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Fox 11 news investigates ACN

May 17, 2009

NOTE: On January 11, 2013 I received a cease and ┬ádesist from ACN Corporate Counsel “Jeremy J. Smuckler, Esq.” I have therefore removed my opinions, which were concern for libel, from the site. At the time of writing it, I was not a working journalist. Now I am, so it would be inappropriate for me to report on it without a rigorous investigation.

However, the merit of starting an ACN business is still up for debate, as the 400-plus comments below have shown, as well as many well-documented criticisms, such as those from the┬áMontana Securities Commissioner who labelled it a “pyramid scheme.” I believe that deleting my site, as Mr. Smuckler has requested, would censor the important conversation around a very controversial business.

Please watch the embedded video, and read some of the comments, and decide for yourself whether ACN is a legitimate business or not. Then vote in the poll below.