place then any new service that ACN rolls out you will experience a large boost in income. Picture having 1000 distributors out there who transfer their gas and electric bills to ACN plus go and acquire customers as the service rolls out, vs only having yourself out there to market the service. Obviously having the distribution network in place will make you more money which is why if you want to build substitutable long term residual income you build a team while building your customer base.

      The only people who fail are the ones who don’t put in the effort. But if you can’t consistently put in 7-15 hours a week to building a business that can set you financially free then don’t start. You can’t put in 2 hours one week, none for a month, then 10 hours another week, then take 2 months off again, and so forth. It’s a business and if you treated it as seriously as your job you will make money. And yes that time commitment is told to each prospect before they join our business because it’s critical.

      If you are serious about changing your financial situation then take a serious look at ACN. Just know that it’s like your health club membership, 1000 people start each year and only a few changed their bodies by the end of the year. It isn’t because the Gym is a scam, it’s because people aren’t willing to do what it takes to make the changes they claim they want to make. So you will have a lot of people not do anything in the business and there isn’t anything you can do to motivate them or make them help themselves. It was the hardest part of this business I had to get used to…other then that it’s a fun ride.

  152. DannyPay Says:

    Iron T wrote: “My question to ACN reps is are you selling people quality products? Or are you selling people the idea of making money by purchasing this product?”

    One of ACN’s SVP’s was actually quoted as saying “The videophone doesn’t work?–WHO CARES?!?” So that should tell you what ACN thinks of their own “Flagship” product.

    It’s common knowledge within the ACN organization that the videophone is just a junky, token product which only serves to keep ACN from looking like a pure pyramid scheme (which it is). Nobody ever uses it becuase it is clunky, awkward to use, and unreliable. I personally have one, and never got it to work right. Now it just collects dust for $40/month. So yeah, ACN doesn’t care about furnishing people with quality products. They just want your money, and your contact’s money! STAT AWAY from ACN!!!

  153. ben Says:

    First of all. about 90% of that write up is completely false information. ACN does not stand for american communications network and the rest is incorrect as well. ACN reps do not get paid to recruit. 100% of all money earned in the company is based on customers being aquired and customers paying their bills…. I don’t know where you got your information… I’m guessing you did a lot of google research. haha. Way to get the facts straight. Your misleading people. I’m not saying you should join ACN, but do some REAL research for crying out loud.

  154. Troy Daniels Says:

    The company simply offer alternative from purchasing major and quality products and services from MULTIMILLION DOLLAR accrebible companys through a (IBO) INDEPENMDENT BUSINESS OWNER. Its called deregulation…… If it was a scam, fruad whatever…. why would Verizon, Clear internet, PG&E, HTC, Samsung let a false profit/company sell or broker there services and products. Its not easy. But a monkey can do it. But can you…. So before someone says not to or your dumb for doing it. Start up a company like comcast in California by urself and watch your pyrimid base start its downline……

  155. Dan Says:

    Over half the people commenting on this blog wouldnt recognize a good opportunity if it slapped them in the face!!!

    ACN is a vehicle, nothing more, nothing less, there a no gaurantees in life…none

    Go open your own business and see what it will cost you, stop crying about $499.00 as if you are being ripped off.

    If it were free, you still wouldn’t do it because you have no desire for residual income.

    Anyone with any sense can see ACN is on the way to being a multi-bilion dollar company…success leaves trails

  156. CB Says:

    ACN is a big scam, we happen to fell into the scam and paid $500 to join, plus we were locked for 2 yrs on their phone service agreement, which by the way is sucks! their monthly payment is ridiculos expensive, i’m so happy that finally the contract was over.
    Beware!!! if it sounds too good is not true!!!

  157. VoIP ENgineer Says:

    Guys, seriously for $499, you can invest in some voice networking book and equipment to get certifications like Cisco (CCNA), Juniper, etc. and make $100k/year without breaking a sweat. Do some hardwork and discipline, and the money will come. This ACN is trash and sell junk. If technical abilities are not for you, then partner with a real engineer and build your own telephony company. The FCC has made it easy to get into the telecom business. slicing and dicing the industry up in the last 2 decades. Ton of small startups have made it “big”. Use your brain instead of your greed.

  158. Amy Says:

    I am not an ACN rep but I do know 4 of them. They are not rolling in the big money but they are out there everyday. They are selling service via an ACN web site for services that you already have. i.e cell phone, cable, internet, etc. These services are provided by some large business and they dont have to pay for advertising through ACN. If you pay someone $500. then you sit on your butt waiting for the big money then its your own fault you dont make anything back. You can not just let it happen you have to make it happen. You can not just open a store and not have anything or tell anyone. For those of you who have lost friends and money then they (or you) were not that good of a friend. I have been asked to go to the meetings and I have but it is not for me. ACN has had charges filed against them several times and each time being dropped. Scams, schemes, and such are put out of business with in 1-5 years not 18 or so years. People want to have easy money, they are lazy. There is a teacher who has not signed up a single person but makes money off people going to her web site and signing up for services not becoming a partner in ACN but services, she showed us her check of $1200.00 a month for several months. She does not quit her job nor did she make that money the first month she has been doing it for a year and a half, part time and during the summers. If you were not good at selling then this is not for you. If you sign up for Mary Kay or Avon or any of those you have to pay money up front and if you dont sell then you dont make your money back there is no difference here. Those “I was ripped off” claims are just plain stupid. If you do not spend the time to research things before you give someone $500 then you kind of deserve to be “ripped off” why dont you just mail it to me. Seriously, during there class that I sat through they never said that you did not have to do anything.. They explained that it takes times, They never said that I would make my money back right away. If you were so concerned with your money why did you give it to someone who you knew nothing about? Did you go home and research it before making the decision?

  159. Ymc Says:

    Wealth, fortune, money whatever it is that you seek. Will only come from hard work, not scamming poor people out of what little they have. I was approached about the opportunity by someone at church. What makes this ACN scam so despicable is that the desperate people trying to sucker you in know its a scam but think nothing of leeching off of you. Listen to Rogers post. He’s right.

  160. Mark Austin Says:

    Nobody makes money unless they obtain customers. Isn’t that how business works?

    If you have a boss, he probably makes more money than you. And his his boss makes more money than him. That’s a pyramid.

    MLM levels the playing field by allowing a person to be at the top of their own organization.

    Yes you must recruit good people. Every company needs good people in the organization. Imagine a car sales business with a useless sales team. The dealership owner wants good sales people for his organization just like any other business.

    If you opened your own business do you not think that there are costs associated with it? Jobs are free, business is an investment.

    The aim of an ACN rep is to obtain customers and build a sales team. Isn’t that what business is all about.

    Legitimate MLM companies such as ACN are in the top of their industry and win awards for leadership, integrity, and community support. How can anybody knock all the good that these companies provide.

    Direct selling provides flexible and convenient earnings and opportunities for over 900.000 constituents, 91% of whom are women.

    Direct selling in Canada generates $2.2 billion in sales, almost $800 million in personal income and contributes almost $1 billion in taxes.

    Direct selling is not for everybody. Most people here are blind to the opportunity that direct selling can provide. These people are happier with a job, and that’s ok.

    I’m not here to insult anyone, but the comments made here by most people are made without any true understanding of how the industry works.

    Yes some people join and quit. Some people get jobs and quit or get fired for not performing well.
    Just because you don;t agree with or understand MLM, it doesn’t mean you need to put down all the great that comes from it.

    We provide legitimate services at competitive pricing. How is that so bad?

    Oh, and the video phone is amazing! The best phone bill I ever got!

  161. Mark Austin Says:

    Keep living in ignorance so you can justify why your life sucks. There’s more to life than just working for someone. No ACN isn’t for everybody, it works for many though.

    The video phone works great and is the cheapest phone bill you can get considering all the services included with it.

    The people that complain here are the same people that have a limited knowledge on how traditional mlm business works.

    Most mlm companies require an entry fee and recruiting to build your sales team, while at the same time offering products or services to build a customer base. No t much difference than any other business.
    Whats wrong with making a residual income?

  162. Mark Austin Says:

    How is it a scam? Is it a scam because you signed up to be a rep and you did nothing?

  163. Juj Says:

    Just had a meeting with a friend today about ACN. I think it is a scam that you also can earn money being a part of. Kind of like John Robert Powers. You pay them anywhere from $100-$2000 for these so-called “classes”, BUT you get to go to open calls for acting and modeling. ACN seems the same to me. I don’t trust it. I am not a business woman in the first place. My fiance owns two successful logging companies. I think I’m set! i say NO to ACN!

  164. Ricky Says:

    The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. The hard workers work hard forever, and the lazy succeed never. The smart succeed and the nieve get stepped on. Thus is the cycle in every aspect of life. With everything in life there are consequences. Who you are as a person will determine how far you will go.

  165. Ask Money Maker Says:

    Ask Money Maker…

    Fox 11 news investigates the ACN scam « A Blog Forgotten – go to…

  166. Greg Says:

    I’ve had several friends leave ACN in 2010 and 2011 because they lost lots of their customers. ACN does not offer competitive services, this is why they are not as big as AT&T and Verizon, etc.

    Also, ACN’s commisions are a joke. You only receive 1% for every $1000 and ACN only pays a minimum of $13. That means you need $1,300 in customer bills each month just to get a $10 check. The other $300 turns into a $3 fee for mailing a check. There is also a $150 annual fee. There are many things that they do not want you to know. All they brag about is you will receive up to 10% of your customers bills – it’s true but you need $10,000 in bills to receive a $100 check! Now how many customers do you have to sign up before you start getting those huge checks? Do the math before you join ACN. It is a scam… all MLMs are pyramid schemes.

    ACN’s own website admits they are not even a telco reseller like their presentations tell you – in their ACN Integrity section they are a “customer aquisition company.” What does that have to do with selling phone services? They maketheir money of the $500 they peddle off everyone who joins.

  167. Martin D Says:

    I did not join ACN but I believed them when they sold me a contract for electricity because they assured me I would save money. It turns out that they charge some hidden fees that have now increased my monthly electiricy bill by 50%. Do not believe the ACN hype. IT IS A SCAM

  168. Is ACN a Real-Live Franchise? Says:

    […] what is it? (Besides being insulting to the entire franchise […]

  169. Joel Libava Says:

    The real problem here is that some ACN folks are using the word, “franchise,” as a way to try to sound more legit.

    It’s an insult to anyone that’s in franchising.

    The Franchise King®

    @FranchiseKing on Twitter

  170. Realist Says:

    I’m not sure how many of you out there agree with me, but personally, I find it very difficult to take people seriously when they can’t be bothered to take the time to correct their own grammar and spelling. In my eyes, once you make more than one mistake in the very first sentence of your argument, I can no longer be expected to take you seriously. In fact, I will support the exact opposite of whatever it is you argue, based alone on the fact that I’m positive you’re in some way mentally challenged. This being said, ACN is clearly a scam/pyramid scheme, run by people who prey on the ignorant and those prone to brainwashing. Yes, everyone I know has at least one of the following in their household: cell phone, TV, internet, energy. However, most of these people already have these things set up and are not going to pay the hundreds of dollars to break their agreements for the purpose of saving themselves $5/month or less (yes people – check out the companies’ pricing when you buy services from them directly) and earning YOU less than a percent of their monthly bill. I know several people who were suckered into this scheme, and months later they have yet to make back even $50 of their $499. My advice: put in the work and EARN your living, rather than lying around hoping that someone else will just make money for you. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

  171. samanthawilliam78 Says:

    Im an ACN rep and I have been for about 10 years. ACN isnt for everyone, much like working in fast food or being a doctor or lawyer isnt for everyone. Ive had absolutely AMAZING success with this company. I make $30,000 a month on average. I think anyone is allowed to voice their opinion but unless you’ve actually taken part in the company you cant give people advice on whether to join or not. Many people dont understand how ACN operates therefore think its a scam. I am living proof that it is not. If you’re really interested in ACN and you want to know more about it then find a local meeting, go and decide for yourself if it’ll work for you.

  172. mrmoney Says:

    I love how people are saying this is a scam like come on… if you knew how to sell properly you would be bringing in the cash. i come from a wealthy family who knows how to sell so ive been taught, and now that im in acn ive reached an amount of money that i could retire my who family.

  173. ACN Success System – How You can Attain The Pinnacle of ACN | Best Online Business Directory Says:

    […] a 3 Step Promoting Strategy for ACNDiscovering The Best Supp To Increase Muscle After Your Workout?Fox 11 news investigates the ACN scam var analyticsFileTypes = ['']; var analyticsEventTracking = 'enabled'; var _gaq = _gaq || []; […]

  174. Hung Burlew Says:

    There are actually quite a lot of details like that to take into consideration. That is a nice level to bring up. I provide the ideas above as general inspiration but clearly there are questions like the one you deliver up where an important factor will probably be working in honest good faith. I don?t know if finest practices have emerged around things like that, however I’m positive that your job is clearly identified as a good game. Both girls and boys feel the influence of just a moment?s pleasure, for the remainder of their lives.

  175. Davide Rohansa Says:

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    […]Fox 11 news investigates the ACN scam « A Blog Forgotten – go to[…]…

  176. cargamestus Says:

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  177. Mark G. Says:

    ACN does not work, take it from me. I have been doing it for 2 years. We ‘upper levels’ ETT’s etc, we act like we are rolling in it because we want you to join us so we can prey on you and make come $$$ off recruiting you. But in actual life I am still doing my 9-5 job and still as broke as the day I signed up. Misery love company!

  178. mustafa Says:

    If u think about it Gmornine is a pyramid but the employees don’t get paid when there not at top gets money for not doing any thing.every company would be a got the CEO on top,then the managers,superviser and last u got the regular most of the work done by the employees who get the least amount of pay.that’s the worst definition of a pyramid.I look at Acn and most mlms as inverted pyramids because they help the little guy on the bottom achieve success just like the 6 to seven figure earner on top.if you work a system right you will much would it cost you to open a McDonald’s?most people don’t have the funs.

  179. internet marketing cheap Says:

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    […]Fox 11 news investigates the ACN scam « A Blog Forgotten – go to[…]…

  180. George Says:


    […]Fox 11 news investigates the ACN scam « A Blog Forgotten – go to[…]…

  181. Chuck Chamberlain Says:

    I have studied MLM’s for years. There are good ones and there are bad ones. I have not had an indepth look at ACN yet, but these are the things I evaluate in determining if an MLM is legitimate (and don’t rely on whether they simply comply with laws):
    1. What is the value proposition for the end user? In other words, take away all the uplines and downlines, then ask yourself, “Why would someone use this product or service?” If the answer is, “No one with common sense would use this,” it is NOT a legitimate MLM period! I’ll never forget when I was approached by an online MLM company years ago (when the internet was relatively new). I was told I could become rich simply by purchasing my household products online, and getting people underneath me to do the same. I quickly realized, however, that it cost me a lot more for those items than it would at my local grocery store. When I talked to the recruiter about it, he simply reiterated the MLM line – “You just need to recruit people under you, then it doesn’t matter that it costs more for the products.” I’ll never forget his earnest face as he tried to push that onto me. What he was essentially telling was that there is no real value in the service, that the only value is in the recruiting.
    2. Beware of commodities. When something is “commoditized,” the product or service is essentially “normalized” across multiple providers. This means that once something is “commoditized” you can basically get the same thing from multiple providers. The only difference is the price. The problem with commidities being sold under an MLM is that there is very little chance there will be any added value in the offering. Likewise, there is little chance that the MLM will result in a lower price tag to the end user.
    3. An over-emphasis on recruiting. Does the MLM have a legitimate product that sells retail? If not, watch out.
    4. Emphasis on books, tapes, seminars, etc. Some MLM’s make the majority of their money getting you to buy all their PMA trinkets.

    Now, I will tell you about one company that comes out smelling like a rose in all areas. That company is SendOutCards. Not only does it have a legitimate, non-commoditized offering (online greeting cards), it provides those cards for a fraction of the cost of going to the store! And they actually stuff and mail your cards for you. Now that’s a legitimate end-user value. They have a legimate retail part. You don’t need to be part of the MLM to take advantage of the service, and the books and tapes are not over-emphasized. It’s debt-free, well-managed, and set to grow exponentially right now. Check it out at

  182. Seth Says:

    I saw this story and had to spread my story and challenge to y’all as well. And if someone says they are making ridiculous money on ACN they are lying … period … if they are they would be more than happy to pay to meet my challenge and make ACN even stronger… as of now … 0 takers. Enjoy.

    I am so fed up with the ACN crap my kid is buying into I am posting this everywhere I can.

    It’s simple, simple, simple math people. First off ACN is not a scam …period. Nor is it an illegal pyramid scheme. It is legit, it is in very poor taste but it is legit. Think of it this way….

    Upfront $500

    say you buy a couple of products to boost yourself

    set up costs for each 50$ – total $100

    monthly recurring charge say one is $15 and one is $40

    say in two months you get your first check $40

    then the promises that oh you are just 3 product subscriptions away from the next level where you get the big bonus… you make it in another week and get the check $420 dollars.

    WOW this is growing…

    a couple of weeks later you get another check for $50. cha ching!

    That is $510 dollars you just made your money back .

    This IS how it plays out people… now lets break down what this means.

    My son got sucked into ACN and I see firsthand how many hours he pours into it daily. I will be conservative and say he puts 25 hours a week into it and that’s over a lets say summer break, 3 months give or take. 4 weeks a month 3 months 25 hours a week… 300 hours. Conservatively. 510 dollars divided by 300 hours is …. $1.70 an hour … after taxes. If you worked at any McDonald in the world for half those hours you would have made more than you gave ACN, think it through people.

    But wait there is more.

    You forgot about the money you gave THEM. If you total up the numbers I gave you earlier you have given them $765 of your money so if we subtract the $510 they gave you, you have a net loss of $255 for your 300 hours of dedication.

    So lets do the math again. -255/300 is you giving them $0.85 an hour to let you recruit more people to give them at least $500 bucks a person. Like i said before it is legal but in poor taste.

    I think most of us are intelligent enough to see where I am going with this argument. If not email me and ill carry on for you.

    Let me explain how I handled the pressure from my son. I went to the meeting prepared …. not with tricky questions. Not with marketing stratagem arguments. I went… with my bank statement and a smart phone.

    When we were all hob knobbing and talking about how we are all going to get rich on this i said to the group of 27 people there that I wanted to ask a question. Once I had their attention I said if you are a guest and not a rep sit down… 4 people sat down. 23 left. I said if you live with your parents sit down. Only 3 left stand. Myself and 2 gentlemen (happened to be roommates) in their 20’s. I said ok I have a challenge I will sign up today if you can meet it. Here is a copy of my bank statement printed a couple of hours before I came here look at the time stamp. If either of you can show me your bank statement right here on my phone and have as much money as I do I will give you the credit and I will sign up under you. I left that day never signing up with ACN and never being harassed to come back.

    Of course they had every reason and excuse in the world from I have a high paying job to it takes time to build to the level they want to reach, but is that not true of everything worth striving for in life?

    This is a 100% true story. I’m nobody special. I am a 40 year old video game enthusiast. I am a regional training manager for McDonalds not a high paying job at all. I own my own small 3 bedroom 115,000 dollar home. That day my bank statement had $233.41 in it. Please realize people that your time is valuable and it is worth more than the -$0.85 an hour ACN is willing to pay you.


    My son is finally out of ACN all it took was time … he finally realized what I had been telling him all along about how it does not pay out over time and he finally woke up. I think it was when the third month in a row the “BIG guy” (Yeah I refused to learn or give a crap about the ETL TTL OMG BFS crap they think makes them sound like seriouz biznez) for the Houston area had a reason he wasn’t able to get the new Lambo hes going to get soon and the guarantee that he doesn’t care what comes up he is buying it with next months check. (I used check of proof for my son I put a 5 dollar bill in a jar for every hour he spends at ACN meetings JUST THE MEETINGS and at the end of one month we would see who made more money. I won) I still have not met a member of ACN with the brains god gave a parasite living in a turd. Hopefully oh god help me hopefully Texans will see through this *** and ACN will just fall on its face and go away from this area. I already caught and called them out on an outright lie slash claim that is impossible. Apparently ACN never researched the market before it started making claims about how they were going to provide electric service here in Houston area. Dumbasses, Its a deregulated market. Anyway so long as my family is out of their clutches my part in the good fight is over… good luck

    If you are up to meet the challenge I placed out for others… bring it … If any 4 deposits to you from acn equal a number greater than my paycheck I will sign up under you on the spot… *disclaimer* it is a little bigger now Ill admit I finished college last semester and just got my first promotion with that B.S.B. on my resume so a 5 figure pay increase is nice. *disclaimer end*…

    My email is tied to all my posts as is my real name. Bring watchya got.

    • SugarLandMom Says:

      I paid $499 to become an Independent Business Owner, qualified by buying a $29.99 website, a VOIP device for $29.99 and voluntarily signed up for a new Sprint phone to give me more points (free). Within 27 hours of doing this (which included 7 hours of sleep, 2 hours of housework, and 3 hours of caring for my children, I met the requirements for a January bonus if $1,200. NOW… if I came and worked for you at your McDonalds, how long would it have taken me to earn $641.02??? Do the math on that one. Oh, and I don’t smell like nasty dirty fry grease, or have to wear a black polo and pretend to like my J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) Does it bother you that much, that people make more money than you do, doing something they love instead of just exchanging their time for money? Your son wanted to do something HE loved, instead of just existing for someone ELSE to obtain wealth (like you). You should be proud he wanted something BETTER. He could have retired you!

      • LB_Reason Says:

        SugarlandMom…. and everyone else.

        Here’s the real deal. MLM’s DO NOT SELL PRODUCT! They sell dreams. I first heard that when I was Quixstar aka Amway.

        I didn’t just let that pass over my head. I truly dove into the meaning of it. I am also a math wiz, so I had to put the numbers together for myself as… the Circles and charts normally presented by MLMs really make no sense.

        Knowing that 70% of the people in were not pulling in the “required” volume that is used for the figures drawn. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Having 6 people who claim they were making $250K/year from the business… just couldn’t be true. It was just impossible based on the size of the downline (of which I looked up) .

        HOWEVER…. I knew from their lifestyle.. they probably were not lying about their income. So it struck me! They are telling the truth ….. they are making money and its from the business. BUT!!!!! Its from selling the dream NOT the products.

        Think about it…. preaching the gospel is far more profitable. Selling CDs and Regional and OMG international events are WAYYYY more profitable. Heck even the weekly “training” events have small fees aka CHA-CHING.

        Everyone MLM offers a bonus to first timers. They know that first 4 months is critical, so its best to take a lost to get you coming back for more.

        The sad thing is… 99% of the hype is good for you. You can’t own a job. Jobs are feeding someone else’s dream. All of that is true. BUT in the case of most MLMs… they use that good for bad.

        I know many career MLMers… 15 years still waiting for that day…..
        I say .. F-That! Use MLMs to free your mind…… free your thinking…. then START YOUR OWN REAL BUSINESS! DON’T SIT IN ONE FOR MORE THAN 10 MONTHS.

    • incomerising Says:

      Tell your son i’m sorry he wasn’t able to do what he wanted. I know many business owner’s and i was told that they didn’t make a real profit for a while. I also know many people with in this business who have quit thier job’s. I wish you would have been more supportive, he might have gone far with the knowledge that someone who loves and whom he respected had his back. It’s pretty sad when your family can’t support you when you really need them to…..I hope i’m a better mom to my kids……

      • Chris Jay Says:

        incomingrising mom,

        Sadly you are being brainwashed and you are not the only one. Get out of the “You can retire in 5 or 10 years, you can be your boss etc” marketing pitch and go out and see the real world.

        In your post, you were talking about “BUSINESS OWNERS”. Let me break it to you. ACN representatives are not business owners. It is not your business. They make it sound like it is your business but it is not. You get paid to sell “their” product and your scamming others to join their business.

        If your son is about to jump off a cliff, would you support him or stop him? I feel really sad for people like you.

        I bet you in 3 months you will realize this is scam and you will stop 🙂

  183. K.T. Says:

    ACN is a wonderful company and I plan on staying in! We have been in ACN for 13 months and we are earning redisual income every month.

    For those of you who think it is a scam you need to open your eyes. First of all, it is a business, and anyone who thinks that they can open their own businss and not pay a dime into it is crazy.

    This is not a get rich quick plan, it is most unfortunate if someone told you that. Can you get rich quick? Probably, but most won’t, they build over time.

    Until the day I die most of my friends and family will use a phone, tv, internet, gas and electric…..why not be a part of it!

  184. Classic Porn Movies Says:

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  186. Says:

    with a business of 500 dollars you have the authorization to sell the services in 23 countries, of 4 Continents and from 112 companies. for me I have millions and millions of customers, its all about how quickly you can switch their services. And if anyone wants to do this business he has to think the investment is not 500 it is 500000 dollars than that person or anyone will focus on to this business, if you think it is a 500 dollars of business than obviously you gonna take it easy. the second reason is when people up without any proper training, which is incomplete it can be dangerous it can change they way he thinks, if that person becomes negative it is the recruiter responsibility get him back on track. i never had any problems in my entire Acn experience. I am happy from my up line to have the best leader.

  187. seo Says:

    With havin so much content do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright infringement? My blog has a lot of unique content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my permission. Do you know any solutions to help reduce content from being stolen? I’d truly appreciate it.

  188. acn is gay Says:

    acn is so gay. show us a real check you fu%king phonies who are using a real company as a front. people, please don’t get sucked into this bullsh^t. do yourself a favor, think about it… if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. also, why would you pay 500 dollars? shouldn’t it pay you? oh wait.. right, you have to pay into any business… well no, that’s bull. there’s a difference between a scam and starting your own business, why don’t you go waste your money, then learn your lesson, then post about how awful acn is!!

    • Orion Dresden Says:

      let me guess…you’re a fat lazy bastard who bought a gym membership and wondered “why am I not getting in shape” as you sat at home eating hostess cupcakes all day?

      ACN Is actually quite legit and if you had any business sense you’d realize that. I’ve made a check, I’ve proven it works, I’ve recruited nobody and have still made money because….oh wow….ACN isn’t a scam. It’s actually a business, like they say, that pays money when you sell a service….like they say. Isn’t that crazy how it works when you actually do what you’re supposed to do?

    • Lakisha Istrulyblessed Coles Says:

      And this is probably coming from a guy who has no job..^^^It’s a shame that some people are so close minded. You do have to pay into any business. Whether you want to hear the truth or not…EVERYTHING revolves around money. You wouldnt be on this blog right now if you wouldn’t have paid for your computer from Apple or wherever you got it from..Sooooo do us ALL a favor..if you were never an ACN rep..then keep your mouth closed!!

  189. Teresa Says:

    so I joined this “company” a few years ago, and what I got out of it was that I lost $500 that had taken me MONTHS to save up, and the trust of my family members. They accepted to help me out by buying the services but nothing ever worked! Lesson learned for me 😦

  190. incomerising Says:

    ACN, 19 years and still going strong….its funny that if we put that much contempt into helping then you might beable to see how well people do being in ACN I don’t agree with it being a scam…and yes i can say that, and i don’t agree with it being a get rich quick scheme….but i do believe in myself to know that this is my business and like any business owner, i have to work hard for it, and not just “going to the meetings” or “recruiting” but metally letting go of being someones employee….that’s the part where were brainwashed. I’ve seen many people young, old, homeless, husband, wives, children and parents get into this business. Parttime or full…and they have become successful…..all of the negative statements on here won’t change the fact that ACN is still the fastest growing MLM in the world. Also I’ve been in other MLM’s and this is by far the best one, because i couldn’t keep up with buying the candles, and makeup and pushing people who don’t have money to get these items or have these “parties” i’m content with ACN. I love it actually i’m very super excited about my checks, and so are my business partners. So to the non believer’s……I understand, have fun at your job.

  191. Mike Lee Says:

    I’ve written enough about ACN tonight. But onr thing I will add: it seems that the majority of people who support ACN cannot read and write English properly. What’s that tell you? Also, they try awfully hard to convince others that it is NOT a scam. Only scams do that. Legit businesses do not need to convince you that they are not a scam. lol.

    If it walks like a scam, and talks like a scam, ….

    • yaya babee Says:

      I need to cancel my account. I created it less than ten days ago and I need to do it ASAP…do you know how?

    • Orion Dresden Says:

      Actually what that shows me is that you don’t have to be anybody special to succeed in ACN… shows even non English speaking people from all over the globe can do this business. It shows that the normal everyday person can do this if they have the motivation and determination for it.

      The only reason we need to show people it isn’t a scam is because so many people like yourself write messages like you just did which forces people to think its a scam. Any slightly intelligent person who looked at the business model would see it very clearly is not a scam and that you actually have a huge opportunity to make money. I for one am glad so many are like you though and think its a scam because they just means more opportunity for me.

  192. zeek rewards Says:

    Can I just say what a comfort to find somebody that genuinely understands what they are talking about on the net. You certainly realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people really need to look at this and understand this side of your story. I can’t believe you aren’t more popular because you certainly have the gift.

  193. Jr Says:

    It’s only a scam if your dumb enough to get scammed by these people.

  194. levon williamsi Says:

    You must be willing to invest your time and believe something great will happen jusr like Rome it can’t be built in aday, you need to invest in youself and just like your traditional job will to work hard the rewards will come it just takes time. If you plan for success it will happen.

  195. home business scams Says:

    That simple concept is that we have been brainwashed into think there is a magic pill, potion or lotion that will cure us…without us having to do it the old fashioned way of putting in the effort. As a society we have been led to believe being lazy is OK, because we can buy something of the shelf that will fix it. They make us believe we can buy their product and it will make you lose weight, look younger, stop smoking, get into shape, last longer in bed etc etc. We have bought into the lottery mentality.

  196. Home Business Scams Says:

    Stringent laws are in place to punish them for their wrong doings. It’s a moral duty of every merchant and affiliate advertiser to report any suspicious marketer. Helping one another is the key to ridding the online marketing world of affiliate fraud. We need to do this every time we can before they destroy the still-flourishing industry.

  197. Home Business Scams Says:

    Either way you go, affiliate marketing is an excellent source for online internet work at home jobs. You can do it on a shoestring budget and you can work whenever it suits you.

  198. Home Business Scams Says:

    I enjoy reading through a post that will make people think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

  199. Brian Says:

    It’s definitely a scam – the shareholders of ACN are the one’s making all of the money – they are brainwashing innocent people into thinking they’re going to get rich. It’s legal, however, it resembles a pyramid scheme – they disguise the pyramid scheme by selling services.

    This is the type of company that focuses more on recruitment and the fees associated with that rather than the company’s services. If someone says they’re bringing in $7000/month or $25K/month, get proof (I guarantee no one can provide any proof of this as it’s part of the scam).

    I found a copy of the script they use:

  200. Says:

    Thanks for any other fantastic post. Where else could anybody get that kind of information in such a perfect method of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the search for such info.

    • Brian Says:

      Good luck with the presentation! I could go on and on about this scheme. Let me know if you need any info (I’ve got a lot, I’ve also been a business adviser for 8 years and cringe when people get mixed up in these things).

      • yaya babee Says:

        Please help me, I am trying to cancel my ANC account before they keep my money…What do I do? Do I have to send a letter? I need help. Please help me.

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    […]Fox 11 news investigates the ACN scam « A Blog Forgotten – go to[…]…

    • yaya babee Says:

      How do I cancel my account!?! I have only a few days left to get out of this scam. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!

  202. Lars Says:

    I feel like any business that has too much controversy on people saying that its a scam, and then the other half saying it isn’t makes it a fishy business and too risky to get involved in. The basis of it seems like a pyramid scam as soon as I saw it they want you to recruit,recruit,recruit I knew it was a scam because they want you to keep getting $500 dollars from people, and that only people at the top of the chain was making any real money, also ACN is a MLM, you should never trust an MLM, also why should I pay them $500 dollars to sell their crap, shouldn’t they pay me to sell it not the other way around? Its like say you go to a job interview at Wall-Mart and they tell you “I want you pitch this product in while you work, and just keep trying to convince people to buy it.” Then you would reply “great, sounds easy when do I begin?” The the employer would say “Today! But if you want the job you got to pay us $500.” Wait what? It doesn’t make any sense, and that’s what ACN is doing. Here is a really good video you should watch on why you shouldn’t trust MLM’s like ACN,

    Anybody that did buy into this, well you can at least be relieved that you only lost $500, because with enough hard work you can be sure to make that back. 😀

  203. Adriano Says:

    It is amazing to still see wining people with employee mentality in needs to be led to bed every night because they cannot do it on their own: you pay the bills already (phone, electricity, heat, cell phones, internet, etc) and with ACN you can do it through your online store. Do you want to make money? Do something and stop wining!

  204. Show-us-the-money Says:

    SHOW US THE MONEY! Talk is cheap! Show some real paperwork, actual checks!

  205. Chris Jay Says:

    I have been with multiple multi-level marketing companies and here are some facts.

    This company runs its business on an extinct product. No one uses their phones, let alone change their plans. Why? Most smart people have Skype, Vonage and phone, internet, tv and these companies are very competitive. Out of 10 people you approach, almost all of them 10 are happy with their existing product. So basically you have force yourself to sell a product that it wasn’t a need for them in the first place. If you call your phone company today and tell them their competitor is offering $50 cheaper, they will reduce your bill. Simple as that. You don’t have to switch your plans, most of the time.

    This company force you to pay $500 to join? Serious? You should ask why on earth would any company do that? Because that is how they are making their money, not by selling their product.

    This company makes you recruit, recruit, recruit because most people last only 3-4 weeks. Most companies with a bad product have a huge HR turnover rate. Meaning out of 20 people that joins only 1 or 2 stays. That is how bad these types of businesses are. That should tell you something. Even the restaurant business don’t have this high turnover rate. If thousands of people are running away from this company either after the presentation or after joining, that in it itself should tell you something. I mean, these thousand people can’t be that stupid.

    I mean sorry to say, people who continuous ignore these facts need a real shake in their heads. You are wasting your good years. Most of the representatives are very smart and savvy in marketing. But you are wasting your years. You could do extremely well working in the marketing or sales department of a legit company. Or you could sell your own product rather than trying to force people to join for $500 and alienate all your friends and family.

    These type of companies have great presentation that prey on people by flashing all these silly get rich marketing slides like, you can retire in 5 years, you can finally own your business or be your boss or you could become the next Donald Trump etc etc. I have done that to people. Trust me, that is a lie just to keep you motivated. Think about this for a second. How can you retire in 5 years, if you are selling some else’s crappy product and making puny commission? Did Donald Trump work for a multilevel marketing company to get rich. No! he started his own business and worked like mad. He didn’t get rich by recruiting for another failed company by asking them to pay $500.

    Don’t waste your time.Multi Level Marketing guys are one of the sleaziest guys you would come in contact with in your life. I am not talking about the representatives. They are just presenting what was taught to them. I am talking about the leaders and top management. Trust me I know, i was one of them and it is not that easy to sleep at night 😦

    • Orion Dresden Says:

      You’re a moron Chris. I could list a million reasons why but lets just use 1. You say their products are extinct? We make 10% of people’s ENERGY BILLS! Do you not pay an energy bill? I’m sorry I was under the impression that everybody in the world pays that. No you’re right….energy is wayyyy outdated, you could even say extinct…..or we could just all agree that you’re a huge tard and should not comment on things you clearly have no knowledge on.

  206. Don Says:

    You get what you work for. You don’t have to do this full time. $500 to invest in your future. Gives you a year to see what you can do. Maybe good maybe bad. 80% of New businesses Fail. So 50% drop out rate? that’s still 30% Better. If you were asked to pay $500 to join would you… No because there’s no guarantee you’ll get rich and people are skeptical because they want to get rich fast and with no effort. If you join you’ll be part of a business. You can claim on allot of your taxes. If someone sold you a nice car for $500 would you buy it? Yes because you know it works. So do you value a car more then your future? A car will not take you where you want to go in life. You have to ask yourself that question. I’m not part of this company or use any of there services… Yet, but have heard about it and done a year of research. I have friends in it that have been doing it for a year. They do it part time and make almost as much as they do working there 9- 5 Jobs $12/hr. But it is a second income. You’ve got to be driven in any business. The lazy people get weeded out. You become your own sales rep and to make commission you have to make sales and recruit more sales reps. There is no building to sell your services. You are your own store and website. Also they are a telecom and services company. How many other large companies do you think are spending lots of money to bash them and shut them down in the market? And if not this? What? are you going to start a business yourself? Are you just waiting for people to hand you money or a company? If you work for a company how long will it take you to be the supervisor? Until the supervisor dies or get’s promoted. If you have a normal job $10 an hour, if you work harder do you get paid more? In a MLM business the harder you work does reflect how much you get paid. A company does not keep growing for no reason. Plus the company does not ask for a resume. You do not have to go to school for this. And yes they do train you to recruit and sell services. You can be anyone as long as you have the will to be great. The company does not fire anyone. Only you FIRE yourself.

  207. Mark Austin Says:

    You can open any business you want, it’s up to you if it works or not. ACN or a variety store. Either way, it’s up to the person to make it work. ACN provides the tools.

    • Stan Says:

      I love ACN, but you have to do the work and not have a boss to tell you to do it and then make sure you do it right after you are done.

  208. Michael Says:

    I can’t believe all these people slamming ACN! It’s only $499 to open your own business. There are just too many benefits to type. Just to and read with your eyes open!
    Do all these haters think that companies who have offered or asked ACN to include their services like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Comcast, Nextel, Direct TV, Dish Network, ADT Security and Qwest is working with ACN now in Canada. The next wave is Energy services… Get ready! I think ACN would have to be a very legit company for these organizations to get involved. Additionally 3 former Attorneys Generals are on the legal team at ACN. Don’t forget about Donald Trump… do you really think he’d put his name on anything that is a scam or illegal.
    Have I mentioned yet that Success Magazine has done several stories on ACN? Is it probable that they think ACN is a great business? You ought to put stock in what a great magazine like Success has to say about ACN. You think Success Magazine wants to be tied to a SCAM… NOT!
    The $499 invested to start your own business is well worth it. The $499 is peanuts to a Multi-Million dollars business. If you can’t afford… charge it on a credit card! If you work hard & have the will to be financially independent… you will find success! If you don’t feel like you’re the best sales person… Go find one and get them to work on your team!
    There’s no scam here, no secrets here and there’s no small print. It’s exactly what ACN claims! If you don’t want to do it… then don’t. You don’t have the motivation to work you own business… Then stay at the 9 to 5.

    • Shi Says:

      How could you NOT slam them? You’re basically ripping people off, trying to get them to take services that they already have, but through yourself, so that you make a commission. What ever happened to just honest working and getting paid? If you’re providing such a service to people, then don’t take the commission.

  209. Orion Dresden Says:

    All of you who talk crap about ACN, it’s products’ and especially it’s pay chart are completely clueless and should very clearly NEVER do business.

    First off do you even know what a pyramid scam is? It certainly is not a business that centers around selling products and services, acquiring customers, which is exactly what ACN is. It also isn’t where the guy at the top makes all the money and the ones at the bottom do all the work…..that would be the typical day job all of you have. If you draw out the chart of anything it creates a triangle or “pyramid” shape. Think about it, you have a job, you have a boss, that boss has a boss who also has a boss, and so on and so on until you get to the owner of the company. That is a pyramid shape with the top guy making all the money. Same goes for government, school, religion, and ANY business. A “Pyramid Scam” is where there is no product or service and the only money being given is strictly for the recruiting of other members. ACN actually gives no money for the recruiting, you only get paid when actual customers have been attained and are paying for a product or service.

    For those who claim ACN doesn’t work…….you’re the same type who buy a membership to the gym and sit on your ass at home wondering why you aren’t getting in any better shape. You actually have to go the gym and work out to see a difference…..same with ACN, it’s a business….if you sit on your ass and don’t do anything you won’t make money. Don’t talk shit because you aren’t business savy and want to ruin the business for everyone else because you aren’t able to do it.

    Main thing is YOU DON’T NEED TO RECRUIT TO MAKE ANY MONEY!!! This is the exact reason I bought in to ACN. I could have the opportunity to create the benefits of the MLM but in the end I could make 10% ON MY OWN. I am a 25 year old guy, no one special, and I maxed out the compensation plan in 2 weeks. I make about 70 bucks a month right now, without recruiting, so I have proven it works…..the only variable here is how big of a bill are you getting paid on?

    I’m getting paid on a low volume bill. If you are someone who has, or has contacts who have, big volume bills, you will easily make a lot more.

    Quit all this BS about ACN being a scam. No scam would be around for 20 years, have Donald Trump endorsing it, have all the major providers of cell phone, tv, Internet, etc. AND be written up in all the top success magazines…….get your head out of your asses people. Or maybe you’re right….it’s a scam, everybody is in on the scam except all of you obviously successful and super whiny complaining people…you’re so smart. Have fun in your, at best, mediocre job where you try your hardest to never be promoted, hope you don’t get replaced, and certainly won’t be building anything to retire on. I’ll go do the scam and have you pay me every time you pay your utility bills. :). Thanks by the way!

  210. Orion Dresden Says:

    We could also just sum things up like this

    What is bad about getting 10% back on all the bills you ALREADY pay, and the ability together your services for free? …..anything? Anything bad at all about that?

    All I can say is this. If you’ve never done ACN then you have ABSOLUTELY NO SAY IN ANYTHING. If you have done ACN and did not get your 50 points to max out your 10% residual then YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE TO COMMENT ON ANYTHING except for how you quit and didn’t work your business. if you DID get your 50 points which is extremely easy to do by the way…..then you have nothing bad to say because you made money. That’s it in a nutshell, plain and simple.

    If you owned a movie theater and didnt work ever and sold no tickets and nobody saw the movie would you say the movie theater didn’t work? Or is it that YOU didn’t sell tickets therefore making the movie theater not produce?

  211. jeff Says:

    acn video phone is a piece crap 6 months ok 6 month no screen. and they are not willing to stand behind their products.

  212. Sophia G. Says:

    ACN is not a scam, but you will get out what you put into it. I’ve not put a lot of time, so I’m not making much money. But I have 4 PERSONAL friends (not friends of friends, etc.) – these are people I’ve known for 13+ years – who are making anywhere between $10k-$40k per MONTH with ACN in 2 1/2 years. Two of them had houses in foreclosure when they invested their $500 to get started. One of them borrowed the $500 bucks to start. Now they are all debt-free. BUT, they understand business, are entrepreneurial thinkers, and are willing to go the extra miles (literally & figuratively) to build their teams and help others gain financial success.

    I’ve been parts of other MLM companies – and came to realize that their products were way overpriced and I just could not try to ‘force’ people to spend money on things they don’t use.

    With ACN, I don’t have to ask people to pay for something they don’t already use! And I find that most people are willing to look at other options just because of my relationships with them (relationship marketing). Most times they save some every month or they break even – often times breaking even, but with much better/faster service plans.

    I don’t expect to be making $25k+/month like my friends. I’m just not willing to put the time into it for now. But, I am realistic to think I can maybe be making $3k+ per month once I get the base set. It’s all up to me and my commitment to follow the system they promote.

  213. Andrew Says:

    I have joined ACN, earned a 300% ROI as a new IBO and I have assisted several other people do the same in a very short period of time. MLM is not for everyone but neither is being an employee. I have a Bachelor’s Degree, an MBA and Juris Doctor and I have been a partner with a Tier 1 Global Consultancy Firm and I can state with 100% certainty there is money to be made and opportunities to explore.

    The truth is that few will make it work; read Rich Dad, Poor Dad; the Cash Flow Quadrant, etc. Most people, even intelligent ones do not have enough financial or emotional intelligence to make ACN work; hence, only the true leaders will survive and make it work. Nevertheless, it is available to the average person on the streets regardless of background, experience or education.

    ACN has expanded into 23 countries over 4 continents, works with 23 different and independent governments in critical infrastructure areas such as utilities and has had one law suit against it in 20 years (which was in Australia and it won unanimously in the High Court). Can you name any traditional businesses that has this track record?

    It may not work for many of you but it has worked for me an my family and I look forward to a nice enjoyable retirement when many others are worried about their stock market reserves or selling their homes to live.

    ACN will change your life, like any other business, if you are part of the team and focused on results!!!


    Why not do a story on bank lawyer’s,will help you steal every thing from someone if you pay them enough.well it happened to me.I was married to my wife for 30yrs,and i lost her on 04/01/2012,but i didnt just lose her .My daughter gets every thing,2 properties and over 1million dollars.She even kicked me out and changed the locks on the house we were going to retire in.I WOULD LOVE TO FIGHT IT ,BUT WHEN YOU DONT HAVE MONEY YOU CAN’T GET HELP.IF ANYBODY KNOWS WERE I CAN GET HELP PLEASE LET ME KNOW.I DON’T HAVE THAT MUCH TIME LEFT TO FIGHT IT.THANKS ,HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON.

  215. PTA 1996 Says:

    People i haven”t even opened an account yet and i already know most of you are very narrow minded. you don’t HAVE to recruit and you don’t HAVE to make sales. Do what your good at… most of you act like this is some pyramid where that you have to “trick” your friends who have to “trick” their friends… and so on. you don’t even have to get your friends to open an account…

    1) What it comes down to is your situation and strategy. My father has a business in which he sees over 500 mechanics every 3 days that he has literal friendships with. This for example is a very good situation for a start, he has a large amount of people to give the opportunity to either give it a try if they’d like, switch to ACM services, or neither.

    2) THIS IS NOT A JOB. if your some young adult, fresh out of college and you wanna “get rich fast” don’t try and do this full time. you will fail. this is for people who have a business background and/or a good situation (allot of friends, family, or other people that would be interested) and/or ….luck.

    3) an additional situation advantage (greatly advised). YOU NEED to have a group of 2 or more people you are working with. (AS MUCH OF THESE PEOPLE AS YOU CAN SHOULD BE PEOPLE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD HELPING YOU PAY THE SAME BILLS) if you start with 1% cut and say you, your wife, and your to children start an account (would cost you one tax return) you’ll automatically be getting a 4% cut for the household. even if your the only one who work this opportunity, if your at the bottom of the group, your whole group will be making four times as much as before.

    think what you’d like, but most of you don’t know anything about what your talking about. read up and learn about something before deciding somethings a scam.

  216. Jahnnny Says:

    Hey everyone in the MLM world.

    I thought I’d comment on the very accurate opinions of the readers of this site and its information.
    There are a couple things I would recommend doing before analyzing any business (and/or MLM opportunity)…

    First off do the homework. Then apply the knowledge.

    It IS KNOWN that if you purchase a GYM membership and DO NOT work out, you WILL NOT get results [unless you’re part of the 0.0001% of people that are genetically perfect…. but ANYWAYS]

    MLM is a REAL business structure… If you treat your business like a multi-billion dollar business, then it is just that..

    Here’s a link to a document I truly recommend reviewing..

    If you’ve gone this far, then what do you have to lose?
    it’s FREE material.

    also, if you would like a fresh (Canadian) perspective..
    send me an email..

  217. Bob Says: This many complaints does not make me want to associate with this business. I had a service account with them some years ago……had similar problems with them, cancelled the service.

  218. Nina Says:

    I read most of the comments and some just skimmed through. I was approached by a ACN rep a few days ago and I am still thinking about it. I went to the presentations and trainings to see if I can do the job. I didn’t think of it as a scam or anything like that. I just went with an open mind and give the benefit of the doubt.
    My feelings so far: I still have so many questions that I just can’t get them for the rep or the fancy name presentation person. Still, nothing wrong about that, my English may not be good enough to grasp things as sharp, I think.
    So far no one mentioned the annual ongoing $499 fee, even though I asked if there were other extra costs or any hidden fees. Maybe I didn’t ask the right questions.
    I still have questions why would someone want to go buy a product through my ACN web-store when usually people don’t think ACN but think directly Telus, or whatever products or services they need. I asked if there are any promotions through these websites, and was told clearly NO. Again, maybe I didn’t ask the right answers.
    What is the purpose of recruiting so may people if the website itself is not common enough when you search on any search engines.
    Asked- but was told I will learn more during training. BUT TRAINING DID NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT THE TECHNICAL SKILLS ( thoughts in my head)
    I searched my my reps name + ACN, and found a whole bunch of ACN websites and this site too. But, nothing about my rep. I don’t think he lied or anything, but if the company has been around for so many years and they want me to buy the franchise I need to use it well to make my money worth. How am I going to sell the products/services if I cannot be found? Why isn’t ACN right nect the the direct websites? if I rely on my friends and family to go to my website buy a phone next time when they need one, I’s sure they will say yes, but will they remember? Or, will they be able to find it easy? Or will they just go directly to the products website? I’m just trying to use a common sense here.

    I want to make residual income as they talk so much about it. Who doesn’t? The way I see it is that these websites are becoming mostly individual stores that most recruiters would be the only ones shopping in their own websites ( I said most, not all as per possibility of a few other people may be shopping there). So the recruiters are their own clients and they all make money of someone from their own pyramid.
    I definitively need more research, these are just my thought so far, I don’t mean to insult anyone, but I think that the reps and fancy name trainers should give more direct concrete answers and training what is all this about so we all hear it directly rather than making assumptions.
    I think the best sales person is the one who knows the product inside out in order to successfully succeed. And if one decides to join the pyramid, needs to know as much as possible, to understand the system thoroughly in order to make the best profit; also, feel a responsibility of the person they bring to join.

    I look forward to reading any feedback! I hope not to get the ones that tell me I’m so stupid. I can take criticism, but not the insults. We’re all adults here, and we can carry an adult conversation!
    Thank you!

  219. nate Says:

    My parents lost the company that they owned for 20 years. they sarted acn less than a year ago, and make over 120,000 dollars now a year. acn is only a scam for those that are close minded to new ways of making money. warm market retention is never a scam. acn has saved my family, and shown us a new freedom and a new found way of life to live. Life is good. Get both sides of the spectum (good and bad) before thinking somthing is a “scam.” people, don’t be sad scanned into being close minded

  220. Greg Says:

    I was unfortunately guilted into helping out a family member and was stung by these people. Like most things nowadays there are two distinct divisions within companies like this. If you are a customer, you will make out alright, as ACN may save you a little money on your monthly billing. However, when companies like this offer the “opportunity”, they are all the same. Any company that has to entice people to meetings in a clandestine way are not above- board, nor are they honest. If you have a business opportunity and it can make people money, why hide it or obfuscate to attract people to meetings like they are about to join the CIA? It is supposed to be a selling point that their representative is Donald Trump? This is a man that I wouldn’t even trust as my dog walker. Multi-level marketing should be outlawed by the government. These are people that swoop down like vultures and take advantage of people in desperate times and situations. Take my advice and never join a company where people get together in large groups and give testimonials and cry and weep and tell you how the money that they’re now pulling down will help them by that Central Park West townhouse they always wanted…blah, blah, blah. There is a term for organizations and people like this; they’re called cult members!

  221. wrigley Says:

    wow, i am amazing at the level of envy, lack of inspiration, motivation and the most of all the ability to invest in oneself. fist let me say some of you brought up great points. some of you asked valid questions. however most of you fail to examine the value, the product and its worth.
    ACN offer people the opportunity to capitalize with them. its the customers opportunity to receive rebates and residual income on services which they are presently using everyday.
    like all clubs, there is a membership fee. in this case its your ticket to a residual income. Nobody is twisting your arm. You chose if you want to be a customer or a customer earning money back.
    they offer competitive services. i have yet to see any service provider who offers unlimited services at such a price. Yes the cost of doing business is expensive. However that is only if you wish to be an IBO.
    As for the money structures, you get what you put in. Also where can you open your own on-line store store, provide a service connected or using other network services for 500 buck?
    As an IBO, my first job is not to sign up up as an IBO. it is to save you money on what you are already using. Then you show the customer how to even save more money by getting there friends and family to join.
    What all of you fail to mention is that when you acquire either 5 customers or 2 IBOs, your on services now become FREE…..for life as long as you remain with the company.
    So lets do the maths. If you average a 80 dollar bill with your current service provider, and you switch saving let say 10 dollars a month. that’s a total of 120yr in savings. If you signed lets say your mum, 3 friends and 2 referrals you now are getting a percentage off their bills as well as you now have NO BILLS of your own. cause now you bill if free. so you have now saved 120+(70×12) = 960 in a year. An that doesn’t include you new current income you will be receiving from you new customers.
    Now the trick is to repeat the process through referrals and networking.
    So before you go judging something educated yourselves.

  222. ad agency web site Says:

    What i don’t understood is actually how you’re no longer really a lot more smartly-appreciated
    than you might be right now. You’re so intelligent. You know therefore significantly on the subject of this topic, produced me in my opinion believe it from numerous various angles. Its like men and women don’t seem to be interested unless it’s one thing to accomplish with Girl gaga! Your own stuffs outstanding. All the time care for it up!

  223. This Guy Says:

    If you fill a room with 1000 people and put 200 pennies on the floor and tell people that they can only take one penny then 200 of the 1000 people will have one penny. Thats my analogy on what I think of ACN. They are international and recruit alot of people. Just because 200 of the 1000 people make a good cash flow off of this doesnt mean its not a scam. Scam’s make money, scam’s that are great at making things legal in public make even more money. I went to one of these presentation’s the other day and it was by far the saddest thing I’d have ever seen. A majority of people in the room were unemployed. It appears to me that ACN loves to take advantage of vulnerable people who have lost there job’s and are really struggling. William B was on stage bashing working 9-5’s but praising that you dont have to deal with your customers when they have compalints about there services, they have call centers your customers can call to take care of there problems, or likely shove them away. Wait a second Mr.William…dont those people work 9-5 jobs?

    It’s not hard to be a smooth talker, get on stage with a suit and tell people you worked for virgin records and that you were part of Celine Dion’s relaunch, Celine Dion’s relaunch….? Shes still around??????

    The worst part was when this one guy got up there, he must have been in his late 20’s. He was taling about another gentlemen who recruited him. Talking about how he was going through some rough patches in life and how this gentleman (recruiter) was there for him and how he taught him the ropes and now he was a Executing Team Trainer!

    I’m sorry but that sounded like some sort of ‘to good to be true’ BS. When I looked at this William all I saw were dollar signs.

    If you truly believe that because you’ve paid this company 499$ for a starting fee and then reccuring payments of 149$ a month that your a business owner, your dead wrong. This is a huge insult to any true business owner who has sweat, shed tears and bled for there company.

    This ACN business is a big circle, there are alot of things that people likely dont know that go on with this company and there are likely broken lines in the circle that they do not mention. To the people who are asked to come and sit down and listen to them tell you that you can make some serious cash off of this just be careful. Sometimes everything is not as it seems.

    There celebrity endorser is Donald Trump…Donald Trump….Donald Trump…..Donald Trump…..Donald Trump…… (yea I had to say it 6 times)

    Im a realist 🙂

  224. Michael Says:

    This is hilarious. ACN has been at it for YEARS. I was 17 in high school when my friend brought me to one of their mixers. I didn’t have a dime in my pocket to sign up, so one of the recruiters begged me to call my parents to come by and drop off money.

    I’m not kidding, these guys would recruit a talking dog if it had a check in it’s mouth for $500. What I found HILARIOUS was ACN’s attitude toward “non-believers.” That’s what struck me most as dishonest about this company. I work 80-100 hours per week and cash on average $15-20k in checks per month.

    Don’t let ACN brainwash you. I had to have a LONG talk with my friend to get him out. The allure of “residual” income appeals to the lazy. That’s the most ironic part about it: the people who ACN recruits are the least hard-working people I’ve ever met. And 99% of them don’t have a college education.

    Listen up kids. Anyone thinking of doing this please, just don’t. I’m about 4 years out of college, have been earning ~140k/yr in finance, make another 25k/yr passive in my real estate investments, and I’m not even 30 years old yet. I’m 28.

    That’s reality folks. Get educated, or get taken advantage of those who have an education.

    • marigup Says:

      I love learning, thus I love college, and I have always been an A student, but that intelligence and dedication to school also allows me to see that even though it goes against what I have been tought my whole life, there are better opportunities that don’t requiere a college degree out there. Sorry but here it is the truth. A college degree can put you on a “well paid job” but that is all it will be; a JOB.
      Even if it is “well paid” you become a slave of it eventually. The higher your income is, the higher your expenses become as well.
      I’m not selling you ACN, I’m just educating you with a financial eduction that you will never get in college. I hold a college degree in Math myself but I have learned more about finances outside of the educational system.
      As a scientist, I need facts and when you really analyze ACN from the right sources you just can’t let the opportunity go away.
      It is a process to change your mindset from employee (even with a college degree) to bussines owner.
      In ACN we dont have to convence you to join because I get pay on what you and me both would sell and that means I would have to convence you to sell as well and that is not a bussines, that would be a daycare.
      You don’t have an idea of how many professionals I have met who were considered sucessful in their educational backgrounds, such as engineers, doctors, architects, professors, attorneys, …
      Just to mention a few that you can even google;
      Brian sax, Alfonso Lobato, Greg Ankney, Casey Snyder, Leanne Gabriel’s …
      University is fun but it doesn’t give you financial freedom (actually in most of the cases it gves you dept).
      ACN if you Work HARD does!

  225. Steph Says:

    I joined ACN for $500.00. I saved over $300.00 on my monthly bills and I received a $2400 tax return from the services I could not write off before. Do the math. ACN has saves me money. Oh yeah, they pay me back for having the service and make a little money on the side helping others save money by getting away from Corporate Monopolies that buy and close competitors. who cares if you make money. I am Happy to save it, or at least know I am paying a reasonable price. The biggest problem with ACN is too many reps don’t understand what they have. Good luck figuring it out for yourself. I easily made back the money, didn’t even try.

  226. kat Says:

    Hahaah this is such a scam!!!! I feel sorry for those sad people that believe it!! Want to work as a slave/ant for ACN with that dumbass donald then go right ahead..pffft.!

    • marigup Says:

      And I feel sorry for you Kat because you are not part of this “scam” haha. Perhaps you should tell this to all of those companies that are parner up with ACN, or maybe to Donald Trump, Sucess magazine, or the 23 countries in which ACN is already changing lives.
      Now who feels sorry for who? haha ups

  227. Eyes Wide Open Says:

    1) “A fool and his money are soon parted”
    2) “A sucker is born every minute”

    These are the two founding principles behind the success of ACN. Everything else is a clever, ‘legally’ structured business model using even more clever word games. Ethical? Absolutely not. Do their tactics work and defy the consumer protection authorities? Yes. “You can’t touch this”. O.J. Simpson committed murder and his bank of lawyers successfully defended him.

    Want a $500 dollar investment that touts the same dream but doesn’t require you to swindle family, friends and gullible strangers, and actually funds community projects? Buy $500 worth of lottery tickets – about the same odds for success and a lot less work! And oh yeah, someone always wins too…who knows but next time it could be you. Ah limitless wealth and riches, here I come!

    To coin ACN reps’ favourite testemonial expression, joining ACN is “a no brainer”. Go ahead. Make my day. Join ACN but please be sure to check your brain at the door and suspend all rational thinking. No brainer indeed.

  228. Daniel alley Says:

    Ok for all you people who think ACN is a scam. Here’s what I have to say directly to you. Donald Trump, he’s in on the scam too right? AT&T Verizon T Mobile Sprint, their in on the scam. Comcast Direct TV Dish Network their in on the scam. The 24 governments and countries that we operate in. Their in on the scam to right?? The 4 former Supreme Court judges on ACN’s board, that are their to ensure that ACN does business the right way and legally. Their spammers to!!!!!! Come on people WAKE UP, the only people that would call this a scam are the ones who tried network marketing in the past or know someone who tried it and FAILED!! Don’t destroy others hopes and dreams. Just because you didn’t make it DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY WON’T! For those of you who are with ACN now. Stick with it. It WILL pay off with enough patience and work. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. It’s that simple.

    • truth speaker Says:

      Hahahaha!!! Right from the ACN script. Well done retarded ACN clone you have learned to be a con artist. Your parents will be proud. Oh wait. No they won’t because you have probalby already attempted to scam them out of $499 or signed them up for the crappy ACN services. Good luck with your future living arrangements because I’m certain your parents will be kicking you out of their basement any day now.

    • marigup Says:

      All true 😀

  229. Anonymous123 Says:

    Do people really even have to ask if ACN is a legitimate, ethically conscious business? As an aerospace engineer, when I do my research on a company I plan on applying too I don’t find 99% of my information sources mentioning the words “scam”, “fraud”, “illegitimate”, etc., and you should expect the same out of a business. Oh, and that number 99 is NOT factual, it’s an extremely rough estimate, but let’s just pretend it’s 5% – my argument still holds.

    If you’re thinking about joing ACN, or any multi-level marketing company for that matter (i.e. clever pyramid scheme operators) consider one thing: you should AT LEAST be able to find ONE person unaffiliated with the company that thinks it is a good idea to join. Consider the fact that the people who “own” franchises of ACN make money off of recruiting people. It is their job to convince you to join, and frankly they’re awful at it (if I were to judge by their literacy in this comment thread). So I wouldn’t be too quick to take their word. Just find one intelligent and business educated person to tell you it’s a good idea. That shouldn’t be hard, people recommend businesses outside of their own all the time.

    And if you’ve ever been to one of their presentations, it is apparent that their model is not to “work hard”, it is to “work hard for a short period of time so you can sit back and watch your money come in”. This works extremely well for the people on top who make money every time someone pays that 500$ to “start their own business”. This is exactly why they focus on the “business” and recruitment side and only speak of any products to convince you of legitimacy.

    • marigup Says:

      Just so you know, if you want to be on top in ACN, you have to push your people below you to be on top too.
      We don’t get paid any bonus out of the $499.00 that people pay when they join.
      We get only pay if they sell a certain amount of services out of which we get paid residual income.
      AAA and by the way, the first SVP (senior vice president, the highest position in the company) used to be a “sucessful Engineer” before.
      It’s funny how many ex-professional engineers I have met in ACN. One of my favorite ones, Alfonso Lobato.
      By the way I am a Mathematician haha.

  230. 23 and just joined. Says:

    Hi everyone, I’ve found all this information really interesting, and some great points have been made.
    My partner and I have joined ACN (Australia), we’ve always been a great team and our real dream is to get into property development so we saw great opportunity to have ACN alongside our dream (as we can service our own properties). We do believe ACN unnecessarily push the need for partners, whether my partner and I have decided to take the customer approach, we’ve joined for a month and have switched our mobile services, I’ve been able to save my brother money on his electricity and gas, its a points system and currently I’m a QTT (qualified team trainer) we’re not earning money yet only about 1dollar a month (from our own services) which we expected, we’re in no rush.. we were informed that its ‘not a get rich quick’ its get rich slow and at your own pace, which we’re comfortable with, at the end of the day we saw that the expense was minimal and therefore so was the risk factor. Money is liquid it comes and it goes and chances need to be taken.

    We have a vision for our experience with ACN, we’ve met some amazing people, some wealthy people that weren’t necessarily made wealthy through ACN, but to have wealth it helps to be around it, so what I enjoy most is the meeting the new people, it is a great place to receive support for your life at first I was overwhelmed and worried about our success, but my partner assured me that we’ve got a long way to go and we do, but we’re happy to do it with a company thats been established for 20 years, that is associated with major companies in Australia like, optus, telstra and Energy Australia (guess everyones in on the ‘scam) I had a friend tell me it was a scam, and it broke me a bit and made me sad it also made me doubt myself, and their are alot of people who doubt themselves and they fail and i get that, that’s why I feel it is extremely important to have a support, me I have my partner who already is the most important person so me. I believe I can make this work, I’m not adding unnecessary pressure by saying I want to make thousand and thousand (in fact I don’t need to) if I can make 500 a month, well shit… thats 500 i didn’t have before… even that dollar that comes into my account at the start of the month, I know I pay my bill and I would pay it anyway… but at least this way I get to myself a little bit sure of a hell alot better than just paying the major corporations. This was a big choice, 500 isn’t a small amount of money but not so large that it will ruin your life if you realise some where down the track its not for you.

    Its not a scam, for some people it just doesn’t work, and some people just don’t have the business mind to see the potential and opportunity and thats ok, it means its not for them.
    For my partner and I, what really made us believe in ourselves was a concreter making it to ETL (executive team leader) how refreshing that an every day people just like us was making it work, he said it took him 2 years… but hell, he’s done it at his own pace. This was the right opportunity for us… just because its not for you, doesn’t mean its not for anyone, we shouldn’t discourage opportunity because there is already too few in this world that is willing to give back to the little guys.

    • nightrider Says:

      wow,you represent well Tommy boy…..what a tool you are…keep chasing the dream dufuss…you know i really admire the people on here defending acn…lol …the pyramid scam stairway…..that directs the sheep down the cattle shoot to ” nowhere”….and so it goes..

  231. Mark Austin Says:

    Funny how Fox can report on something they nothing about, and then have a bunch of uneducated people agree with them when there is no evidence of any illegal activity or scams. The government is the biggest scam going! ACN has made many people very well off, people that sign up just like you or I might. So how is that a scam?

    Yes some people sign up and do nothing and get nothing. Then they blame the company. People fail in business all the time. Business is not for everyone.

    If you opened a shoe store and mis-managed it or didn’t show up, then that would be just another failure.

    The only people that are so against ACN are the people that don’t understand the mlm business model, don’t want to understand it, or are too stupid to understand it.

    There are many companies that use the mlm business model, so the ignorant people from Fox and the morons that believe them will say the same thing about any company that uses mlm as their business model.

    MLM is not much different from a sales team in real estate or car sales.

    The real scam is believing that your job is secure and the government is your friend because you love giving all your hard earned money to taxes that are mis-spent by the very people you helped elect into power.

    It’s time we took the power back from the appointed thieves in government and started taking responsibility for our actions.

    The MLM business model levels the playing field for everybody, giving everybody an equal opportunity (unlike the government), to create a more solid financial future for themselves.

    If people are ignorant and can;t wrap their heads around a 100% legal business practice, then that’s their problem. The world needs employees anyway.

  232. Bond Says:

    Yep it was 499 to join! But in the giddy three weeks ! I made 5000 dollars ! The forth I made 7800 ! Plus a brand new car ! They wanted me to become a speaker, but it’s not easy being a high school drop out ! I said in life you have to kick the can to make it down the block !

  233. jordan oo Says:

    Its scam guys,im happy i.didnt join them,any member of acn tells u to earn 3000 $ a month,just tell them to show u their check from acn! They all gucking lyers and nvr do that caz its an obvious lie

  234. Mamme Says:


  235. Mamme Says:


  236. lala Says:

    All I want to ask is if anyone is satisfied with ACN’s services. Because I don’t really care if ACN is scam or not, i would like to offer my friends and family any thing that they will be dissatisfied with in the end.

  237. Michelle Hogan Says:

    It has become quite obvious that working with ACN can be lucrative for those who are willing to work at it. Even if you do not have the skills at the beginning, if you are “coachable,” you can learn to make it happen, just like anyone who takes on a new, unfamiliar task.

    What I love most about ACN is its growth potential, something not yet mentioned here. In the next few years, ACN will begin operations in about 60 countries. Do you want to be a part of that, or not?

    I am one who has gone at her own pace and making a small but consistent cheque every month. And when I want to increase that cheque, I will, by adding a little more work to achieve it.

    This business is cumulative. A job has no cumulative quality to it anymore, unless you have a very good pension and those are going the way of the dodo bird, very quickly.

    Now, with the extending of the age of retirement, the old 40 year plan has become the new 50 year plan. Find me one person who “wants” to work for 50 years and hopes that there is a pension after that to support them in their old age!

    Here is a second issue. Yes, the Company teaches you to recruit friends and Family and that may or may not work. The issue is really finding people to build your organization. And you can find people, learn new ways.

    If any of this makes sense to you, we can talk about how to break that 50 year plan that you are now working.

  238. Azeem Says:

    ACN all day, everyday ❤
    Email me for more info about ACN 😉

  239. Jennifer Says:

    There is no cut from the $500, only the customers one gets, just like in real estate.

  240. bswan442003 Says:

    I just have a question that as far down as I read no had addressed: acn defenders seem to all agree that it is not for everyone….if this is true why does it seem everyone is recruited….why not limit recruiting to people with talent and motivated to go into this. I have not been to a meeting so all the acn supporters can say I need to and yeah I get it. If I could buy the service with some degree of certainty that the service alone would be beneficial I’d gladly fork over the loot. So is that the case? If the service is good I’d rather leave my friends out of the deal and laugh all the way to the bank…..that was kind of a joke. But really though, can this service be good if I don’t want to tell anyone about it?? (by the way, all those arguing that it’s legal with trump and blah blah blah….doesn’t make it not a scam, I’m sure it is legal and I’m sure it can make some people profit, doesn’t mean it isn’t a scam….I don’t know or really care if it is not….I just know that if I have to pay money….then get other people in on it…..well that aint for me. Not cause I’m lazy or not smart enough or have a lack of people who trust me., I’m just happy not mixing my friends and family with business if I don’t have to.

  241. Red Says:

    I asked the guy at acn after in an email because I could not stay awake for such a repetive story I mean presentation sorry its just everyone who works for acn I mean themselves asks like a cult member. I like McDonald but f them, acn or any other company I put people first.

    Here is what I asked and got banned for asking an acn rep:

    “Sorry I can’t see the logic in what you saying. But I live my life by this story Jack had a cow he took care of and every day that cow gave him milk to live on. One day a man who came by said “If you give me a weeks worth of milk I’ll give you these seeds you can plant them work on it in a few years you’ll get more seeds and one day have enough you won’t need your cow anymore…

    Hitler said if you tell a lie long enough loud enough eventually enough people will start to believe it.
    I don’t have not to school so what I don’t understand is why can’t I owe you the 500$ and work it off. Once the investment is done being paid off then I will start making a profit?”

  242. gregory Says:

    For all you skeptics out there this is a business that you have to work at it I am an a.c.n rep for two years now this company is the real deal most people I talk to seem everything in there life is o.k. but there about 1 paycheck away from loosing it all why not be a person that wants a change in there life work at something that has potential A.C.N compensation plan rocks this is an over time business get out of your comfort zone and stop putting this company down its the best co. i have found God Bless everyone out there that has made it to the top with a.c.n.

  243. nick Says:

    If anybody thinks acn is a scam they are retarded

  244. Zach Says:

    You are retarded if you think its a scam. Of course they don’t promise you that you will make money you have to do this crazy New thing called work. Earn what you want, all ACN does is provide the tools and services its up to you to grow the balls required to do something with them and make your own money. Don’t be lazy and don’t be stupid, this company is a good thing

  245. Jstalilred Says:

    I’m still wandering if ACN is a scam then why would big name companies be a part if it? Doesn’t it seem logical that they would do a background check or something? Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Comcast, Direct TV, Dish, Time Warner, soon to join is AT & T, ADT, Vivint, AT&T U-verse, Verizon FiOS. ANC must be damn good to scam all of these companies! I’m also pretty sure you can’t just start your own gas and electric companies without first being highly investigated by each state’s Utilities Commission. They must be real easy to scam because ACN has its own companies! Now, There are only about 1200 electric nationwide because of strict regulations. You can’t just decide to start your own company. No, you DON’T have to recruit people. You can make money off of the services. EVERYBODY RECRUITS though! Military, yes, I see their commercials everyday. Sports, Yes, they send out scouts all the time. Colleges, you bet. They send scouts to schools everyday. It’s best to recruit because everyone makes more money, including myself. You only need 2 to start and 5 when you get to the top levels. You do not need to recruit 50 people. The reason you keep trying for more people is simply to fill in the gaps for the down line. If one of your people are struggling or someone quits you fill in the blanks. Some people are better talkers then others and that’s the ones who help those below them. My inspiration is not someone who knows someone. Sonny Collins lives right here in my county and has for years, an all around great guy. He used to lay carpet. is he filthy rich, hell no but he makes about $8,000 (in ACN fir 2 years) a month and that’s a hell of a lot more then I’m making at my restaurant right now. We have to keep taking pay cuts to keep it afloat. my husband and i have only been in for a few months and are already making small paychecks. The people who signed on above us are making absolutely nothing because they do nothing. The two people who signed on directly under us make nothing because they do nothing. I already know people who are in it and say it is a scam. I asked them “did you transfer any bills like your told?”, “no”. i ask “Did you get your two people to sign on like your told?”, “no”. “I ask “Did you make yourself presentable and businesslike?, Talk to others about transferring to listed companies? Did you get business cards, offer your help to potential customers?”, “No”. I ask “Then what have you done?”. They say “Nothing, but it’s still a scam”. Really? Acn gives you a percentage for selling products most people already buy! You want Direct TV or Dish? Great! I can sell you the exact service with different discounts through the real company just as you would call their 1-800 number but I get a cut! How exactly is that a scam?!?! Check it out!!!

  246. marigup Says:

    I just got tired of reading ignorant comments about ACN. Don’t get me wrong, only reps say true facts about ACN. The truth is that top producers in ACN don’t even waist their time looking at negative and ignorant posts like this one. When you are making your dreams come true and you have all the financial freedom that 95% of the people don’t have, you just can laugh at the people who says ACN is a scam. I shouln’t even been waiting my time here, but I couldn’t help it just to have fun for a minute. I’m sure, Verizon, ÁT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, ADT, VIvint, Nextel, Dish Network, Direct TV, Clear Wireless, Xoom Energy, Planet Energy, … all those companies, Donald Trum, Doctors, Engineers, Professors, all kinds of professionals, joined or parner with ACN because it is a Scam! hahaha.
    In ACN we don’t convence people to join, because if you join and don’t sell anything we don’t get a coin of your $499 dollars (just in case you didn’t know).
    I feel sorry for people with an employee’s mindset like you but I understand that we as a society need workers that can’t go further than that.
    After all, common sence is less common on people like you everyday.
    Words to describe ACN in my personal experience can be:
    The best opportunity in my life, a not easy but simple way of getting everything in life. It brings, personal growth, strong relationships, dreams come true,… simply, the best quality of life.
    Thank you co-founders of ACN for creating this blessing, legal, and unique company.
    Good luck to those haters, slaves of their jobs and closed minds.

    • grant Fournier Says:

      Ok so an ACN “Rep” who I thought was a friend has been harrassing me for the last year to the point that I no longer accept or return his calls. He gave me the pitch, I asked several questions (what if I don’t want to recruit, just sell, what’s the earning potential?, what portion of the company’s total revenue is generated by back end product sales as opposed to the $500 fee to sign up?, etc) NONE of which were answered. They are well trained in talking a lot and not saying anything. So I started doing research, found out that %95 (approximately) of revenues are generated from the recruitment fee. I also noticed on these comment boards that self professed ACN reps all say the SAME THINGS like PARROTS in response to any negative comments about acn, I/E you’re just lazy, you’ve got a $500 dollar mistake in your closet, so on and so forth. They NEVER address specific complaints, because there isn’t an answer. Finally, Donald Trump. Ya ya it was featured on his *** unreality show and he endorsed it. For 15 MILLION DOLLARS. Can you say PRODUCT PLACEMENT?!?! The company isn’t allowed to do business in Virginia, Montana, and ALL OF CANADA because those attorney generals have labeled it a pyramid scheme. If any of you “reps” out there can give a logical rebuttal to these points, I’m all ears. But you can’t, so you will just call me lazy and ***. But I’m smart enough to keep hold of my $500. Its really too bad you got ripped off, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to.

  247. John Says:

    I can tell you i have done research on mlm’s, I did and this is not a scam. I if you want to buy a Duncan donuts it cost 1 million, subway 80k and on and on. The $500 it cost to get into ACN is the cost of setting up your website a very nice web site at that, In three weeks i have made my money back. and save money on my services.
    Investigate before you JUDGE

    • bRIAN Says:

      Almost everyone makes their money back and then that’s about it. Wait until you see the residual that is never what they say it will be. Signed,
      Former RVP

  248. Drew Says:

    Completely outdated. Now Acn works with gas and electricity making the market endless. Also u can market your product however u want and they offer trainings that help u succeed. I’ve been with the company 2 years and I make 5 figures a month on residual income plus their awesome bonus checks from100 bucks to 50,000 dollars depending on what level u decide to get to. It’s all in the motivation and is def not a scam.

    • Joeypablo Says:

      Acn is fucking awesome anyone who doesn’t do it is just stupid. I don’t do shit and I’m unemployed but I love grabbing my checks from 2500 to 3000$ a month!!!!! Goooo acn!!

  249. bRIAN Says:

    Is it a scam – no. But you will not make any money unless you never stop signing people up, even after you know they will not make any money fot themselves.


  250. Hi Howaya Says:

    I’m amazed at the number of folks that are spreading false propaganda on the bathroom (the internet) about ACN. No doubt most are folks that bought the gym membership, did not show up at the gym, and are now blaming the gym for being fat. I signed up for ACN and doubled my original $499 investment in less than a month and am now saving $50 per month on my own home telecom services by unbundling the bad triple-play deal. Also, I use the ACN VoIP ATA device side by side by side with MagigJackPlus and NetTalkDuo (all 3 out of the same router) and the side-by-side comparison is that ACN digital voice wins for quality and reliability, hands down…with quality that of my old Vonage ATA. Additionally there is free international calling with ACN, unlike the others, so one should not make the mistake of comparing an apple to an orange. Another great serviceis that ACN’s new Flash Wireless uses the Verizon Wireless network (as well as Sprint) …you can bring your Verizon Wireless phone over to Flash and get unlimited talk+text+data for $45/month with NO CONTRACT and can also get a free phone bill if you sell 5 accounts, just like the VoIP service that has the same deal. Aside from all of the confusion, ask yourself: Do you really think that Donald Trump and Jay Leno would put their names on a scam? Cumon!

  251. Peter T Says:

    If ACN is a legitimate business, then there must be customers for whom ACN has provided a products or services. I would like to hear from such customers what they think about ACN. With customers I mean people who pay money to ACN or their contractors (IBO) and are not themselves hoping to earn money through ACN but simple want to use the product or services. Does ACN have many satisfied customers?

    From reading the comments and seeing the Channel 11 video on ACN, it could well be that ACN is just a pyramid scheme. Its business principle would then be the mining the social capital of the new recruits’ personal relationships. In the wake of the involvement with ACN, relationship would be destroyed or, at least, weakened. If that is indeed the business idea of the ACN leadership, I wish the pestilence on their heads.

  252. lvlaw Says:

    Marigup and others. 1) Learn how to spell or at least check your work before you post it. Your “waisting” my time takes away all your credibility. 2) ACN is not a “scam” however, any business that makes money mostly off of the fees necessary to join the downline is not a positive force. What it means is you have several people on the top of the pyramid making money while those who are not good at selling the “business” or who focus on selling the actual product rather than the “business” struggle to make very little because they are on the downline.

    The cold truth is this type of business model only works if you are ultra social and good at convincing others to join the business. Very little of the profit is based on actual sales of the product. Definitely not for everyone.

  253. Trevor Says:

    I am ACN IBO in Canada. Recently many of my friend signed for ACN Telus Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone with 3-years contract. Two guys decided to return their devices as per ACN Telus webstore policy promises 30 days no hassle return. After they have sent email notified ACN Telus about their request for return and refund during their first 30 days because of bad reception they received emails says We can exchange only but not return. ACN Telus webstore simply do not respect their policy. Illegal. But what can do small customer ? Can somebody give a good advice ?

    What if other ACN services will be covered by lies ? Who will listen to ACN IBO if ACN does not give a back to IBO ?

  254. concerned citizen Says:

    A friend of mine asked me to join ACN a couple years back and I even went to a presentation. Now he drives a DB9 and is rolling in the dough. So what these ACN people are saying is correct, BUT what do you give up for such a shallow viewpoint of sucess.(ie money). I am not a good person to start, I have done bad thing in my life as well but I have a very specific set of morals I live by. One of them is stealing especially from my friends and family. I started my own business and although I make less than my friend I don’t have a problem sleeping at night. Now all the ACN folks can spew the same tired lines of oh, your a loser cause you are lazy or you cant type without errors. Well lets just say my business will last for my lifetime while I can almost guarantee he will not have his for much longer. Look at who the RVP’s are targeting these days. I see alot of them targeting college kids and recent graduates why? Not because they are the most qualified to expand their business but because they have the most drive and inexperience. Smart on their part? of course but like I said I would much rather work my ass of 16 hours a day and beable to sleep the other 8 then not having to work so hard after my business succeeds for just residual income. Now can any ACN people that actually made big bucks (1 mil+ a year) tell me that they aren’t over glorified recruiters? show me you make a million bucks that is from the contracts that YOU signed and not the many poor faceless minions that you trained and fooled to follow you into the blinding light of what you ACN folks consider success. Now you can call me a dumbass or too stupid to do what you ACN guys do but I am really not. I work my ass of to get what I have but money alone doesn’t define success to me. I rather have my respect and pride and not have my friends and family hate me just for some chump change. Now if you ACN folks really had balls there are many other industries that can make even more money than the ones you guys are in(ie. vice, gambling, drug dealing etc..) and I believe these fields are much more moral in my book than ACN or any MLM. At least with those guys doing the illegal trade don’t try to hide the fact their product harms you while most MLM’s hide those facts(ie health, moral compass, ignorance etc..).You might judge me because I am willing to break somebodies nose if they mean any harm to my family and myself but I can’t live with the fact that how I make my money is basically taking advantage of people in desperate situations to sell their souls for a few trinkets. Now you ACN folks with your better than god attitudes really ask yourself and try to tune out those loud ass presentations and “hope” filled speeches and look at your business model logically and tell me that I am wrong. I will bet you every high ranking member of ACN are recruiters that hold those massive conventions even if they dont sign on the new members. (Cause the benefit from it more anyway if their downlines sign them up!) Remember ignorance is not an excuse and if you are OK with selling your sould for a few shiny trinkettes then go right ahead. That will be $499 please thanks!

  255. Michael (@DigitalDimSum) Says:

    After reading online material and seeing people overly excited I first think scam. However all the people who are commenting that acn isn’t a scam and providing information regarding acn really don’t understand the concept of enterprise business operations. ACN is purely a reseller of telecommunication and not a direct seller. No price has been posted of the reseller but more than likely the reseller, acn, is higher in price. Not a scam but more of a business opportunity, very much like a franchise. It’s just the consumer who purchase through acn is the idiot here because if acn prices are higher they just paying more for something that they should have researched or went direct.

  256. Iuvare multinivel Says:

    Things You Must Know About Network Marketing

    Browse the tips on this page and discover tips on how to
    achieve success at website marketing.

    You must keep standard conferences to your group.
    It can be valuable for the whole team when you all gather regularly.

    Set up your multilevel marketing web site as being a tutorial is established.
    Supplying clear, which will raise the chances of you making the most of your advertising and marketing
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    If you’ve decided to begin a Multilevel marketing endeavor, it is very important take into account the overall settlement package deal that is available to you and whom possibly you may have partnered or joined track of. When you are certain of the amount and volume of the payments as well as any other advantages you might have visiting you, you will be aware whether you are expending time intelligently or needs to be ready to accept additional options.

    Make your gatherings confined to one hour in length. In the event the multilevel marketing reaching requires too much time, it will seem more advanced and time-consuming on the potential customer.

    Examine what you failed and go ahead and take information learned to coronary heart.

    When you noticed an advertisement saying you can “make thousands a month within your extra time!!!, you simply will not achieve success. You need to function very hard at Multilevel marketing if you wish to be successful. Make a promise that you simply will obtain the most effort daily, which will pave just how for any solid foundation in multiple-stage advertising.

    You must create in depth goals for each and every a part of your current online marketing strategy. This can keep you motivated one thing to focus on and press one to carry on.

    A great way to evaluate your multi-level advertising and marketing is just as a mad dash to bring in one of the most individuals.

    You have to know around you can about your item.

    Take a look at independent marketers to discover how you can design your self when using multilevel marketing specialists are doing and study from their positive results.

    You can never be sure who seems to be considering what you need to promote.

    As you ought to develop a website for network marketing, utilizing social network sites can easily get you going.An appealing and well written blog site, frequently current blog site is a good technique to put, once you have a web site and they are on social networking websites. Your network will increase along with your online existence in a societal setting.

    Everybody loves to have something just the thing for merely a bargain!Find network marketing company that come with coupon codes to talk about together with your buyers. Folks are often more prone to acquire an interest in your merchandise when they have a reduced selling price.

    Prior to making an investment any cash right into a advertising and marketing business make sure you study all of them with the BBB. There are lots of legit firms out there, but there are lots of not so excellent ones as well. You should make certain that this investment is protected.

    The ideas on this page will help you to increase your recovery rate. Ultimately, your main goal is to bring in as much income as is possible. Make sure to utilize every one of the info you might have been provided in this post, and push yourself to be successful.

  257. R. Michael Gonzalez Says:

    First of all thank you for the article (even if it is misguided) we do live in a country of free speech, I’m an ACN IBO and I have created a blog myself, for the purpose of clearing the record of misleading stories by unsuccessful and bitter reps who didn’t belong in the MLM business in the first place (Oh, and if you’re using FOX News as a source of valid news, well that’s all I’ll say about that). – is a personal view of the business through my eyes, I agree with alot and disagree with just as much, but the company and the opportunity are very real. The facts are that ACN has never had to pay any fines, for any illegal activities, simply because ACN is not doing anything illegal. Any ambitious and misguided public official can wage a war in the press and the courts against anything they want (mostly just to promote their public image) regardless of the truth, I would also like to point out that it was not the State Attorney General, but Montana’s Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, who also filed against 2 other MLM business.

    It bothers me that so many are finding all these articles calling ACN a scam because of all the press from this 1 unscrupulous person just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame and there are no articles explaining the fact that on September 13, 2010, all formal complaints against ACN were dropped, due to complete lack of any evidence that they did anything wrong.

    I was fortunate enough to have been brought into the company by the right people and have definitely joined the right team “Team Momentum” the fastest growing team in the company. My team is out of Montreal, Canada and I am in Orlando, Florida, USA, my sponsor is a friend who lives in Canada. They told me to go to an opportunity meeting after I joined just to see a little more of the business and I was totally turned off. It was exactly as many have said, alot of BS and hype and a bunch of sheep just agreeing with everything the speaker was saying, who by the way is a high level rep in the company. I completely did not like the way that it seemed they were just trying to get people to put up the $499 and let them figure out what to do next (Just my opinion of how I saw it). Quite to the contrary, I would never tell someone to put up any money, until they knew exactly what they needed to expect and exactly what they needed to do to make it work (Just like the vast majority of IBO’s do). That is exactly why I started my blog. I wanted to do all of the research I could and have a place where my prospects could go and see everything before they made a decision. (Don’t blame the company for the actions of a few misleading reps).

    Unfortunately, there are unreputable people in the business, but there are unreputable people in every business you just have to be able to make decisions for yourself based on your own knowledge and beliefs. If a used car salesman rips you off for an overpriced lemon, do you blame the car manufacturer, NO. Just find another dealership with more honest people.

    Also don’t judge the opportunity, based on the failings of people who either did not do the work or never belonged in the MLM business in the first place. Of the MLM’s out there ACN is an incredible company that provides you with more tools and training than any of the others I’ve looked at. You have to use the tools and learn the business to succeed at it.

    I could go on and on, as I have learned alot about this business and the MLM business in general and that is why I have my blog. If you are interested in ACN or any MLM, please do yourself a favor and go to it. Yes I am always looking for new team members, but My blog is 100% honest opinions of what I know. I make many points that would make most people not join. This business is not for everyone, it takes a certain type of personality and you need to have or learn many skills to be successful. You ABSOLUTELY will not get rich quick, but you won’t get rich quick in any legal and legitimate endeavor.

    I emphasize to learn as much as you can about what you need to do, before ever deciding to join.

    If you are even considering joining ACN, please visit my blog, it will let you know all of the facts. If you have been approached by another IBO, I am not trying to steal you. Please if you do join, sign through them, just know what you are to expect before you do. , thanks again for the article and commetary.

    R. Michael Gonzalez – ACN IBO #02637585 – (Just copy and paste in search I’m easy to find)

  258. Stan Says:

    Few years back I had visited my friend in Las Vegas and he introduced me to ACN. The day I arrived in LV he took me on ACN meeting. Everything they sad was great. Fast money, no work you in your own business, tax deductible etc. I give them $ 499.00 and signed up. He never mention $ 149.00 fee every year. He never mention $ 20.00 for business assistant billed every month. Never mention you have to purchase promotional material like DVD’s or magazines.
    First 3 months I signed about 15 new reps and start climbing ladder.
    I had been on international conferences which I found is just another high energy brain washing.
    I signed some people for services and I had no problems with this since one of those services was in my field of work.
    This is where the problem start.I signed my neighbor for local and long distance. Believed or not hes long distance bills where over $ 4k a month. What was my commission from it? Not even $ 10.00
    To make money in ACN you need to recruit new reps all the time even if you on SVP position. What you will get paid( even six figures) it will not compensate you for your time, travel money, rental cars. diners, hotels etc. ACN does not reimburse you for it.
    Couple years ago I found great article posted by former SVP. He earned great income but after all he did found he work for less than $ 5.00 an hour. Of course he left the ACN.
    ACN charge you for everything. They even charge you $ 3.00 to write you a check. They makes ton of revenues on promo material which should be given to reps for free or at least at their manufacturing cost.
    Paining for business assistance is ridiculous. It is basically website with your downline. It should be in their interest to inform you how well or bad you are preforming. No, you have to pay for it. Any problems that rise with services you sold are nothing but trouble to resolve with them One customer with long distance service has been waiting for a 10 days before repair man show up from local phone company. When customer has been with this company before, repair man was there next day. The same problem with cell phone services. Bunch of crap. Of course this customers will call you first since you the one to offer them to you.
    I had nothing but headache with their services. 90% customers complain on them.
    Thank you ACN I lost lots of friends because of you. I left ACN 2 years ago and this friends are lost for ever.
    Thanks God I never try to involve my family into this business.
    For all you guys in ACN keep prospecting, keep losing friends. keep making money for your presidencies, keep your family’s in misery and be happy.
    Good luck to finding more suckers.
    Long time I heard good expression ” Hope is a mother of idiots”
    Hope ACN will make you millionaire same day.

  259. SDR Says:

    I truly believe that this business is just like any other business. The only major difference is that you have a chance to become a CEO of your own personal business. If you look at traditional business, you have to work for them to move up levels. Time is very essential and they give you a time for various levels. In ACN it’s up to you decide when you wanna move up. Cmon man it’s a no brainer and I never thought I would find something like this is in corporate America.. ooops i’m sorry it’s not wow what a coincidence but in corporate America you can find the American Dream.. Hey I think I just taught you something read books do your own thing the government will do what they have to do for the country,, but even them they can’t help you out all the way and they will not. You have to get it for yourselves your own business is the only solution. Even before ACN I always wanted to run my own business and I’m glad I found something and it’s truly a blessing. It’s funny people who are negative about the company have never set foot in doing the business. I never heard a such thing but hey any how I read an article back a couple years and they were talking about how to make money in the next years. They talked about your own business,, and if you look right now that is what is happening now…

  260. Chris Parquet Says:

    I signed up for ACN digital phone service and unlimited Internet bundle. My activation date was January 15, 2013.
    That was the day my saga began. My internet and home service still are not working as of the date of writing this. Today is March 7, 2013. Almost 2 months. My credit card has already been charged 3 times though.
    In order to activate a phone or Internet service, there has to be a connection made from the outside, which in this case was done by Bell. After that, the ACN technician has to come inside the house and set up their digital boxes and wires etc.
    The Bell connection was set up without a problem, but the technician was not able to get the Internet service working inside the house.
    So, starting that day I got on the phone with technical support six or seven separate times, separated by a few days each.
    Several times the technician walked me through the steps of changing some of the modem settings, and assured me it would begin working soon. This never happened. A few times I was on the phone, including hold time, for over one hour.
    Several other times, the technician was baffled by the problem, and assured me that first priority would be placed on my case, and someone would resolve my problem. This never happened either.
    Two or three times I was told someone would get back to me to resolve my problem. This didn’t happen either.
    I only took down to reference numbers during this whole ordeal. I guess in the beginning, I didn’t realize that it would turn into such a large problem. However, here they are for your reference.
    After the three week mark, I was frustrated enough to cancel. However, the customer care representative let me know that there would be a cancellation fee, and as well a senior technician would have to approve of waiving the initial sign up fee. Also, he said that in order to get my payment refunded, I would have to repackage and send the equipment back to them, after which my refund would be processed.
    It seems ludicrous that I should have to pay for service that I never received. Cancellation fees should apply to people who cancel a service which is working, for whatever reason.
    I also signed up as an independent business owner to resell the Internet and phone service in order to make some money. However, it’s hard to sell a service which you cannot make work in your own house. I have already been charged twice for the back-office service as well.
    I canceled my old Internet service, and so I have been without Internet for sometime. I am been visiting coffee shops and cybercafes. As well, the data limit on all my cell phones has been exceeded, and has cost me in additional charges.
    I decided not to cancel my ACN service to avoid the cancellation fees and hassle, and hoped for the best, and finally on the 15th of Feb, my internet and home phone services were set up.
    However, far from being the end, my service worked intermittently for another one month. During this second month I again got on the phone with ACN 5-6 times, and each time they would resolve my issue, but it would come back within a day.
    A company which cannot provide a service 2 months after the activation of such a service and still charges the customer is not an ethical or reliable business.
    I want to be contacted by an ACN representative and have my problem resolved, or I will continue to post the review of the negative experience I have received.
    A company who allows something like this to go on for this long should not be allowed to operate by the BBB, CRTC or other regulatory body.
    I have been heard ACN being called a scam before. It is not a scam, but it seems to be a company that does not have its act together.
    I can be contacted at

  261. hollatchaboi Says:

    So all the ACN Reps on here from 2009-2010 should be rich now and living in vacation cities right. Whats the status?

  262. Jackson Wallace Says:

    Be cautious when searching for that dream job and the posts where people claim how great they are doing with ACN because if ACN was to post a statistic on the number of people or fools that paid the $500 and monthly fees and revenue earned by theseo to individuals and then showed the number of people that quit the business, then that would tell you how well the company really is. Do yourself a favor and put your $ towards the right direction and get a real job, get educated, even go to trade school or earn a 1/2 year degreee-certificate because these days, there are great programs that one can earn with just 1/2 year certificates and don’t waste your time earning $ for the these canniving schemers at the top of a business pyramid.

  263. Larry Says:

    Of course ACN is a scam. If it really was a good business opportunity the ACN reps would not have to use deception and dishonesty to get their friends and family to go to the brainwashing meetings. I have made a few youtube videos to combat this horrible ACN scam but of course it can be difficult to compete against the brainwashed ACN sheep and the fast talking ACN sales people. It’s amazing how people get caught up in the hype and they don’t really sit down and crunch the numbers. These are my youtube videos trying to help people not get caught up in the ACN scam.

  264. MrGNS916 Says:

    Can’t believe that Im sitting here wasting motion typing this. HOW is it a “scam” IF the option to work for yourself, earn the amount of money you WANT, be able to leverage your time & have time & money @ the same time is a scam….please, tell me – what is the TRUE way to live?

  265. Ann Says:

    I have had 3 people try to sucker me into this. They would hound me for months trying to get me to attend the meeting. So to shut one person up, I went. Couldn’t help but look around the room and think, “bahh bahh bahh”. I questioned the presenter on the ethics of this scheme, hmmm, I would describe her response as a dodge and evade maneuver. I then asked her if she could sleep at night knowing she had suckered these out-of-work people for $500 a pop. So, fast forward 2 years, this person who pestered me about acn is now out of it, but into another fraud scheme.

  266. laboostagold Says:

    Acn rep: donald trump *slap!* gym membership *Slap!* mcdonalds *SLap!* videophone *SLAp!* You guys are haters who thinks it’s a get-rich-quick business *SLAP!*….. WHY YOU SLAPPING ME!?
    Me: What? Your script is getting boring. =P

  267. Retirement Plan Investment Restrictions Says:

    I’m gone to inform my little brother, that he should also pay a visit this web site on regular basis to take updated from latest reports.

  268. Casinos Online Says:

    Every person snickered 30 days back when there are even now 8 performers inside contention with the coveted American Idol crown as well as from
    18-1, I need to are the only real man or woman
    on the planet of which recommended anyone plunk decrease and
    so money on Elliot Yamin. I have no idea with regards to an individual, nevertheless when
    I’m given a some of an sort and the supplier does not qualify, I’ll search
    rather ridiculous for not really gambling that $1.

  269. alocien Owensby Says:

    What about people who has gotten folks in and they themselves are not active in acn but however their friends are still using the phone service.

  270. grant Fournier Says:

    Ok so an ACN “Rep” who I thought was a friend has been harrassing me for the last year to the point that I no longer accept or return his calls. He gave me the pitch, I asked several questions (what if I don’t want to recruit, just sell, what’s the earning potential?, what portion of the company’s total revenue is generated by back end product sales as opposed to the $500 fee to sign up?, etc) NONE of which were answered. They are well trained in talking a lot and not saying anything. So I started doing research, found out that %95 (approximately) of revenues are generated from the recruitment fee. I also noticed on these comment boards that self professed ACN reps all say the SAME THINGS like PARROTS in response to any negative comments about acn, I/E you’re just lazy, you’ve got a $500 dollar mistake in your closet, so on and so forth. They NEVER address specific complaints, because there isn’t an answer. Finally, Donald Trump. Ya ya it was featured on his *** unreality show and he endorsed it. For 15 MILLION DOLLARS. Can you say PRODUCT PLACEMENT?!?! The company isn’t allowed to do business in Virginia, Montana, and ALL OF CANADA because those attorney generals have labeled it a pyramid scheme. If any of you “reps” out there can give a logical rebuttal to these points, I’m all ears. But you can’t, so you will just call me lazy and ***. But I’m smart enough to keep hold of my $500. Its really too bad you got ripped off, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to.

  271. IGOTTHIS Says:

    K fuck the scam bullshit. If you have a parttime or fulltime job don’t quit so you can “represent acn”. If you want to do it you won’t make money fast,Its not an over night thing. You do it on your own time 1-2h a week if you want.You don’t have to recruit people if you don’t want too. The services arnt bad and if you could get a local company or franchise hydro under your name (which happens) you could be making a a bit of money from that. Its what ever effort you put into it. Plus being registered as a business owner where I’m from you get to write off everything come tax time. A one time paymeny of 500$ and I can write off a new car and all its gas, a years worth of clothes and shoes, and a trip to mexico. And if I want to put in some effort I might get an extra $200 or more every week or month. And you won’t have to quit your regular job.

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