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Edmonton journal responses

June 1, 2008

Although I am proud of my letter response, and still stand by it, I really wish they fixed the typo. Embarrassing.

“Hip-Hop organizers apologize”

Rest assured that for next year’s event we will do a letter-writing campaign to prepare the neighbourhood. Any inconveniences are our fault –not the mayor’s, as Fusco suggested –and we apologize and hope to improve our execution of the concert for Hip-Hop in the Park 2009.

And props to Matthew Bennet (Add-Vice?) for his letter too, “A slice of life.”

It’s a sad state of affairs that it takes loud music to make him look out his window and pay attention to what is going on in his own backyard.

HHitP members met today to discuss, amongst many things, the use of profanity in the music. We decided that for next year all artists will have to choose clean songs or clean their songs up. And that goes for you AOK!

On the real, my parents and my sisters family were in attendance at HHitP. They witnessed me say “Fuck” so many times that on Friday, when I went over for a family dinner, my family had a talk with me about my foul language. I apologized to my nieces and nephews, “Sorry kids. I fucked up.”


No such thing as bad publicity

May 30, 2008

This is the only coverage HHitP got in the Edmonton Journal: “Foul language has neighbour speechless”

I am a very liberal, easy-going person but this kind of disgusting activity, which was also accompanied by drugs and sex in the surrounding bushes, is totally unacceptable.

I’ve written the Journal a response. We’ll see tomorrow if it’s published.