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Elite Star Marketing scammers change name

November 18, 2009

Just a quick note about the scamming fake job agency, Elite Star Marketing — who target people who are looking for new, better jobs (everyone) and try to solicit their account information through credit checks — they have changed their names to “Impact Media Drive.” Stupidly they forgot to change the browser header title on their website (once you get past the first page, that is).

Here is the letter I got from them with the subject “Omar CREATIVE WRITERS.” (Hmmm, they must do their research! Or just send out their research-bots.)

Note: the letter I was sent was pull of spaces in between every other letter (eg: “Thank yo u f o r your interest in the po si t io n at our firm”) presumably to avoid Google checks. But in order to help both my Googling brethren who have the time to remove the spaces and those who don’t, I’m posting the letter twice.

Thank yo u f o r your interest in the po si t io n at our firm. A li t t le more information about us: As a re c en t ly founded and ra p id ly growing ma rk e ti ng fi r m, we ho pe to fo s te r a f u n y et efficient environment fo r ou r new e m pl oy ee s. U nl ik e other co m pa ni es, we be l ie v e an e as y g o in g and f r i e n dl y at m os ph e r e is facilitative to qu al it y and actually i n cr ea s e s pr o du ct i vi ty. To be co ns i d er e d, candidates must p os se s s s tr on g co m mu n i c a t io n/interpersonal sk il ls, th e ab i l it y t o interact wi t h p eo p le at al l l e ve ls of th e f ir m, an d excellent organizational s ki l ls. Candidates must be self st a rt er s and b e ab le to un d e rt a ke r e sp o n s i b i l i ti e s w it h l i m it e d supervision. T h e y must also be a b l e to multi-task, an d have a w or k in g knowledge o f M S Of fi ce. Familiarity w i th ot he r ty pe s of software is a p l u s. O ur po l ic y is to gr o w and maintain a l on g l as ti n g and m u t ua ll y be ne f ic i al business re l at io ns h i p w i th ou r e mp lo y e es. In keeping with that standard, our firm offers a comprehensive benefits pa c ka ge th a t i s se c on d to no n e. In addition, we pa y our employees higher th an any co m pe t i to r i n this i n du st r y. Compensation wi l l be fu r th e r d is c us se d during the i n te rv ie w  p ro c es s, af t e r r ev i ew in g ca n d i da te ap pl ic at io n s.  Please take a few mo m e nt s t o fi l l out ou r online a p p l i ca ti o n b y cl ic k i ng on th e ‘apply’ l i n k be lo w. APPLY HERE. H R Staffing

* * *

Thank you for your interest in the position at our firm. A little more information about us: As a recently founded and rapidly growing marketing firm, we hope to foster a fun yet efficient environment for our new employees. Unlike other companies, we believe an easy going and friendly atmosphere is facilitative to quality and actually increases productivity. To be considered, candidates must possess strong communication/interpersonal skills, the ability to interact with people at all levels of the firm, and excellent organizational skills. Candidates must be self starters and be able to undertake responsibilities with limited supervision. They must also be able to multi-task, and have a working knowledge o f MS Office. Familiarity with other types of software is a plus. Our policy is to grow and maintain a long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship with our employees. In keeping with that standard, our firm offers a comprehensive benefits package that is second to none. In addition, we pay our employees higher than any competitor in this industry. Compensation will be further discussed during the interview  process, after reviewing candidate applications.  Please take a few moments to fill out our online application by clicking on the ‘apply’ link be low. APPLY HERE. HR Staffing